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Monday 24 June 2024

Style Not Age share Dreamy Dresses.

Good morning
How are you?

All fine and dandy with me, I’ve literally forgotten about my holiday the other week. Back down to earth with a very big bump!  All the washing is done and put away until my next break which is to Portugal in September.  

Warmer weather seems to have arrived and it's been lovely to sit in the garden and enjoy it!  On Saturday evening I went to a friends for a gin and buffet evening.  It was good to sit and chat in their lounge which has a big bi-fold door into the garden.  There's something enchanting about sitting outside on a Summer's night when it's warm, although we did have to close the doors when it got a bit cooler and the bugs started to arrive - I had enough bites on my holiday!  Did you catch my holiday edit?  I shared some of my dresses that I wore in Majorca and talking about dresses, this month's Style not Age is upon us and the title, set by moi, is .... 
Dreamy Dresses.

I got the inspiration for this month's prompt from a recent memory on Facebook, it was from a past challenge and featured a pastel maxi standing in a corn field at sunset ... I wanted to emulate this kind of piccy, do let me know if you think I succeeded. X

I found the ankle length dress in the sale section in my local Matalan.  I slipped it on in the shop and liked what reflected in the mirror - it's most definitely a 'me' style and I felt relaxed and comfortable in it.  It's the type of dress you can pop on after a day in the sun when you've showered and put fresh makeup on ready to enjoy a dreamy evening out or just chilling in the garden. Something that's not tight or fitted and you can lounge around in - sounds perfect doesn't it?
It's basically a cream dress with a large floral pattern over it in navy (could be black to be fair).  It's got a nice v neck and gathered skirt leading down to a big gypsy style frill on the bottom giving it a nice swish when I walk.

I opted for heels, and my block sandals that have cross straps on the front and an ankle strap worked a treat. Walking on grass was okay so these are the perfect style for outdoor events when you’re walking on grass, see when I chose these for my nephews wedding last year. 

The sleeves are rather lovely too, they have a little fluted edge and cover the shoulder area, but could be a touch longer if I’m honest, the top part of my arm is what I hate on me! Need to get into the gym and concentrate on that area I think. 
Did you notice my fabulous necklace?  I've had this while and it's a really long string of pearls that can be twisted to create loads of different styles.  Here I just wrapped and wrapped it round my neck and pulled the stands until they lay in the right places - they're quite a heavy set & look very exquisite on.This is the first time I've featured them on the blog and would love to know your thoughts. 

So now’s the turn of my four friends. Shall we see what they are offering!

Emma - Style Splash is first up wearing a pretty little coral orange dress, and certainly does look dreamy with her green pops. Head over for all the details. 

Let’s see what Anna had up her sleeve. You can see all the details on her blog Anna’s Island Style. 

Gail - Is This Mutton picked this stunner for a trip to see Vivienne Weatwood’s exhibition and it really is a gorgeous dress. Head over to the blog to find out all the facts. 

Finally Hilda - Over the Hilda picked this delightful lace dress, this is the style I’d wear in a heartbeat. Do join Hilda for all the backstory. 

Great to have you here today, do let us know what you think of our Dreamy Dresses, we love to hear your thoughts. 
Catch you on Thursday for the new linkup, until then have a good few days. 
Bye for now. X



  1. Love your dress Jacqui. And the cornfield. Beautiful pic.

  2. I love the dress, but the pearls are what really caught my eye! I didn't realize it was one necklace. They really work well with this dress.

  3. Gorgeous pics in the golden hour! Pretty dress, like the sleeves x

  4. Such a pretty dress! I haven't been in Matalan for ages. The photos are beautiful, gorgeous golden light!

    Emma xxx

  5. Lovely look super chic dear :-)
    Fine Art and You

  6. I thought right away of those pictures in the corn field. The lighting is perfect for your pictures and you look so pretty. I love that the dress looks so comfortable.


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