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Monday 25 September 2023

Style Not Age do Power Dressing.

Hi there,
Thanks for stopping by the blog today. 

I've had a really nice weekend.  On Saturday after a couple of hours working at my daughter's house I came home to get ready for an enjoyable afternoon with my sister and brother-in-law who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary.  This was held in their local pub, which was a nice setting with a pretty beer garden that had a fish pond and secluded areas, along with a big function room.  They'd arranged a lovely buffet and free bar so the afternoon run really smoothly.   Unfortunately I drove so only had one drink, but certainly made up for it scoffing the party food - yes I love party food!

Having had only the one drink I didn't suffer any ill effects the next morning, so after a nice lie in I had fun entertaining my youngest grandkids .. Max and Kimberley (I looked after them whilst their mum's and dad's were busy - one set were with my other grand-daughter who was playing football). They are so funny to watch play together and take it in turns to lead the antics.  As you can imagine the toddlers love to do anything that they shouldn't, so I was forever telling them to get down from the window (our sofa sits in front of it), stop throwing the toys, leave the cupboards alone and stop running around.  It's lovely to see them together and they seem to have their own little language and chat to each without making any sense .. lol. A big roast dinner followed so the evening was basically lounging on the sofa, totally stuffed!
I've got a busy week too, with gym classes, helping my mum with some bits and probably looking after Max again - what have you got planned this week? 

As it’s the last Monday of the month the blog shares posts for my four friends who make up the Style not Age collective. 

This month the prompt fell into the hands of Emma and she picked the topical subject of ...
Power Dressing.

This year power dressing looks a little different and you'll be inspired to find over sized jackets, edgy pinstripes and anything that's well tailored high on the list of 'must haves' - like the jacket I'm styling for the challenge. I'm excited to include some of these ideas into my everyday looks, and reckon I can strut them as well as the next executive whilst shopping for dinner ingredients in the supermarket! 😛

Before we look at the other choices, let me give you an insight into my outfit and how I put it together.

I knew from the off I wanted to wear the suit, I've worn it a handful of times already and whenever I put it on, it never fails to impress.  It fits so well and covers all the right places, the length is perfect with the trousers sitting nicely at the ankle.  The roomy blazer feels really comfortable and I'll be wearing it over jeans for a stylish but casual look in the future.

I had a couple of ideas to pair the stone coloured suit with fern green, I've got a fabulous pair of loafers to show you soon and thought I had a lace top in the same colour to flatter the shoes, but upon looking I reaslied I'd discarded it to the charity bag and it had, in fact gone!  So back to square one!

Having had a chat with my daughter, she suggested black.  Now that did sound like a fab match and after a bit of a rifle through my blouse wardrobe I found this silky version that I've had for a while - it was a Christmas present and I've always felt very special when I've had it on - what do you think?

Black heels were the obvious choice.  I've a few styles to choose from but settled on these which have a block heel and ankle strap.  The pointed toe is back in style and I love to wear it.  It makes for a very feminine style don't you think?

Shop My Look!

Now let’s we what my fellow bloggers picked!

First up it’s Hilda’s choice. She certainly looks like she means business in her red shoes and matching tonal bag. Hop over to learn more on her blog Over the Hilda. 

Emma - The Style Splash went for a regal and very bold jacket and trouser combination, but magically they look like a suit!  Emma teamed them with a striking patterned shirt and trainers combination and certainly does look like a powerful entity. Do stop by her blog for all the details. 

Now let's have a look at Ann's - Anna's Island Style.  She's opted for a bright and cheerful boucle tweed short and jacket ensemble.  Anna has accessorised as only Anna does, with eye-catching colourful mix of textures and tones.  Have a look at here stylish look via the link.

Finally here’s what Gail - Is This Mutton picked.  Her vibrant outfit is based around the fact that bright colours and unstructured tailoring defines Power Dressing now, so her well put together outfit ticks the box nicely. Hope you'll follow the link to find out more.  

Good to have you here today, I do hope my four friends and I have inspired you to embrace your powerful side, after all there's so much choice to be proud of and show off.  Let me know what you'd wear to Power Dress!

Chat again on Thursday when I'll be sharing my views on a recent gifted item - look out for the Current Body RF skin tightening device, that's been working wonders on my face. 
Cheerio for now. X



  1. Lovely suit Jacqui, fits you perfectly, and I love the combination of stone and black x

    1. Thanks Gail, I adore this suit, it has so many options! Have a fun week. xx

  2. This is such a wonderful suit, Jacqui! I think the green would have been good, but the black is such a statement! Fabulous!

    1. I agree Marsha, such a shame I actually took the bag to the charity bin! x

  3. Great power dressing Jacqui... the black works really well. CEO in the making!

    1. Thanks so much Hilda, I'm pleased it worked well. x

  4. The black really makes the outfit come alive for me, Jacqui! I can't wear those beige / stone colours, not near my face as they make me look like death lol! You're very lucky. You look fabulous!
    Suzy xx

    1. So happy with the finished look Suzy, this suit is going to be my friend for a long time. x

  5. Neutrals work so well with your hair colouring Jacqui - this is a fab take on Power Dressing!

  6. This is such a great suit on you! it's a shame you accidentally donated the green top, but I have to say black was a great choice with this - it creates a really powerful neutral outfit! :)

    Thanks for joining the Weekday Wear Link up :)


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