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Monday 24 July 2023

White and Green, what I wanted to wear!

Morning all.
Well what a weekend that was.  

Saturday was the family party, we were worried about the rain making an appearance, and yes you guessed it poured all afternoon!  Mum had booked a bouncy castle for the little ones, and they did manage to play on it ... in the rain and they were all soaked!  We all crowed in my mum's house - fortunately she has two big reception rooms which we made good use of, my only worry was the cream carpet that was in one of them!  We'd all taken a dish or two each and we had so much food there was something for everyone.
I'd made a coronation chicken with wild rice and a lemon tart.  Both, I'm pleased to say went down really well.  There was also: chicken drumsticks, tortilla, salad, potato salad, coleslaw, pizza's, cold meats, a fish dish, crisps & dips and lots of other delicious plates of food.  Mum supplied the drinks of which there was copious amounts (I didn't have too many - do I get brownie points?)  She'd also got some big outdoor games that some of the children played inside, but to be honest they just like playing together and made good use of the rooms getting quite rowdy at times (I blame the sweets they had).  There was also ice cream in cones and lots of sprinkles to squander - fortunately none left any marks on the carpet, so all in all it was a winning afternoon.

Today I thought I'd share what I wanted to wear to the party, but figured with the weather not being great and the fact kids would be having ice cream - Neopolitan - probs wouldn't be a good choice eh!

Let me talk you around my outfit, my gorgeous outfit.  The trousers are such a good style for me, they are a wide palazzo style and have elastic on the back half and sit high on the waist.  They drop points because they don't have pockets and we all know how much I love clothes with pockets!
This is what I want to waft around in everyday!  
I've forever been a big fan of white items, and like to pair bright colours with them - it screams Summer doesn't it.  Who else likes to save a white outfit for coming home from holiday?  I like to don it for the last day's of a holiday and also for the return flight when my tan might be the best it's going to be!  Alas, I'm not going anywhere this year (due to the new build) so won't have that pleasure.

White just isn't the right colour to be wearing for day to day tasks, I would definitely get dirty marks over it, so it's saved for best occasions.  Do let me know if you would wear white everyday.

I'd asked for white wide leg trousers for my birthday, and as my daughters really know what I like this is what came out of the wrapping last May.  I've not actually worn them out yet as I've been patiently waiting for the 'right' day.  I thought it was going to be last Saturday, but had second thoughts once I'd seen the weather and really thought about the ice cream & kids situation.

Green pops to compliment the shirt.  This is such a gorgeous blouse and feels lovely on.  It's got a stunning green design over the front which is embroidered.
Embroidery has been a popular hype recently with plenty of shirts and dresses available to join the trend.  Many take to embroidering their own clothes giving them a more personal vibe, but that's only if you have a suitable machine or a steady hand.  I think there're going to be around for a fair few months, so it's worth investing in something that takes your eye, it'll work in your favour and be a fabulous addition to your Summer and Autumn wardrobe.
My shirt has a pretty, feminine design over the cotton fabric and is a sensible thickness to wear in hotter weather.  It's a breezy style that's roomy enough to keep cool on the hottest of days - I'll be saving this for my next holiday, whenever that may be!!

I grabbed this little bag to keep the green theme going.  Another gift from David and it's the perfect addition for today's look. ✅ 
I have lots of dainty shoes that would have looked right under the trousers, and ended up with my white mules - one of my favourites.  Trainers would be okay too as would flat sandals.  There's so many possibilities to complete this elegant look.

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So what's not to love about the embroidered blouse?  It's going to be a brilliant transitional piece and take you from Summer into Autumn for a subtly sophisticated look.
Thanks for being here today, hope you've all had a brilliant weekend too.  Let me know what you got up to!
See you on Thursday, when I'll be sharing a new hairdryer with you all!
Cheerio for now. X


  1. Oh, isn't that way things always go? You plan something wonderful for outside, and it rains! I'm glad everyone had a wonderful time. Your outfit is perfect for a summer outdoor party. That green embroidery is amazing and goes so well with your bag!

    I hope your week is fabulous!

  2. Well, this outfit was so pretty, I had to replicate it. I actually just finished writing my blog posts (and hopefully it will send new readers your way too) and wish I was publishing it sooner than September. But I think it will be nice to show that white can be worn year round. I love to wear it and especially enjoy wearing my white dresses in the summer. I am looking at replacing my white shorts this week: to tight in the thigh and the color is not looking so good as they are getting older.


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