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Thursday 27 July 2023

Reviewing my Zuvi Hair Dryer - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there, and welcome to the blog.
Did you have a wonderful weekend?

I seem to have been busy over the past few weeks and you may have caught one of my experiences last week when I went for a Punt on the River Stour.  the kids have been round lots too and have been keeping me very busy, along with the gym and dance classes there wasn't much time left.

The other Saturday I went to a friend's house who lives up the road.  It was the annual croquet tournament and you can read all about my lovely afternoon sharing what I ate and who won here.
David and I had a wonderful afternoon with lots of laughs, drinking and advising how to play the game which got funnier as the day went on!

Are you a "leave your hair to dryer naturally" type of person, or do you religiously dry your hair with a hairdryer?  I'm the latter and am always interested to hear about & use new products - so I was delighted to review the Zuvi Halo Hair Dryer * which has been inspired by nature.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me - this is a sponsored post.

I've definitely noticed a difference in my hair over the past 10 or so years.  Most probably since I've gone through the menopause really, my hair is coloured and I'm frightened to think just how grey I am under my 'natural' colour.  I admire many ladies who've taken to embracing their natural hair colour and marvel at how good they look, but I just can't let go of my dark colouring as it's something I've always loved and am proud of - it's one of my best features - do you have one?  Do tell what it is.
I think I'd look VERY difference giving in to my natural look and for the foreseeable future will be visiting my friendly hair dresser every 6 weeks!
My hair does get very dry now, with a slight frizz at times, which is crazy to hear as I've always had such straight hair.  When I was approached by Zuvi inviting me to review their award winning hair dryer I jumped at the chance (it won the Allure Best Beauty Award in 2022).  Any help with my crowning glory is greatly appreciated!

Once the dryer arrived I couldn't wait to try it.  It's a sleek modern design that looks very futuristic & didn't disappoint. 

I've been using the Zuvi Halo for a few weeks which enabled me to get familiar with the settings and how to use it, it's confirmed to me what a brilliant product it is and I can see a major change in the quality of my hair - it's not frizzy now and definitely feels and looks fuller.  It's always been very silky and smooth, but honestly it's even more healthier and shinier!

Zuvi Halo provides faster drying resulting in shinier, healthier hair and after all healthy hair is beautiful hair isn't it.
Taking inspiration from nature Zuvi used their patented LightCare (TM) combining natural sunlight and wind which is nature's most common method of water evaporation.

Let me highlight just how Zuvi works.
It directly dries water on the surface of the hair with light energy and warm air.
  • It uses lower temperature drying at 60 degrees.
  • Retains over 2x internal moisture.
  • Locks in colour and leads to stronger hair.
  • Hair cuticles remain flat for enhanced smoothness & shine.    

Along with the four settings it comes with three attachments, a diffuser to help reduce frizz and create curls and volume, a styling concentrator nozzle to aim for precise style and a gently air attachment for a cooler air flow, thus setting the desired style.

I used two of the nozzles to create my sleek, straight style firstly drying the majority of my hair with no attachment, then moving onto the gentle attachment and finally I used the concentrator to gently curl the ends under.  I'm impressed with how quickly the dryer got to work and pleased with the style it created.  It's been noticeably thicker since I've been using the Zuvi and I've had some lovely compliments for my friends too!

The nozzles are magnetic, so attached with an easy click, there's no fiddling trying to get it on the dryer.

Here I'm using the gentle attachment to get my hair to the nearly-dry stage.

Now I've changed to the concentrator nozzle which directs the light and air flow directly to where I need it.

Wanting curls? This is the diffuser you will need. On the side of each attachment it tells you what setting the dryer needs to be on, which makes it so much easier.

Zuvi are offering discount codes of up to 12% - please use the code:

Jacqui12 for 12% off your order:

* Please only use code Jacqui5 for an extra 5% off if Zuvi's site has a promotion already!
Time for the #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Favourite blogger from last week is Amy - Amy's Creative Pursuits.  She's been away from the blog for  a while, but looks super comfy in her atheleisure outfit. 

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I'd love you to have a look at my reel I created showing just how quick and easy it is to use the Zuvi Halo, do pop over to Instagram to have a peek!
Good to have you here with me today, do let me know how your week's gone.
See you on Thursday for another catch up.
Cheerio for now. X



  1. I have that one too! And loving it a lot. My hair is far less frizzy. I colour my hair to every 6 weeks. No way I'm letting my grey grow!

  2. Well that looks lovely, and your hair is super shiny and healthy looking too. I loved that the attachments are magnetic

  3. Sandie Roberts27 July 2023 at 07:52

    Great review! I need a lightweight hair dryer that’s kind to my thinning hair snd this sounds perfect!

  4. Your hair looks absolutely fabulous, Jacqui! Mind you, it always does! It's very shiny and looks super healthy though so that hairdryer sounds like a great buy!
    Suzy xx

  5. Your hair is your crowning glory Jacqui and it suits you so well. No need to think about going grey. The hairdryer sounds great, have been reading a lot about it lately x

  6. I keep seeing this dryer - sounds like a great product!

  7. That sounds like a great hair dryer! Thanks so much for featuring my active wear dress. I so appreciate it!

  8. I am using an old hair dryer. I've seen this one several times now! Looks like a nice product.

  9. Your hair is fabulous Jacqui, and having the style and colour we love is so important, no matter what age. I try my best to let my hair dry naturally before attacking it with hot straighteners - which can't be doing it any good. I'm in need of a new hair dryer so will definitely look into this one, as it sounds very good.
    Alison xx

  10. I love my Zuvi! And, I say stay the same color hair for as long as you like! You look fabulous! Thanks for the link party!

  11. Your hair looks so sleek and smooth! A good dryer is a must.
    Cheryl Shops |

  12. It looks like an amazing hair dryer! Your hair looks fab!


  13. I've heard amazing things about this hair dryer! You hair is gorgeous!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  14. HI Jacqui! I was sent this as well, and love that it keeps my hair looking healthy and shiny. I love your hair, it looks shiny and so healthy! I am getting mine done today, if not I would probably be white and silver and not ready for that. I think your hair color is fab on you!


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