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Saturday 16 July 2016

Glad it's saturday - Kimon-o-over.

He ya what's going on?
It's all about my kimono - read further for details.

Seems I had such a hectic week and now time to chill - fabulous.

Girls night out yesterday evening, actually not out out, just out!  Dinner out at a friends house, plenty of bubbles, good company, a few laughs and a little Fondue! yes I did say Fondue. 
Have only sampled chocolate fondue in the past so to have both cheese with bread and crudities along with hot oil to cook strips of beef and tiny meatballs was super.  A chocolate fondue followed with the token gesture of fruit to take care of my hmmm 'diet' lol!

Here's last night's outfit.  Matalan white skinny jeans, Clarks suede sandals, Matalan from the sale , this tunic top, love these colours together, but still going to try and match with either lime green or pale blue Capri style jeans/trousers, that's if I can find any ha ha!

Home by midnight, so I was fine this morning.  A little light shopping followed breakfast cooked by middle daughter, and then a quick visit to see my princess, with cuddles, chocolate kisses, sandpits and playing in the garden - what better way to spend the afternoon?

Quiet night in this evening, hopefully with some sort of takeaway - heaven.

What are you up to this evening?  Please share, I'd love to hear.

While looking through some of your lovely blogs I came across so many kimonos, so just had to dig mine out yesterday. I bought this one from TK Maxx about two years ago, worn a handful of times, but sometimes it just fits the bill.  If I remember correctly it only cost just under £20, they are everywhere at the moment, being a fab accessory for daytime, nigh- time not forgetting beach time too.
I paired this gorgeous blue kimono that has orange, lilac and cream flowers over it, with an orange vest top and white shorts.  I just love the amazing blue tassel fringe, it has a nice swing to it and I felt like I should be lounging on a chaise longue, drinking a champagne cocktail! ( Well maybe not with the shorts to be fair!)

Have you got a Kimono and do you wear it often?  Have you got a 1920's dress?  Both would be great to see if you do.

Well bye for now, see you tomorrow. X

                                                             Jacqui B.



  1. I haven't got a Kimono yet ! And I mean yet! The girls night out sounds like fun, I was in my local till 3am ! I'm like a zombie today.I don't drink any alcohol, only tea or water due to my allergies Jacqui.I think your Kimono will go with either black green or blue. It's beautiful x

  2. Be nice to see it when you get it. Girls night was fun, so nice to catch up with the girls. Ohh 3am sounds like you had a fabulous time, I'd be useless after that! x


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