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Monday 24 May 2021

Tunic Top with Leather Look Jeans & Blazer.

Morning all!
Good to have you here, appreciate you taking time out of your day to spend with me!
Been a lovely weekend for me.  I have seen all the family including my mum who popped in for a cuppa and piece of my birthday cake.  It's been so nice to enjoy some special time with them all, with a few cuddles to savour.
Friday I went ballroom dancing.  It was the first session back since the beginning of lock-down and even though I danced alone and couldn't be partnered it was brilliant.  It was so nice to twist and turn and feel carefree for a change.  We followed all the rules and I felt totally safe learning a little waltz routine.  We have 3/4's of an hour learning the steps and a further 15 minutes practicing them. 
Saturday I took my grandaughter shopping, we only went into a couple of shops - namely Primark, H&M and Marks & Spencer.  She came home with five dresses - the style she likes to wear are sleeveless summer dresses with patterns on - even in Winter ... lol.  My little beauty will look perfect in is this one from H&M.  How sweet is this with cute rabbits on it?
Saturday night if you saw my IG stories I went to my daughter's.  Her hubby cooked us a typical dish from The Alps and it's the nearest I'm getting to being away skiing this year, how sad is that! 😞  We watched the Eurovision Song Contest - bloody annoyed that we got the usual nil points - seriously why do we bother to enter - not sure if voting is tactical or not because I think James Newman's song was brilliant & very catchy - do let me know if you like it my friends. x
Sunday was a family day too.  Got to see my grandson and grand-daughter with mummy and daddy, they popped by to see us all so my other daughters also joined us too - nice to have nearly all the family together.  No roast to worry about either so a takeaway curry was the order of the day - delicious as always. 
How did your weekend go?

You may have seen this styled on IG last week, I wore the tunic dress and faux leather jeans slightly different though.  Instead of the white boots I teamed light tan boots and a trench coat with it which I think worked better than the bright ivory boots here.  The boots seem a bit too bold for the subtle, casual look, so I'll opt for the softer suede boots in future.

The floaty tunic in shades of pink animal print is a good length for me, I would only wear this over leggings or skinny jeans because it's way too short for me on it's own.  I love the variety that can be achieved by pairing different jackets with it .... black is the obvious choice, but beige, cream or tan score high too.  I love the fact you can layer a look like this, with a tee shirt under or a jumper over the top, but it's just come to mind that this vest top will look quite good as well - what do you think?

I'm enjoying wearing this blazer and you might recall I found a red one that looked smashing too.  I ordered two sizes and they arrived - very disappointed in the quality of them, so they both got returned - I'm still on the look-out for a crimson copy do let me know if you see any!  I'm a big fan of wearing jackets, they complete a look and are so easy to wear.  I've also got my eye on this one from Zara, love the pretty Chanel style blazer & can see it worn with white jeans or these palazzo style trousers. 🤍💗

Do let me know how you'd style the tunic, I'm interested to hear your views. x
Thank you for joining the blog today, much appreciated.
I'll see you on Thursday for the #LINKUP.
Bye for today. X



  1. That tunic dress is gorgeous, Jacqui!
    I must admit I wasn't over keen on the UK song. I wanted Norway to win - but I also loved Bulgaria and Iceland were BRILL lol. So quirky!! Absolutely hated Ukraine, she was just painful to listen to!! Not so keen on Italy either, I don't think they should've won!! And did you see the clip that showed him snorting cocaine???? Shocking!!!!
    Have a lovely week, gorgeous!
    Suzy xx

    1. Yer I liked it but wasn't my favourite. I liked the quirky Icelad song too! Yep Italy, how one earth did they win! I've not seen the clip, but hubby told me about it - very shocking indeed! Have a super week too Suzy. xx

  2. That sounds like a wonderful weekend! The animal print tunic dress is beautiful and what I loved even more is how you styled them!

    1. You are too kind, many thanks. I'm pleased you like this outfit, but prefer it with my cream suede boots instead. xx

  3. Lovely tunic dress, Jacque. I am not a bit fan of Eurovision and am puzzled over why Australia (my own country) is there. The ballroom dancing sounds like fun, pity that you did it all by yourself. Have a great week

    1. Thanks Anna. I know, i don't really understand all the technical rules, seems it just all about the money I reckon!
      My father lives in Australia, I hope one day to visit him as I'd love to see the country, he's near Brisbane. Ballroom is so much fun, before Covid I could pair with the instructor or his wife which was brilliant - they were so good and better than any random single man that went! Just hope the restrictions ease and we can dance together again. Have a super week too Anna. xx

  4. That is exactly how I wear tunic dresses or shorter dresses: over leggings! Typically black but I do have a pair of shorter leggings that are white that I wear more in the summer. SO interesting to hear every one talking about Eurovision.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have some cream leggings and also skinny white jeans that I should try, thanks for the tip Mireille. Yes Eurovision is a funny old topic, we always come last and it's like flogging a dead horse, I don't know why we bother. xx Have a good week Hunny. xx
      Half term next week, so I'm looking forward to spending more time with the grandkids. xx

  5. This tunic is super cute, Jacqui! I really like it styled with your leather leggings and a blazer. And I quite like the white booties with it. They make a stark contrast but I find that type of contrast to be very aesthetically pleasing. It also looks great the way you have styled it on IG with the tans, but since tans do not usually favor me, I really like this styling of it better! And that bunny dress for your granddaughter is just too darn adorable!


  6. The tunic's fab Jacqui! It looks great over the leggings and with the white boots. I really liked the winning Eurovision song but thought the UK song was a bit bland - definitely not the worst though! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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