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Monday 29 April 2024

Style Not Age are ready for April Showers

Morning all. 
Great to have you here. 

How’s your week been?
Another crazy one for me, I’ve had the run of family birthdays and it’s been non-stop! I’m going to take this one easy now, just so I’ve got enough energy for the next group which includes mine - did I mention it’s my big birthday in May?
On Saturday evening we had around 70 friends join us for drinks and nibbles, I worried exactly how I’d fit so many people in the house and would loved to have invited more friends! The weather didn’t play fair - obviously, so everyone gathered indoors for a VERY tight fit celebration (You might recall how Christmas dinner is always a bit a lot cramped). I did state that’s what it was like when I went clubbing and to the pub when I was younger - we just got on with having shouty conversations and squeezing past people on the way to the loo and also fighting your way to the bar!  My outings are much more sedate now, with going to less busy, quieter venues and avoiding anywhere that’s overcrowded. Where do you prefer to frequent?
As you can imagine Sunday was a slow one! I admit to still being in my nightdress at 2pm and it was just as well I didn’t have to cook a dinner as who knows how that would have turned out!  As it was my SIL’s birthday we went to their house for a Chinese takeaway, oh isn’t that the best when you don’t feel like cooking and want an easy night! 

I want to tell you about David’s present but it’s a bit long winded today, so pop back on Thursday for an update, it’s a funny story. 

Let’s welcome back my four friends from the Style not Age collective. This month was Hilda’s turn to pick a topic and she came up with weather appropriate prompt of … it’s spot on for the weather we’ve been having lately. 🙄

April Showers

April Showers is it a thing? Well actually yes it is!
April does have more showers than other months, regardless of where you are in the country.  During the month of April, a band of strong winds, known as the jet stream, moves northwards. This changes the air pressure and leads to an explosion of cumulus clouds - the type of clouds that create rain showers. So the poem goes April Showers bring May Flowers due to the perfect rain saturation and sunshine - well that’s what’s supposed to happen, but with global warming occurring Mother Nature often has other plans!!!

So what to wear in April can be a real conundrum.  You’ll want something that’s warm enough for cooler days but also layers so you can peel off when it warms up! We all know in the UK we can often have four or five seasons in one day!  My best advice would be obvious layers and a flattering and serviceable rain Mac or trench coat. Don’t forget an umbrella popped into your bag, you never know when you could get caught in a shower. 

Which leads me nicely to my wardrobe shopped outfit. 
I started with my 80’s vintage trench coat - you can tell it’s from the 80’s because of the raglan sleeve. I don’t even feel it’s dated either and I get it out every so often and always get a nice compliment or two. 

I’m a big fan of these wide leg jeans and having got them in a longer length and really pleased these are a shorter length therefore are just right for my trainers. I got them in M & S and the £35 I paid was well worth it as they’re a good quality finish and are a nice sturdy thick denim. 
I topped my cami Tee shirt with my lovely chunky cream jumper, bookending the jumper with my cream ozweego trainers which are a trending chunky style. The trench coat is from the 80’s and I’ve certainly had my monies worth from this classic coat, I’ve worn it and worn it so much over the years, I doubt it’ll ever date!  

A baseball cap and padded bag completed my outfit. Fortunately it didn’t rain when I took these piccys, but had it done so I’d have been ready and waiting!

First up to share their offerings is Gail - Is This Mutton?
Her pretty turquoise Mac is a real head-turner and will brighten up any dreary shower that comes along. This came from ASOS, who have a huge coat selection, so well worth a look. 

Hilda, whose choice it was came to the table with this fantastic trench Mac which is a new one from Max Mara. Looks just right at home on Hilda in this setting. Find out all the details on her blog Over the Hilda. 

Here’s what Emma picked. Another stunning rain mac in a starling magenta shade, Emma has matched it perfectly with her pink trousers and floral shirt. Read all about her Style Splash.

Finally Anna - Anna’s Island Style went with this colourful pick. Moody skies emulate Anna’s silver grey jacket and I think there’s every chance she needed this covering whilst taking these shots, typical April Shower’s attire. 🩶

Good that you could join us today. Do let us know what you think our colourful rain inspired outfits. 
Until next time. Have fun!
Cheerio my friends. X



  1. I bet you are glad you held on to that mac. It will never go out of fashion and I love the jeans too. And the baseball hat is perfect with it. I wear them out walking too.

  2. I think I may have that same trench only in a different color! My husband bought it for me when I finished my college degree! I love the way you’ve styled this with the blues and creams. Very chic!

  3. I love the trench coat! I have a couple from the 80s still at my mum's - I'm glad I kept hold of them. The baseball cap looks fab!

    Emma xxx

  4. Love your coat, perfect for the weather we have been having.

  5. I thrifted a trench coat at one time but didn't wear it much. If I remember correctly it was a print in neutral colors. I should keep an eye out again. There is so much variety out there and the long ones can be really nice when it is wet and windy to keep more of your clothes dry.


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