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Monday 21 February 2022

Monochrome Tan Outfit.

Hi everyone, how you all doing?
Hope you've survived Storm Eunice.
It's been a blustery few days, and I've been laying low and not venturing out - taking notice of the experts by staying indoors and not venturing out unless absolutely necessary.  Have you been affected by the storm?  Hope you're staying safe.

It was a funny day on Friday, as I said before I didn't go out.  Fortunately didn't need to.  I didn't even go dancing on Friday night - I was about to text I wasn't going when I got a message from the teacher to say they'd decided to cancel the class to keep them and everyone else safe.  I have to admit even though I was worried about driving I really would have loved to have been there, it left me rather restless.  I couldn't settle and kept just walking about!  Does anything unusual leave you with a different attitude?

Saturday was a little better and the weather replicated my mood - it was sunny but still cold in the morning, so hubby and I went out to collect a few bits from town.  I had my grandson over for a sleepover on the evening - his sister came over in the week so Saturday was his turn.  He was an angel and I'm not just saying that - when kids are on their own, they act like different children don't they.  He did everything I asked and was such a joy to have around.  I didn't want him to leave, but then I don't want any of them to go really!

Sunday was the usual roast dinner for the family, and yesterday we had chicken and goose!  I didn't like the latter before, hence the chicken was cooked for those who didn't want it!  All the normal trimmings and a fab day for everyone.  It was very hectic and quite noisy too, but they always have a great time as I do too!  What was your weekend filled with? 

I have to ask have you heard of the latest craze going around.  Me and my friends & family are hooked on Wordle  & it's been keeping me busy for a few weeks now.  Not all the time you understand, just the odd 5 or ten minutes in the day.  You have to guess a 5 letter word and get 6 attemps.  If a correct letter is guessed but in the wrong place the square colours yellow, but if the letter is in the correct place it turns green - you can then try to work out what the word is.  One word a day and I'm hooked.  It's a really good talking point with the family - all trying to work the puzzle out!  Do click the link and have a go - I guarantee you'll be intrigued too.  For the clever people among us, there's a 6 letter word Wordle2 and also four words to find… at the same time .... Quordle - good luck!

Are you a lover of wide leg trousers?  I find them really flattering and have a few pairs to my name.
These are a firm favourite of mine.  Tan is such a wearable colour so it was a no-brainer to go for a monochrome look.

I've been in jeans rather a lot recently, so decided to peel myself away from the casual vibe and get back into a dressier more becoming look.
I created this solid look with my palazzo style trousers from Marks and Spencer.  It's a style I feel comfortable and confident in.  I've had these a couple of years now and have also got a stylish pink pair from the same store, I've been in there today and they've got this darling platinum version available that will be stunning for the Spring. I'm imagining all the pretty pastel tops and shirts that will go with them!

I think my new Mango jumper looks smashing over the trousers.  I've wanted a tan roll neck for a while, so when browsing the website I spotted this one in the sale.  I think I could have sized down as this one is a tad too big, hoping my washing abilities might shrink it a little. Ha ha ha!

My camel coat has been a very helpful addition and I've worn it often (you've seen it on the blog loads).  It's a good length for me, sitting just on the knee.  I've seen it's still available on the website and also comes in an array of other shades ... all of which will compliment the Spring outfits you've got planned! 😉

Finishing touches for my tan creation were black accessories and a big square scarf.  My scarf is predominantly tan, but has accents of black over it, which gave me the idea to wear black boots and take my black Valentino bag with me.  It was a bit tricky with the scarf today - especially when taking these photos, there were some funny bloopers if I'm honest!  All thanks goes to Storm Franklin. I hope you've all stayed safe and well, it's been a very blowy and blustery few days hasn't it?

Thanks so much for stopping by Mummabstylish today, good to have you my friends.
Be sure to join me on Thursday, the link up will be waiting for you.
Bye for now. X


  1. I'm addicted to Wordle! You look fabulous in this layered look!

  2. Ooh, this is a stunning outfit Jacqui!Thanks for linking x

  3. The rich colors in that gorgeous scarf really set off the tan in the coat. And, yes -- I am loving the wide-leg pants that have come back in style recently.

  4. Sounds like you had a busy yet fun weekend! I love the coat and outfit is very smart! The scarf is a great addition to the look. I bought several pairs of trousers recently as well.
    Enjoy the week and thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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