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Friday 10 June 2016

Friday - Dress Day..

Hello  how's Friday fairing?
Ok, answers please in the comments box for the following questions:

What you all doing today?
What you all wearing?
What you all eating?
What you all saying?

No reason just being nosey and also getting some ideas what to wear the blogs next week and what to prepare for next weeks dinners, inspiration and suggestions great appreciated!  Many thanks, surely I'll have some fab meals and sassy outfits.

Here's my answers:

Taking Princess to Baby Gym


Granola/Greek Yogurt

CAH Cute as Hell.

Just thought I'm adding What can you smell?

I've been hankering after Valentino Donna Perfume since I last flew from Gatwick Airport last month, had a stroll around sniffing all the new and old perfumes when the sales assistant asked if I wanted to try it, like they do, so I took the little card and off I went to buy my sunnies see Here.  I kept smelling the gorgeous aroma whenever I found the card, sad to say that eventually it wore off, so I kept seeking said perfume whilst out shopping and yes I still love it.  I've got another little card in my bedroom that I sniff occasionally and now I know I need a whole big bottle to douse and spray to my hearts content!  Stanstead Airport, Valentino Perfume here I come next week!  Just look at the bottle, even that screams "Gorgeousness"!

No #ootd today - having a few issues - back tomorrow peeps!

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Bye bye..

                   Jacqui B.



  1. Such a pretty bottle! Hope you find it at the airport;
    Julia xx

  2. It's cute eh? Lookin forward to finding it next weekend, thank you for stopping by Julia..xx


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