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Thursday 14 September 2023

White with Pale Blue Accents - Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hi there,
How you doing?

Well we're really holding onto the dregs of Summer here in the UK aren't we ... isn't it hot!  As I write today's post I'm anticipating a big storm, well that's what it feels like anyway. This heat has made me feel SO tired.  I'm not sure I'm sleeping well with it either (our room is like a sauna) so even going to bed early I still wake up shattered!  Sorry I'm going to stop moaning now, because I know once the weather changes it will be so cold and miserable, just like me ... ha ha ha.

I've had a real few days of it to be honest.  My blog/computer have had problems.  I've not been able to comment on certain blogs and after being sent to GoDaddy who said they couldn't help, then onto Blogger who helped with another problem (I didn't know I had) couldn't help with this one.  Anyone know about having "access denied GoDaddy website firewall" ?  Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated!
So my afternoon on Monday was filled with trying to sort this out but still haven't got anywhere!  I've also got a problem with my RSS feed on Mailchimp, that's not recongnising me so won't send any automated emails out!  I'm having to do a new one each time I post and it's very time consuming.
** Late edit, both issues fixed now**

I've just read this back and all I've done is moan, thanks for staying with me, I'm going to change my tune and share a nice Summer outfit with you, just before I start packing everything away - say hello to my white trousers again. 🤍

White goes with everything doesn’t it! I don’t know a colour that doesn’t shine when it’s paired with it. So to add to my collection of blog post looks here are my white trousers worn with pale blue. 
I bought the blouse in Zara a while ago, it's a silky fabric that always looks elegant when worn, so doubled up with classic palazzo trousers I've got a very chic look.  I popped a little cropped top under it.  I've got a few of these double layered thin strap tops from Primark, they are so easy to wear - especially when it's hot like it has been here.  It sits right on the waistband of my trousers, so there's not a noticeable gap, however I still felt the need for the shirt over the top.  Instead of tucking it in or tying it together - I caught the two ends together and fastened them with an elastic band.

I wanted to pull the blue out so picked my pale blue patent loafers to wear.  They worked really nicely with my white trousers, and were easy to wear and very comfortable.  You can see them in better detail here when I wore them with some cropped jeans. Loafers serve as a great pair of dress shoes, that can be worn casually and for a fancy occasion like heading out for dinner or a trip to the theatre.  They fit in with lots of looks which, therefore make them a popular choice with all age groups.  You'll do yourself a good turn by investing in a pair, chunky or otherwise, this style is here to stay.  

Sometimes I like to keep my colour mixing basic and often wear just two or three colours together, so it was an obvious choice to pick a white bag for my look earlier this week.  My cut out bag has been a charmer! Every time it's in my hands I get lovely comments, it's such a striking design and very roomy.  You can read all about it here when it complimented my denim skirt and white shirt ensemble.

I've been enjoying a bit more freedom with taking photos recently.  You see I've bought myself an extending phone stand complete with attached lights and remote control button.  It's made the whole job of taking pictures so much easier.  I can pop out on my own, without needing the help of my family to take a few shots in my local surroundings (this setting is just up the road & in the same place David took these shots for me ages ago). If you need a gadget like mine you can find one here on Amazon

Time for the party to start, do join Chicandstylish #LINKUP

First let me introduce you to favourite blogger from last week.  Well done Claire - Claire Justine oxox this is a stunning shirt.  It was a great find, you can read all the details on here blog. 

Now let's start linking up.
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Thanks for popping by today, it's been fun.
I'm excited to see what you've been styling over the past week.  
Cheerio for now. X



  1. Oh moaning is part of life too Jacqui! It's okay to poor your heart out, lol. But it is so stressful when there is something wrong with tech things we can't resolve. But you are looking gorgeous my dear! Isn't the weather just glorious! Let's wear our summer clothes as long as we can!

  2. Thanks Nancy, back to normal service now and the weather has changed too! Issues all sorted now, but it’s so annoying not understanding things technical. Have a great weekend hun x

  3. Technology problems are so frustrating! Glad it was sorted out! This is such a gorgeous look! The color combo is beautiful!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. Oh how I wish I could just hire someone to run all the techy stuff that goes along with blogging! I feel for you, whenever something goes awry here I am so stressed and trying to get help is such a headache.
    Anyway...I love this look. These trousers look so good on you!

  5. Beautiful, elegant look on you, Jacqui! I like to wear my summer clothes as long as the weather allows, too. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! Glad you got your tech problems sorted, they can be so frustrating. Thanks for sharing and the link up!

  6. I was kind of moaning on my birthday as my husband cannot read my mind lol! Your pictures turned out really well! I have issues commenting on blogger but otherwise have not had pbs . I love this little outfit and the light blue is really pretty with white. I am planning to wear my white jeans once a week or so for a while. So easy to style!

  7. The light blue with white is just so fresh and pretty! Your outfit matches the summer sky + clouds behind you - perfect!

  8. Love this breezy look on you!

  9. Jacqui, I love this outfit! The pale blue and white look so great together. Super summery and ever so pretty! Mercury was in retrograde until yesterday so I am betting you can blame that planet for all of your computer and blogging issues! I am glad they are all fixed now. I have some sort of tech/communication issue during every retrograde period without fail! I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend! Thanks for the party.


  10. You look so summery and cool in this blue and white outfit, Jacqui! I really like that cut out bag, too! I have had problems commenting on other blogs...there's just something in the universe...maybe Mercury is in Retrograde! Thanks for the link party!

  11. Sorry to hear about the blog problems but glad to hear they got sorted. I go through phases where I don't sleep well. A fan on all night and a 1 tog duvet is what I use all summer xx

  12. Sorry to hear you've had technical problems, they're so frustrating aren't they? I've had the GoDaddy Firewall problem when trying to comment on other blogs - it's something in their settings I think. Lovely outfit, the shirt looks fab tied.

    Emma xxx

  13. Oh no, I hate it when you get blog problems. It takes me ages to find out what is wrong. Love this look, Jacqui. Beautiful shirt. Just been away and catching up so late to the party. Thank you so much for featuring me, such a lovely surprise :)


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