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Wednesday 8 June 2016


Hello all..

What's going on with this bloomin' weather?  Typically British I hear you shout.
Last nights BBQ bit of a wash out, no change there!  Absolutely tipped it down!  I don't think it could have rained any harder if it tried.  Then all of a sudden rain stopped, sun appeared, BBQ quickly lit, food cooked and subsequently consumed indoors, in anticipation of further down pours!  To top it off thunder and lightening followed for some of the evening lightening up the sky as if I had my own personal photographer with the flash on taking photos. ( I wished).

Great to have all the family together, all trying to get a word in edge ways, but princess being the centre of attention obviously.  She's chatting away all the time now and can say a variety of words, some clearer than others, but one word in particular comes out rather different than meant, instead of saying 'silly Nannie' it comes out 'pissy Nannie' - and we're all in fits, to which he laughs along too! Oh the innocence, love her.
Are you like this with your first grandchild?

Today's I'm going for a yellow look, the sun's shining, the skies are blue and cloudy, birds are singing and I'm feeling bright.  Off to help my mum later in her garden, I try and help out.  I'm fortunate enough to have mum still around and I want to spend as much time with her as I can, plus the fact I like being with her and  being out in the garden, especially when the weather is good.
So without anymore sidetracking, what do you think of today's Yellow?
H & M patterned trousers old season, Matalan yellow silky short sleeve top, matches the colour in my trousers perfectly.  New blue faux suede espadrilles, from Deichmann, not been in this shoe shop many times, but have bought a couple of great 'one season only' bargains.  These only £24.99!! also in beige. CAH I think!!!

Starting to plan my next 'weekend away' bag, "away again" I hear you say, my life isn't normally brimming with vacations and weekend breaks, It all seems to happen at the same time!  Having said that, now the children are old enough to fend for themselves, and sometimes probably like to have the house to themselves, we can go away more often. (one of the perks of getting older!)

Whilst browsing in Apricot last Saturday I spotted these cute little linen look chino shorts, only £22, with pleated detail, turn up on the hem and a cute tie waist, these will be a fab addition for weekend away, both colours could match with loads of my tops so not sure what colour to opt for, what do you think?

I'll post a blog with my weekend ensembles in the next couple of weeks, just need to check what the weather will be like when I jet off to abroad.

Until tomorrow, bye for now.X


                                                  Jacqui B.



  1. I really love yellow, always makes me smile and looks so great with blue. Love, Kirsten x

    1. Cute isn't it? Love all these together, thank you for your comments Kirsten and glad you popped over to visit my blog.x

  2. Grandchildren are such fun aren't they lol . I had my grandson stay with me last week & he was letting all sorts of secrets out the bag . I haven't told the daughter yet ! x

  3. Oh, how Our grandaughter not old enough to tell anything yet, but I'm sure she will.. I'll have to warn her mum and dad..Hehehe..xx

  4. Love the yellow top and the blue espadrilles! Feels like summer!
    Julia xx

    1. Thank Julia, love this look too, just need a sharper camera..x


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