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Tuesday 5 July 2016

My acknowledgement to 4th July!

Morning all,

Today I thought I'd show support you all the lovely bloggers over in America.
Yesterday being the 4th July I had to attend a funeral, never very nice to go to, however nice see some family members not seen for a while.
Therefore today I'm going to wear an outfit in acknowledgement of Americas Birthday.

White jeans from M & Co, a few seasons ago, 3 quarter length are great for the summer season, especially when British weather can be so changeable.  These red sling back, low block heal are a favourite recent purchase.  Being a lower heel they are more suitable for running around doing errands in and being such a bright colour they give a lovely pop to any outfit.  I'm wearing me T K Maxx double cuff shirt.  Its actually made from cotton with a pinch of elastan in it, so having a bit of stretch in the garment it's fitting in the right places.  My necktie is my nod to the flag - forgive me that I've not got any stars in it.  Hope you still like my efforts regardless!  I've chosen to wear silver jewellery as I do like to change things up a bit.

You may have noticed in post Twenty facts about me! I've re-kindled my love of dancing namely tap dancing.  I take classes once a week locally with about 8 others similar aged ladies.  This under the guidance of a lovely professional dance teacher, and I have to say I absolutely adore going.  It may have been many years since last attending a dance class other then the keep fit/gym classes I've always been to, but it seems to be gradually coming back to me and boy is it a great work out.  Either that or I'm really getting old!
I'm so pleased I joined this class not only keeping fit, I've meet some fantastic ladies who also enjoy doing what I love.  I have to say I'm one of the younger ladies in the class and would like to encourage anyone who's thinking of re-visiting something you did in your youth or starting a new hobby, to just 'go for it' you're never to old to start again.  Have you got an old or new hobby that you love?  I'd love to hear from you......

.....and how is your sale shopping doing?  Any bargains to speak of?

Until tomorrow .Bye X

                   Jacqui B.



  1. Thank you for visiting me and cute outfit! You have TJ Maxx in Britian? I 'be done my share of shopping there. But by latest bargain is from ASOS-so there you go!

    1. Thanks Teresa, yes I'd be lost without TK Maxx, such a good shop for dresses and bags. You do have to rummage though. I should try Asos too.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for acknowledging our country's holiday! How very sweet of you. Those red flats are smashing! I took tap dance lessons last year and loved it! So much fun and a great workout. Unfortunately work interfered with my tap dance class schedule. But I hope to start it up again after the summer. Enjoy :)


  3. Thanks Theresa, Good luck with your tap classes, hope you get to go and enjoy them, thanks for your comments.

  4. Love your outfit. I really like 4th of july outfits that arent so blatenly red white and blue, this all white with subtly adding the blue and red is gorgeous on you. Have fun with your tap as well!
    Thank you for linking up with My Refined Style
    jess xx

  5. Thank you so much Jessica, it is lovely to stop by and see other blogs on the linkup thanks for doing it. x

  6. Great white shirt. I love TK Max. It doesn't help that I have one round the corner to where I live! I can pop out for a pint of milk and be gone a couple of hours ! X

  7. Oh lol, that's great there's always so much to see. Been to Matalan today, picked up some great bargains!! Hope your weekend is going well.xx

  8. I think it's great you have picked up tap dancing! I am a little late getting around to visit the linkers from the July My Refined Style Linkup. Thanks so much for adding your fashion flair our party!



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