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Monday 17 June 2024

My Holiday Edit.

Morning all!
How’s it going?
Sorry for the late posting, with one thing and another this blog got put to the bottom of the pile!

Back down to earth with a bump afternoon a fun filled fab 10 days in Majorca with my eldest & her family. It was really nice to stay for the extra couple of days, and had I only stayed for a week I'd have encountered disruption at the airport as it was flooded!  I had a couple of bad days with rain and clouds, although it was still hot and I managed to have a great time with the kids at the go kart track and in Alcudia. I've stayed at the hotel twice before once with all the family and the time before that with my eldest daughter again - obviously the children were much younger then so it was nice to watch them having a bit more freedom and enjoying the whole hotel much more.  

I always love to hear what people pack for their holidays so today’s post is all about what I packed!

I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted some lovely dresses and sandals recently, and also some swimsuits that I’d also like to share with you today!

Items marked with* have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

Are you a ‘pack everything’ kind of person of the opposite and take a small carry on with as little as possible (do those people really exist?) I’m somewhere in-between and like to pack enough for each day plus one or two more.  With a few gifted dresses and some I already have, I didn't have to buy any news garments, which was helpful - I prefer to put that money towards things I'm more likely to wear at home in the summer.  I've seen lots of ladies wearing these drawstring trousers with fitted tops, so I'm going to check them out and maybe get a couple of pairs - have you seen them?

So let's see what I took to Spain.

Beige dress.
Co-Ord x 2
White dress - Broderie Anglais
White dress - Shirt dress (didn't wear)
Pink Dress with black spots - (didn't wear)
Coral Floral.
Coral Halter Neck - see it here when I wore it to Reads.
Green fitted dress (didn't wear because it was too tight!).
Lilac dress.

I'm not usually a wearer of a plain cream dress like this, but this one took my fancy when I was looking through Jenerique's online shop.  I thought it might look quite elegant on, and have to say I reckon it does just that.  I was very taken by the off the shoulder style, * it's not too over the top and is a great look for warmer days. It's a colour that can be worn with SO many other different shades and fancy trying it with navy blue, bright green, black and cerise pink - but will be checking to see what else takes it up a notch - what would you wear it with?

Do you know how much I love a co-ord? * They just click with me and I find them so comfortable to wear and yet they still look very stylish.  I wore this one over a little cami top and flat sliders when the evening turned out a bit cooler.  I had the luxury of being able to take the top off when it was hot in the restaurant! It's got the added advantage of being worn as separates.  I teamed the top over my denim shorts for a visit to the market in Can Picafort.  I did neglect to put on my sun cream as the weather was cloudy, alas when it cleared it was blazing hot and hit my neck and chest resulting in me being a bit pink!

My next dress was a little thick for me in the hot weather, but it'll be amazing now I'm home.  My white dress is the ever popular Broderie Anglais * and certainly looks even prettier in real life.  It's got such pretty bell sleeves and sits nicely mid calf.  It's fully lined (thus making it quite thick) so no need for an extra slip under it. Have a look at Izabel London's website for the full details and do pick your normal size as it's just right for me.  

Do you ever wear lilac?  It's not a shade I wear as I don't think it suits me! But upon seeing these photos I'm rather changing my mind.  It's a nice fresh colour that pairs with lots of other shades.  I kept the look tonal as I wanted to show off my new sandals.  These strappy pair are from Lotus Shoes.  They are offering lots of sandals and half sandals in a luxurious suede fabric.  They also have a really cute heel which is high enough to look chic, but low enough to still be comfortable - these would be great for a wedding or special occasion when stylish heels need to be easy to wear!  Head over to Lotus to check out the Fiorella.*

I just want you to know you're not seeing things - I've also got this coral wrap dress * in pale blue as well.  This pretty faux wrap dress just had to accompany me to Majorca last week and think it looked a pretty picture indeed.  I particularly like the oversized flowers that cover the midi.  It's got a pretty frill that runs around the hem and up the front of the slit - which is very flattering and covers my legs nicely to keep my modesty.  I also like the fact it's got a side zip which makes it much easier to get in and out of.  The fluted sleeves finish the dress off with an elegant flair, I'm spoilt for choice to have it in blue too!

I also took three new swimsuits with me, these are from the big selection in Bonmarche* and most can be bought either from their stores (new ones are opening in the UK) and also on their extensive website! Click the photo for a link to the website. Bonmarche are also offering 30% off some swimwear. 

Three pairs of shorts came with me, a denim pair, a thin white cotton pair and a Bermuda style that worked really well when the weather was overcast and I went to Alcúdia on the bus. I wore them with a white tee shirt and trainers and alls took my denim jacket and baseball cap - not proper holiday attire but perfect for the cooler day. 

Final additions to my suitcase were a couple of cover-ups and one oversized shirt, underwear including a strapless bra and no vpl pants, night wear short sets (2), toiletries and makeup and my straighteners (only used them once but wanted the option ‘just in case’). I also included various hair accessories to create different styles - side combs, grips and a bun ring. 

I took a big suitcase along with my matching  carry-on, however I managed to get that out in the hold so didn’t have to worry about a big bag/case to carry! 👌 So do you think I carried light or went a bit overboard with my clothes?  I love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.  X

As always it’s nice to have you stop by. I’ll see you on Thursday for the linkup and next Monday as it’s the last one of the month (I know 😳) it’s Style not Age time!
Until then have fun my friends. 


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  1. Interesting post, I hate packing for holidays, and usually take a suitcase that goes in the hold, packed with items that more often than not I bring back unworn. However, I’ve just amazed myself as I’m currently in Portugal for 11 days and I only packed a cabin bag!
    I managed to pack…
    4 prs of lightweight trousers, 3 linen blouses, 4 dresses, 3 prs of shorts, 3 vests, 3 t-shirts, underwear, 3 swimsuits, belt, sunglasses, medication( and there’s a lot!) and a pared down make up bag and One pair of shoes. Full disclosure I am staying in my own holiday home, and I have A choice of footwear and a few more items of clothing already here, plus all toiletries are here and straightening irons etc, I also have a washing machine so can wash clothes if need be.
    Back to the cabin bag… Yes, it took a few attempts to fold and pack to make the optimum use of space, but all arrived uncreased and my cabin bag was no where near the 10kg weight limit that jet2 impose.
    I normally come out for longer than this visit, and in cooler months I’d definitely take a larger suitcase as the clothes I need are bulkier… jeans, sweaters etc.
    would I do this length trip on cabin baggage if I wasn’t coming to my own villa? …. The jury is still out.


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