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Monday 25 July 2022

My Style Not Age friends share their Summer Sizzlers.

Morning all, how's it going?
Back to normality with a big bump, my holiday to Rhodes came and went in a flash!
As did July, it's nearly in August ... blimey didn't that go quick!
My holiday was full on laughter, great food, lots of drink and plenty of memory making.  It's so nice to get away sometimes, but it's so nice to come home don't you think?  It's been good to return to temperatures a bit cooler, but I have missed dipping in and out of the pool though - maybe I should invest in a swimming pool, my daughter recently bought this one and I'm very tempted to copy her!

Let's get back to the post now though.
Today it's the turn of my stylish friends from the Style Not Age collective.  This month our challenge has been set by Anna.  She's given us the brilliant and very apt prompt of Summer Sizzlers, and boy have we been sizzling in the simmering heat we've been experiencing.  I have been lucky to have the idyllic surroundings of Rhodes for my backdrop and I certainly sizzled in the heat we had there.  Everything I did was at a snails pace.  There's nothing worse when you feel hot and sweaty to have to have photos taken, so my outfit fitted the prompt perfectly as you will see below!

With temperatures in the high 30's it's definitely been weather to sizzle in, and I was lucky to be away on the hottest day in the UK last week, when the record breaking temperatures surpassed 40C in some places.  With wild fires breaking out all over the place, it must have been very scary for some people for sure.

I took a few outfits away with me that would have been suitable today, but when I put this look together, before I went I was more than happy with it.  I wouldn't say I was cool when we took these photos, but I certainly wasn't any hotter.  I bought the swimsuit online before my break to Majorca and felt very sassy in it.  It was a bit more revealing than I would usually pick, but when I saw how nice it looked I felt more confident.  One you'd wear my friends?

I found a bargain with this one, picking it from a big selection on the Debenhams website.  I'm pleased I managed to get it in the sale, it's been reduced by half price and is available for the spectacular price of £16.  
It's super quality too as it's fully lined and isn't see-through at all (often a problem with white swimwear)!  I think the striking colours of pink and green and the pretty cerise zig-zag tie detail are the best things about it, don't you think it shows off a tan nicely?

I've had the lace trousers for a few years and even though I've not worn them that often, they really are a statement piece and perfect for the tag.  I chose my pink mules although I didn't wear them to the pool, they just weren't suitable for that.  Hats or more importantly straw hats are terrific additions when sunbathing as are caps ... I took both with me and wore one or the other every day.  I've started to take more care of my face when in the sun, and always wear my Nivea factor 50 face suncream and sunglasses.

You can see my hair took on a bit of a wave.  I have dead straight hair which is very thin.  I always put it up in the sun, so when it gets wet and dries scrunched up it often has a slight curl to it.  It doesn't last though, but looked good for the photos.  Any suggestions of how to put a curl that stays in straight hair would be greatly appreciated ... lol!

Over to my friends ...

Anna picked today's topic and I for one am so pleased she did.  It worked out an easy choice for me - thanks Hun.  Find out all the details about her lacy jumpsuit on her blog ... Anna's Island Style.

Gail tackled the prompt the same as me … on holiday in Greece. Here’s her sizzler and it sure is a hot one! Catch the full details on her blog Is This Mutton?

Hilda - Over The Hilda opted to wear this sizzler which is her favourite colour - fiery orange. I can see why it's your first choice Hilda it's such a vibrant shade and just perfect for hot summer days, and the shoes match brilliantly. X

Emma - Style Splash kept the orange theme going (I didn't get that memo unlike me and my two friends in Lindos when we all wore leopard print, straw hats and sunglasses).  Do stop by to find out all about her look that came about from the giveaway prizes she won!

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Great to have you here today, thanks for stopping by.
See you same time on Thursday for the #linkup party.
Cheerio for now, you Chicandstylish people. X



  1. What a fun look! The swimsuit is beautiful and looks great on you.

  2. You certainly do look sizzlin’ in your swimsuit outfit Jacqui, you look AMAZING!
    Like yours my hair is thin and I just can’t keep curls in, or even give it short-life home curl, so can’t help. Unfortunately, scrunching up wet hair in summer leaves mine a frizzy mess. Yours looks lovely.
    Hugs Mary xxx.
    The Pouting Pensioner

    1. Thank you so much Mary,such kind words.
      Shame about our hair isn't it! I so wished I had long curly, thick hair. x

  3. Oh, that swimsuit truly is fabulous, Jacqui! And, it does show off your tan spectacularly! Those lace pants are genius as a coverup because it's only my legs I don't like showing at the beach or around the pool! Love them!

    1. So kind Marsha, that's so nice of you to say. The lace trousers were quite hot last week, but they were good when I wore them in Spain. Have a super week my friend.x

  4. Jacqui you look absoluting sizzling in the swimsuit and lace pants. Wow!

    1. Thanks very much Hilda, I enjoyed this challenge and loved having photos in Rhodes - such beautiful weather. x

  5. Looking amazing! I am on the lookout for a new bathing suit for my anniversary trip in October but not sure what style I want: I plan to shop in store and try some on!

    1. Hope you find one Hun, so pleased with this one and it was bought online which is good for me. Thanks for stopping by. xx

  6. You are certainly looking hot in that outfit Jacqui...and I mean in a good way! Fab swimsuit and trousers!

    Emma xxx

    1. Awe thanks Emma, so pleased with how it looked. A great bargain too. Thanks for stopping by Hun. x

  7. What a fabulous bathing suit, and outfit! You look fantastic!


  8. What a fun swimsuit and the lace trousers are so cute! I think the pink shoes are just the perfect touch with this outfit as well! You look fabulous :)

    Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

  9. I love those lace pants over your bathing chic and beautiful! Have a lovely weekend! Valerie

  10. I totally love this outfit of yours Jacqui and would have worn it like a flash! You look fabulous with your holiday tan setting the whole outfit off perfectly.


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