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Monday 25 July 2016

Another week of sunshine hopefully.

Hello, welcome to another week - hopefully of sunshine.

Well, I'm sure some oh you are very excited it's the summer holidays,  It doesn't really affect me now, all my children are at work, and my granddaughter is not old enough to be at school, so every day is a holiday - lol.

Driving along today I realise I love this time of the year.  Remembering fondly exciting end of term presentations, sports days and leaving school parties.  When school was finished for the year and 6 weeks of enjoyment with the children at home followed.  Visits to the beach, leisurely afternoons in the garden, planning our family holiday to Spain.  We always took our holidays to Spain in the last week of August, first week of September - nearly always encountered a couple of days of rain!

We'd spend the next few weeks trailing round the shops to gather our much needed summer holiday clothes, excitedly returning home with bags of tops, bottoms, bikinis, swimsuits, beach towels and sandals and a rather enthusiastic fashion show ensued showing off all our goodies - for both me and the kids!  Really was a fun and exciting time whilst bringing up my five children. 
Remembering one year I meticulously planned, wrote endless lists, packed and re-packed cases and bags only to get half way to the Channel Tunnel when it dawned on me I'd not packed a single bikini or swimsuit, and especially not packed all the matching sarongs, skirts or cover-ups!  I was so mad, but there wasn't enough time to return for them, so I had to borrow my friends bikini (which was too big) and buy another one in the resort!!  Ohhh happy memories.

Back to the here and now, and more importantly back to my outfit today.........

Love the dark colour of these Next cigarette style jeans, they have quite a slimming effect, that works well for me!
This H & M tunic style sleeveless top is from a couple of seasons ago.  A cream chiffon neck line with a band of chiffon across the bottom, the print across the fabric reminds me being in school years ago, in the art class screen printing on a fabric t shirt. 
The blue and mustard yellow pattern looks fab with the denim jeans.  My Deichmann espadrilles are a perfect addition for this laid back summer look.  I do seem to wear a lot of these two colours together, and they compliment each other really well.

You may recall I mentioned a few days ago I'd purchased a new camera, well I say new but in reality a pre-owned model.  Still like a minefield for me, I'm trying to figure out what everything means and what all the dials do.  I may have to enrol on a course to try and fathom it all out.

Has anyone else had this problem? 
What did you do?
I'd love to produce some breath taking photos like I'm seeing on some blogs.

So stay tuned to see how I get on with taking these photos, lets see if I can improve a little each week.

Bye Bye .... X

                                Jacqui B.


  1. I know how you feel about the photography Jacqui. I tend to shoot on auto most times, I'm thinking about a course too x

  2. I know how you feel about the photography Jacqui. I tend to shoot on auto most times, I'm thinking about a course too x

  3. I had a little practise at the wedding on Saturday, and I have to say I got a couple of great shots! But equally some naff ones! A course maybe an option. x


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