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Thursday 10 January 2019

M & S wide leg trousers - #chicandstylish #linkup

Good morning from a chilly Mummab!  Isn't the weather freezing (in the UK) - well not literally, but cold enough to just want to stay indoors drinking hot chocolate and watch films in front of a flickering fire.  Shame I can't do that as there's work to be done!
With my skiing holiday just over a week away I'm in the throes of sorting my skiing gear - well I say "in the throes of" but really I'm just thinking about getting in the loft and sorting through.  I bought new salopettes last year & need to check they still fit me.  Things may need another wash, but all in all I'm positive everything will glide along nicely. 😉
Blogging has been slightly neglected for the past few days, I've been taking my princess to school as my daughter only recently gave birth to my grandson.  The walk to school has been lovely, trying to catch up with a speedy 4 year old on a scooter was probably a funny sight - had me running after her nearly all the way, at least it will help with my skiing next week!  It's been some years since I had to do this, and was somewhat weird to drop her to the same school her mum went to!  Can I really be that old?

Today's outfit is based around these wide leg trousers.  One of my all time favourite styles to wear and when I spotted these in the M & S outlet last week I just had to buy them, especially when they turned out to be £10!

What colour do you see these trousers as?  I bought them as grey, but each time I look at them I can't decide if they're grey or taupe - what do you think?  I suppose there's two colour ways I could go - doubling the outfit choices lol.

So the trousers are wide legs, I always find this a flattering style, but don't have nearly enough in my wardrobe.  I've matched them with a pink jumper, pink boots and my pink boucle pea coat - brought together with my stylish scarf, it's got all the same colours in it adding a bit of pzazz to my outfit.

Thanks to the wind, I'm styling the wind sock look!  It didn't help my hair style either, sometimes I just hate the local weather.

The only thing I don't care for about these pants is the fact you can see the outline of the pocket.  I usually love anything with a handy pouch but might have to do a little DIY on these, anyway I wouldn't actually use these to hold anything, so they're somewhat redundant! I'll let you know what I decide!

Can you see my new slick and snazzy Fiorelli handbag.  A gratefully received Christmas present from hubby and I love it!  I'd dropped plenty of hints that I wanted a grey cross-over bag, but hadn't seen one I liked.  Thankfully my daughter knows me so well so helped hubby find this one.  😍
With pockets galore, some with zips, two styles of handles one to use as a cross-over the other is shorter - perfect to sling over my shoulder or hold snugly in one hand.

Time for the #chicandstylish #linkup

Most favourite from last week is not one but three lovely ladies all styling one of my preferred looks from recent months - leopard print.  Meet Jodie and her two mums Nancy and Charlotte who can all be found residing at Jodie's Touch of Style.  How lucky they were to have a passer-by suggest this wonderful shot - it really does stand-out making a stunning photo don't you think?

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Photos c/o Esther Ruby - big hugs to you. x
Catch you again on Monday.
Bye for now. X



  1. What a great find the trousers were Jacqui. Tupe or Grey they look great on. I often walk my grandson to school when I'm in Essex and I love it. Nanny duties eh? xx

  2. These pants was good buy. With pink sweater, they are good combo. Nice look.


  3. I love these colours together Jacqui, very chic! Pocket outlines are a bugbear of mine too, as well as pockets that stick out adding inches to the hips!

    Emma xxx

  4. There is definitely a purple/grey hue or maybe that is because you paired with pink. Either way they look fabulous and are a bargain.

  5. I love the trousers and they look grey to me! I also love that pink coat - so pretty!

  6. I love pink and grey as a combination. Hubby did well with the bag! £10 for a pair of M&S trousers is a real result!

  7. I have the grandchildren stage to come in the next few years I hope. It must be hard balancing everything, yet wonderful too! I love your location here Jacqui! And I love the pink and grey - beautifully elegant outfit xx Maria

  8. that is a tough cal on the pockets. I am with you I love pockets in anything but when the outline appears to distract from the line, well cant wait to see what you do. Great gift from hubby too

  9. I can see why you love the wide trousers so much, Jacqui! They look amazing on you. I see them as grey and the color is beautiful with the pink. Such a pretty outfit! And what a great bag, too. I hear you on the wind. I have the same type of weather where I live. The wind generally makes a mess of my photos!


  10. Co grays on your new precious grandson. Lovely outfit!

  11. I love the trousers with the pink top and coat! Great look!

    How fun that you get to walk your granddaughter to school while your daughter tends to the new baby. Enjoy!

  12. What a wonderful surprise to see us showcased today...thanks so much Jacqui!!
    My mom many times takes the pockets out of an item. I think that's a great idea!! Because they are fabulous pants and look so great on you. And grey and pink??? It's one of my fave color combos!!

  13. I'm smiling at the thought of you chasing your grandchild on their scooter...especially since I took my boys and our new dog for a walk and the same thing happened there! It was truly a funny moment. I might say these trousers are grey looking in the photos for sure! They look great on you (though I can identify with your dislike of the pocket showing - i have a few pairs like that) and I like pink you paired them with! I hope you get all you need done and are able to relax in front of that fire with hot cocoa soon!

  14. I think pink and grey is one of the most beautiful colour combinations. And those trousers look so damn chique on you! Well done by hubby......(And daughter)

  15. It was so sweet for your husband and daughter to find a handbag for you. Haha! Good luck keeping up with the Princess, it is hard to believe we are old enough to be grandmothers!

  16. Jacqui! You look so good!!! I love the pink jacket and the combo of the pink and gray is sublime! XO

  17. Jacqui, I did a photoshoot yesterday, and hadn't seen your post here, with grey and pink! Great minds! I love the beautful patterned scarf and your pink coat . The trousers are so becoming! If I had more places to wear trousers, I would buy them in a heartbeat! Have fun on your skiing trip... I used to say I don't ski- I fall! haa
    jess xx

  18. I love pink and gray together, and that cardigan looks so cozy. Hope you are staying warm—you are brave to go outside without a thick coat!
    Cheryl Shops |

  19. Pink and gray is one of my favorite pretty!

  20. Jacqui you look amazing. I like the comination grey and rose.❤️
    Happy new year!
    XO Tina

  21. Don't you just love the school runs again, being part of the yummy mummy set at the school gates? I do! And you are so lucky of to have lovely longer legs to do wide trousers, on mt y short stumps they are a no-no. Happy holiday, x.

  22. Hi Jacqui,

    Whatever color the pants are, they look great with those soft pastels. I know what you mean about pockets. They are often for looks, but I like to use them!! Lol!

    Happy new year,

    xx Darlene

  23. What an unexpected lovely color combination! And I love your trousers! I too have had to do a little DIY in the past on does that even happen?
    Happy Saturday!


  24. Your trousers look great on you and what a bargain at £10.00.
    I have been wearing trousers most days recently for comfort and warmth - and to think I never wore trousers until five years ago!

  25. Happy New Year :)

    Lovely outfit Jacqui, love pink and grey together. What a beautiful coat too.

    Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The #Weekendbloghop

    1. Thanks for sharing at Last weeks Creative Mondays :) Hope you can join us tomorrow Jacqui.

  26. Those trousers are the best. I see them as grey, which is perfectly neutral and can go with anything. :)

    Xx, Nailil


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