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Saturday 2 July 2016

Black and White for me.

Hello to everyone on this a sunny but windy Saturday.

Want to catch up on washing machine saga?  Yes well stay tuned.

Firstly today I'm black and white.
Wearing my Florence and Fred Palazzo trousers.  I think a real statement to wear these fabulous stripy trousers they make me feel tall and strangely important!  I opted for my years old New Look frilly blouse - very sheer, see through blouse with buttons fastening and short sleeves.  I choose to wear a cami T shirt underneath because it is very see through and I'm still a bit prudish at times!  Black Clarks sling back sandal completed today's look.  I love wearing these particular shoes, being a great fit they make a comfortable piece of footwear, and look very stylish as well.  Soft suede and a great size and width heel, I actually wish they still had this style in store.  It would be a wonderful addition to my small shoe collection, and even better if it came in brighter colours.  You never know I may come across something similar whilst out shopping for something else - I'll keep you all posted.

Okay so back to update you all on Washing-Machine-Gate!  Repair men - yes two of them! arrived late afternoon yesterday.  In and out to the van, chatter, chatter, coffee, squash, talk, talk now it's fixed.  Great I though, can I use it now?  Yes indeed - how pleased was I?  100% happy!  Off said repair men went, and I hurried back to load, fill and turn on machine.  Sometime later I thought I'd check on how the wash was doing......Noooooo!!!!! Machine had stopped working and light sequence was flashing, like warning lights always do. I actually felt they were laughing at me.. Argh I was so mad, went straight to the phone and rang engineer department .....
"The office is now closed opening hours are 9 - 5 Monday to Friday ............Slamming the phone down it was just gone 5!!!!!!!! 
Had to ring today at 9, on the phone for about 3 quarters of an hour and repair man coming next Tuesday.  After lots of moaning and then discussions hubby and I went out and purchased new machine which is now running through the primary wash to clear out anything that shouldn't be there!  Is it sad that I'm a happy little bunny now I got a washing machine that's working??

So let's hope that's the final edition to the washing machine saga, my nerves can't stand any more.

Until the next long. X

                                                       Jacqui B.


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