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Monday 17 July 2023

My Afternoon Playing Croquet.

Morning everyone.
How are you?

I've had another super weekend.  It was the croquet tournament on Saturday.  David & I play with two other couples nearly every year , although we've not done it religiously over the past few - especially when covid was happening, but this year we managed a date which was last weekend.

Have you ever played croquet?  It's a really fun outdoor game which uses balls and mallets.  The aim of the game is to hit the ball through rings in the grass and finally hit the center post - the first one to do so is the winner.  I've not played it very much and am not very good at playing so you can read on to find out where I came - it's not very impressive I have to admit.

Our friends live just up the road so armed with a bottle,  a box of beers, some ice and a homemade tortilla we started the 5 minute walk to their house.  The weather was not nice, it was VERY windy with gusts every so often that nearly knocked us over - it knocked a glass over.  Someone (me) had drunk the contents and I hadn't refilled it .. lol!  It was still warm with sunny intervals so I was thankful it didn't rain like it had in the morning.

I ended up wearing this pretty blue tea dress.  I've worn it once before to The Ritz and had forgotten about it. When my first choice ended up being too big, I searched through my selection and found it again.  It teamed really nicely with my white trainers - fortunately they were the perfect shoe to be playing croquet in.  

As the weather was still warm I didn't want to put jeans on which would have been better attire for the afternoon of fun, and my choice ended up being perfect.  I was plenty warm enough which was good as I'd left my jacket at home.  It's a previous season tea dress from M & S, this is a style they often have in their collections and it seems to suit most shapes.  It's a fitted bodice with an A line skirt that sits mid length on the calve.  It also has a zipper up the back and puffy 3/4 sleeves.  The floral pattern is really pretty, it's a cornflower blue fabric that's got medium white bold flower shapes over it.  I paired white trainers with it and had I remembered my jacket that was white too.

Here's some of the tasty food we were served.  Our hosts we very good at their job and we wanted for nothing.  Our glasses we filled at every opportunity and they kept bringing out new plates of tasty food.
Let me tempt you with what we were offered.

Sour bread with cheese dip.
Flat bread and hummus, smoked mackerel pate.
Olives and crisps.

Tortilla, Chorizo sausages, ribs and croquettes.
Melon & Parma ham.

Followed by:

Steak, chips, coleslaw and salad with two sauces, blue cheese and peppercorn.

We had three rounds of croquet in between eating the delicious food.  When the games were played and the winners were presented with the trophy (I came last, so with Davids score we came ... last). Must try harder comes to mind! 😆

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Thanks for joining me on Mummabstylish, so pleased you stop by, you can view my afternoon on Instagram - and I'd love you to let me know your thoughts - have you ever played croquet?
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Bye for now. X



  1. Nope. I've never played croquet before. I do like bowling though. It looks like a good day with your friends though Jacqui xx

  2. Oh, I haven't played croquet in years. We always had a set when I was a kid and were constantly setting up the game and forgetting to pull out the wires. That didn't make my dad happy when he had to mow the grass!

    Your dress is perfect for a day of croquet, Jacqui! Very, very pretty!

  3. Looks like fun! We don't know that here. I do know miniature golf though, lol.

  4. Your sneakers are so chic! I love them with your pretty blue floral dress.

    New post up here- hope you'll swing by!


  5. That looks like lots of fun! I love your dress, the colour looks fab on you. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  6. Sounds like a great afternoon of fun especially accompanied with delicious food. Love the dress!

  7. Oh gosh I haven't played croquet in ages! My grandmother had a set and we used to play as kids; I was the baby of the family and have zero hand/eye coordination so I always came in last. My oldest male cousin was just awful at sending my ball flying whenever he could. I do have fond memories of playing though and took my boys when they were little to my grandmother's house to play a few times when they were growing up but it took both her and I to remember how to set it up and roughly play the game. It sounds like a fun day despite your level of play. LOL

  8. Sounds like a really fun time, even with the windy weather! And I like your outfit, dresses and sneakers is a go-to outfit combination for me as well :)

    Thanks for joining the Weekday Wear Link up :)

  9. How fun! What a fun thing to look forward to each year.

    We used to have a set, and we would set it up in the backyard and play sometimes. I never was much good, hehe! But had a lot of fun anyway.


  10. Your dress is so pretty and airy! And that is quite the spread they had! It looks like it was a very fun day.

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