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Monday 3 October 2022

September Review.

Hi there, how’s it going?
I’m stunned we’re in October already, how on earth did that happen?

The weather has acted accordingly and dropped temperatures to make way for layers, jackets and warmer clothes. It’s nice to have a change & wear warmer clothes isn’t it?

I’ve started to think about Christmas and after a couple of years when I’ve hated to embrace the festive season I’m excited to get going on present buying and Christmas Day planning. 
Both my daughters will be with their other half's family on Christmas Day, and although I hate it, I accept that I have to ‘share’ them so will enjoy their coming to us on Boxing Day. After all it’s better to enjoy the Xmas period for longer is it?  It's My mum's turn to come to us, and that will be lovely to have her join us.  Have you planned your Christmas Day yet?
Anyway let's forget about the festive season and think about the new month, a new month can only mean a new review ... so it's time to share the September Review.

Saturday was a ‘work’ day. 
We’ve started our new build on our new house in the garden, so we were busy getting the block and beam floor sorted. 
Hubby has a lot of experience with building houses and can do a lot of it himself. We’re up to block and beam floor through the hard work of David himself and some dedicated family and friends. You can follow along on my new IG account if you’d like to see what we’ve been doing. It’s getting there slowly but surely and I’ll be pleased if you let me know your thoughts on our new self build. X

On Sunday we had our usual family roast. David and I went to buy some beef on Sunday morning, so set about getting everything ready after a cheeky drink in the pub on our way home!  I could easily have ordered a roast from them and stayed for the afternoon, but I took hold of my feelings and came home to get a big roast ready for the family who came. 

So let's put the weekend to the back of our minds and think about what's happening now, more importantly the September Review.

At the beginning of the month the weather didn't get the memo and was still quite warm and I was still eeking out my summer dresses and sandals.  I took full advantage and wore this pretty ditsy print summer dress with striking espadrilles and bare arms.  Oh to be back in the Summer my friends. X  

Have you taken to wearing trousers yet?  I'm embracing all my trouser options and have been pleased to welcome this new pair into my collection.  I love wearing wide leg styles, I find them so flattering and easy to wear.  So when I spotted these in Primark I just had to include them.  I'm so pleased to wear this 'style of the season' and am on the look out for more colours as we speak!  Mine are the ever stylish caramel shade and look super cute with so much, including black as worn here. Are you a fan of this style my friends? I'm looking to indulge my love for this style & am on the hunt for a khaki pair and also a cream version - do let me know it you've seen any!

Back in September I shared my long weekend in Sicily with everyone.  I had the best weekend in Savoca with David and couldn't wait to share it with you.  Everything went well from start to finish, so if you're thinking of a week or weekend away to this little island off of Italy, please do let me know and ask any questions you might have. x

Next we said a sad farewell to Our Queen Elizabeth II.  It's been such a sad month reminding everyone, that life is short and we have to enjoy our family and friends all the more.  Do let me know if the passing of her majesty has affected you!

Next I shared what to wear to a Christening, namely what I wore to my Grand-daughters Christening.  I'd popped into town the day before and found this beauty nestling in my local New Look.  I'm so pleased to share it with you and can't wait to wear it again sometime soon!

I was excited to share my next outfit with you.  The Ladies from Style not Age wanted to show off their outfits based around the prompt Luxe Layerinwhich is spot on for the ensuing season of Autumn.  Do let me know what you'd have picked my friends. X

Finally in September I was dressing typically for the new season .. in layers.  Jeans, a top and a jacket were the order of the day and as the weather was nice I stretched Summer out and wore my light cream espadrilles with dark jeans and a floral shirt.
I love the whole look and plan to copy it throughout the next few months, well until the weather really changes and boots are the only thing I want to wear! 

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Thanks for joining me today, hope you’ve enjoyed my offerings, please do leave me a comment.  Any suggestion you may have would be greatly appreciated!

Bye for now xx



  1. This year is just flying by for me. Love the animal print blouse outfit.

    1. Thanks so much, it's a super cute blouse isn't it. x

  2. It's been a busy month for sure and a wonderful one too. We started October with our anniversary trip and then got home to our kiddos and the next day one came down with a stomach bug. Hopefully nobody else will get it. So happy you had a wonderful month!

    1. Very busy, and i bet even more so for you with the kids. Hope the month improves for you. Have a super rest of the month hunny. x

  3. Enjoyed your review and excited to see your building project unfold. Now following! Thanks for linking xx


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