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Thursday 25 April 2024

Give yourself some TLC with XbyX - Chicandstylish Linkup

Hello my friends.
Hope your world is fun.

Well what a week this is!
You see I’m celebrating a few family birthdays this week with my daughter’s last Tuesday, my daughter-in-law’s today, David’s on Saturday (it’s a big one) and my son-in-law’s on Sunday! It’s been non-stop preparing for them all, and we’re having a few friends round on Saturday night to help celebrate David’s 60th. I’ll be looking forward to a quieter couple of weeks before mine, my granddaughter’s and my son’s!! Do you have birthdays at the same time of the year? Hectic and expensive isn’t it!

As I'm a 'women of a certain age' I'm always on the lookout for anything that might help me in my everyday life. So when I was approached by the delightful Christin from the XbyX I was pleasantly surprised and really interested to find out more.

This is a sponsored post, however all comments are my own and 100% honest. Items marked with * have been gifted to me. 

Having already been through the menopause and if I'm honest apart from the hot flushes I seemed to sail through it!  When anyone spoke of the word menopause, I always considered it didn't apply to me so kept my thoughts and feelings to myself.  However in the past two or three years, I seem to have had issues which I hadn't expected.  There's the on going struggle with my hair, it's always been my crowning glory and I've loved the colour and texture.  This has noticeably changed with my grey peaking through nearly every four weeks.  The texture has changed too, it's more frizzy and doesn't what to go where I want it too! 
I've also seen the saggy skin which I hate - the loss of collagen is a big factor in the elasticity of my skin and it's sad to say it wont get any better, so any help in this area (it's a big area) it'll be greatly appreciated. With the combination of declining collagen along with the loss of oestrogen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and other factors my skin will become thinner and saggier - oh the joys!  Our DNA repair system becomes less able to do it's job therefore more fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sun spots and uneven skin will appear. It really does become a spiral into unflattering, old skin doesn't it!

Joint pain is another symptom that just crept up on me.  I've long been a keep fit addict and have always enjoyed classes three of four times a week along with a couple of dance classes too.  These have gotten harder and harder to recover from, and my joints really do suffer at times.  Having said that once I'm up and running so to speak I'm okay.  Just last week I was jumping into burpees like you wouldn't believe - it's the next day I seem to suffer. My joint pain is possibly hereditary (my mum has had arthritis for years and has had both hips and knees replaced, as have all the female members of my extended family) so the odds aren't goo for me, but I'm a firm believer that taking a supplement along with gentle exercise is beneficial.

I've never suffered with insomnia (or so I thought) which I'm thankful for.  I've many friends who long suffered with this awful symptom and felt quite, dare I say smug that it didn't affect me! We are all different aren't we.  I have suffered with an over active bladder, needing the loo more often at times, so upon the advice of the doctor I take caffeine free tea & coffee, however the alcohol I consume (I've cut down) doesn't help the issue. I believe it's all about trying to find a happy medium and working out what works for me as an individual.

So let me share what I've been trying out for the past few weeks.  

XbyX has been specially formulated and developed by women in their middle years, based on numerous scientific findings and publications. It's made from the highest quality raw materials coming from controlled sources that are free from additives like sugar, binders and fillers. 

XbyX Daily Energy is your perfect daily supply of all the essential nutrients you need, especially from midlife onwards.  It’s the perfect blend of five different plant proteins, healthy fibres, plant-based Omega 3, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals and polyphenols from olive fruit. The four water-soluble fibres namely guar, insulin, psyllium husk and apple pectin, provide a wonderful variety of nutrients for your gut bacteria. 

XbyX offer a range of supplements which are designed to support personal health and your well-being, most supplements can be blended together and integrated into your daily routine easily - creating a balanced energy boost to suit your own individual needs.

I've been taking the collagen kick along with the Daily Energy supplement everyday adding the stated amounts to water and juice into the shaker bottle, this ensures there are no lumps or clumps!

What I've found.

I’ve been using the shaker and mixing one small scoop (included in the Collagen jar) and three level table spoons of the daily energy protein superfood with water and fruit juice. I have to say the taste has grown on me and I started off trying a few different ways - mixed with my morning porridge, mixed with just water and added to a smoothie made with fruits, oats and yoghurt, but finally settled having it with water and a little fruit juice. 
I have to say I’ve gradually noticed an improvement to my skin, it’s more radiant and a bit firmer, also due to the facial fitness exercises that are shown in the accompanying book Beauty Guide that’s been lovely to try. I’ve incorporated doing one or two everyday  whilst  doing my daily beauty routine, it’s really made a difference!
My joint pain is an ongoing issue but has improved which I’m pleased about - as I mentioned earlier I workout four times a week and feel better for doing so, and I’d throughly recommend any sort of fitness regime either big or small will make a big difference both physically and mentally!  Do you try to workout every week?

As I said before I’ve never really suffered from insomnia and could fall asleep quite easily. I may wake in the middle of the night and most times will fall back asleep straight away, however since starting my XbyX journey I’ve noted sleeping much better, I feel once I’ve drifted off I’m having a more relaxed sleep and feel refreshed most times I wake up. Now that’s worth trying this supplement for isn’t it!

I’ve got a special discount of 10% off all products until and including 9th May, use the code MUMMAB10 at checkout. 

I’ve been waiting for just the perfect opportunity to wear this pretty blue two piece from Kit & Kaboodal. It’s a short sleeve lounge suit that’s going to be a dream for all sorts of outings. Shopping trips, walks in the Spring sunshine along with wearing it to travel in. Just pop on a denim jacket and trainers makes this a versatile addition to your holiday wardrobe and it won’t crease either. The wide leg trousers are elasticated so very easy to wear and extremely comfy as is the top that has a nice tie detail and an adjustable strap and button to make the sleeves shorter! 
Do head over to the website * as there’s four other shades including black, pink, stone and white. I added my white Dune trainers and my ever faithful basket bag (similar here) for a relaxed casual look that’s perfect for shoppings trips or a walk to the pub. 🩵

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So good to have you here today, many thanks it means a lot. Do pop back on Monday for the latest from Mummabstylish.
Until then. 
Cheerio. X



  1. Menopause is a total horror. But I use hormones since a year and am pretty happy with that. But I rather take something else because you can't use hormones for years. Lovely two piece!

  2. Good to hear you’re doing okay on it. Such a tricky time for us all. Thanks for joining me x

  3. I definitely don't sleep as well as I used to but I have found that I sleep more deeply when I have exercised. I don't take any supplements for now. I love your lounge wear! So cozy and a pretty color!

    1. This does seem to help me Mireille, so maybe worth a look. Thanks for stopping by xx

  4. I love a 2 piece set and this color is so gorgeous on you!


  5. Thank goodness I've left menopause behind, but I do still have the night sweats at times. I've been chalking the joint pain up to my age, but maybe I need to add collagen to my life. Thanks for the tips and the link up! I invite you to join me for the Weekend Traffic Jam or my Final Friday post.

    1. Some annoying symptoms Marsha, supplements do seem to ease the pain xx

  6. This sounds very interesting, has good ingredients. I take a few supplements including one for cellular health and Pilates and yoga, they definitely help with joint pain x

    1. Good to hear Gail. Thanks for stopping by. X

  7. These sound like great products! Thanks for sharing! Supplements can really help your body function at its best!

    1. Certainly worth a look hun x

  8. These sound interesting, I will have to check them out. Love your outfit.

  9. Oh hope you do Claire. Worth a look xx


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