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Thursday 2 June 2016

Fashion Should be Fun!

Are you a bright patterned or a neutral dresser?

Some of us love to dress with bright colours, mixing and matching everything together, pops of colour, shapes, flowers and patterns........

...on the other hand you may like to dress in neutral colours, blue, black, cream, grey and white.

However you wear you clothes, we are all individual and should never feel out of place, out of fashion, be proud of what you wear and how you wear it!

So that said...How do you like to wear it?

I'm a fan of all the colours of the spectrum, no not all together. You see some days I like to dress with a coloured palette, matching up reds and blues, yellow and navy, grey and pink, even blue and green, the old saying 'blue and green should never been seen' that doesn't apply to us now, we can wear what we like.  There's no stopping us now!
Other days, being very neutral blends well with me, happy to wear the basic colours and for me I feel unnoticed, in the background, they may sometimes reflect my mood, but I know if won't last for long.

So jump on in wear the colours you like, there are no rules, make up your own that suit your style, personality and budget!

Today I suppose was a mixture, dressing fairly plain, but with a big, bright, bold scarf. Gorgeous blasts of pink, blue and mauve - reflecting my optimistic mood.  How do you think I faired?

Here's today #OOTD
Next slim Jeans, TK Max Sheer Blouse, M & S White Cross over detail Sandals..fabulous scarf borrowed from middle daughter.... Splash!!!

Little shopping trip with my favourite four girls today and only one purchase which I'll show you when I've married them together with my white dress for forthcoming Christening.

Until tomorrow, finally the end of the week will be upon us..X

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