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Monday 2 August 2021

July Review.

Good morning my friends.
Wow August already .... It's crazy to think we've arrived here, sad to think Summer is beginning to ebb away, I've even had mushrooms pop up in the garden - a sure sign that Augutmn is just around the corner.😢
With torrential rain at times over the weekend I starting to think Winter isn't far away - I've still got plenty of Summer dresses to wear and a host of BBQ's to enjoy.  I actually had to sit under my fur blanket yesterday and was very nearly tempted to put the heating on!

Friday night at ballroom dancing we learnt a new dance, the Samba!  I've never tried it before and simply loved it!  I picked it up really well and felt like I'd danced it previously, (I think I've been watching too much Strictly Come Dancing, and often secretly dance when nobody is watching). 🤣
We'll be finishing off the sequence next week before moving onto a new dance - but I'll keep practicing, well you never know SCD may want an over fifty blogger to compete one day!!!! 😉

Saturday morning I went with my Daughter-in-law to help look after my grand-daughter whilst she ran around with my grandson at his Little Kickers session - he spent most of the 45 mins running off in the other direction!  It was set up really well getting the little ones to collect cones, balance them whilst walking around obstacles and then following an obstacle course which ended with them kicking the ball into the goal.  All the kids loved it, but I think the most fun was had by my DIL ....😉

As it's the beginning of the month it's time to look back on July to see what I was doing and catch up on any post's you may have missed. Welcome to the ....
July Review.

Well it's been quite a busy month for Mummabstylish - way back at the beginning of the month we were celebrating my son winning the Doggett's Coat and Badge.  His hard training over the past couple of years paid off and we couldn't have been any happier for him.  Do pop back to read about our special day on the River Thames with our family and friends.  In support of his chosen colour we all wore white outfits.

Next up was all about my night of a cruise boat.  Hubby and I had the great pleasure of spending a wonderful afternoon and night aboard The Spirit of Discovery one of Saga's new boats, I hope you'll check out our enchanting time away, we may even have changed our mind over going cruising!

With good weather for a friends birthday garden party I picked a pretty rainbow coloured dress to wear, complete with pink mules.  It worked perfectly for the afternoon of laughter and catching up and as it was a buffet style there was plenty of room for the yummy food she made.

By the middle of July I was sharing my love of maxi skirts - this one is a beauty and I adore wearing it both Summer and in the Autumn with boots and a jumper.  Popping on trainers with this style of skirt gives it an even bigger tick for me - just so easy and comfortable to wear daily.  You can see more of this style and also read my interview At Home With .... Shelbee On The Edge.

Comfortable and stylish sandal anyone?  Well if the answer is "yes" these are for you!  I was kindly gifted these super wedges from Lotus Shoes and was delighted to find out just how pleasing to my feet they were.  Find out all the details and all about my outfit here.

This bold dress might just be my favourite of the season!  I couldn't help but be drawn to the striking colours over this maxi dress from F & F.  I imagine being away sitting in a bar overlooking some secluded bay in balmy temperatures with my hubby - I'll keep the dress and my dreams nearby too - just in case we can get away soon!

My group from Style not Age were up next sharing their Jackets for July.  It was my prompt and I felt the title gave wide scope for everyone to find a striking outfit ... and that's just what they did.  Do hop over to see just what they all chose this month. 

Lastly I wore another beautiful classic maxi skirt, paired with a white broderie anglais blouse.  This type of look is where I feel most at home.  There's nothing to pull down if it's too short, it's not too tight because of the elastic waist and the white top is just stunning and adds so much interest to the look. I like to keep it real and wear on the blog what I would at other times .. except when I'm working in the garden ... that you wouldn't want to see ... lol!

Thanks so much for being here with me today, lovely to have you.  Let me know what your favourite looks are from here, I love to know what your thoughts are.
You can also add to my #Chicandstylish #LINKUP next Thursday.
Bye for now. X



  1. Beautiful reflections! Love your dresses, especially the rainbow color one!

  2. Some very nice outfits, Jacqui but I couldn't pass the black and yellow number that you wore aboard the Spirit of Discovery. It's what I call a statement piece


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