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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Twenty facts about me!


Here's 20 facts about me you may be interested to know!

  1. I'm on the brink of knocking my house down to re-build a bigger/better one.
  2. I love being a brunette - OK a colour enhanced brunette now!
  3. I've got a belly piercing.
  4. Like walking the dogs.
  5. Still have four grown up children living at home.
  6. Take ballet and tap lessons. (one of each a week)
  7. Live 5 mins drive from the sea side.
  8. Would love to scuba dive.
  9. Go on a skiing holiday every year.
  10. Once jumped off a cliff (about 20 feet high) into the sea - ending with a gigantic bruise on my leg. (god it hurt)
  11. Prosecco is my downfall.
  12. Love watching Disney films - yes any!
  13. Met hubby at college, yes young love.
  14. Favourite colour is pink!
  15. Love a scarf and a handbag, do you?
  16. Love, love, love a G&T - preferably in our fav little hotel in L'escala!
  17. Can't wait to party in Ibiza one day!
  18. Love a bargain - who doesn't?
  19. Ran the 100m in 13.9 seconds once - a long time ago!
  20. I'm a very, very loyal person. (hubby suggested this one)
Maybe you could leave a comment and an interesting fact about yourself?
Just back from Tesco, quick shop for dinner ingredients - spicy prawns I might add, nearly everyone's favourite! 
Like you do, I popped into Florence and Fred section where the sale is on, picked up a gorgeous cream, lace pencil skirt, and I can't wait to wear it. With a delicate lace overlay this skirt is fully lined with a split at the back and zip fastening, this is sure to be worn on plenty of occasions in the coming months.  I've just slipped it on to make sure it fits properly before my text runs away with my thoughts - lol it fits perfectly.  Here's a few photos, and I'll post some of how I style it in the next weeks.


           Jacqui B.


  1. That skirt is so chic! Perfect for summer!

    -Nik of

    1. Thank you Nik, It's just what I like to wear, and such a great fit too. Thanks for stopping by.x

  2. Four children still at home ! I don't envy you ! Good to read more about you. One boring fact about me - I suffer from multiple allergies x

    1. Yes I must make it too good for them all... lol I love having them at home really they are all good company. Sorry about your allergies, my middle daughter does suffer with a few and it can be so difficult at times.x


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