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Thursday 18 June 2020

Double Denim - Don't Care! - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning my lovely friends.
Apologies for no post last Monday! Busy family times, and not one iota of inspiration is my defence your honor - lol
How are you all?
How scary to think it's nearly the longest day.  Being shut away these past couple of months has been very weird!  It's affected everyone in different ways I can't wait for it to be over.  With the reopening of a variety of non-essential shops and services I feeling quite positive about the next few weeks and what changes I can take advantage of.  Fashion shops will be open which makes me feel very happy, I can not wait to get shopping, and after all we need the economy to get up and running don't we!
I've got some birthday money to spend and have a long list of necessities.  Well to me they are much needed. 
You know I've taken up running so need some new leggings as mine are too big and start falling down when I jog, so I spend most of the run trying to pull them up - not a pretty sight!  I've seen a couple of pairs in my local Matalan, but online were sold out, I'll be popping in to see what they have and hope they might have gone in the sale! 😉
Back to my outfit today, these are very much available online.
You might recall I wore them last week when I shared these brilliant sandals from Vandal Shoes.  I hummed and arrhed whether to shorten them or not - I decided to go-for-it so chopped a good five inches off the bottom.  I pulled at the hem to make them fray which made them look older!  I'm really pleased with the outcome & having worn them two more times since their last outing they've become a firm favourite for the foreseeable future.  Now having said that I love to wear dresses!  But they just aren't all that practical are they, especially when picking up the grand-kids and crawling about on the floor with them. ha ha 🤣
Today I've gone down the double denim route.  How often do you hear "you shouldn't wear double denim" ?  Well I for one don't care!  It looks okay don't you think and it saves having to look for a suitable alternative jacket eh?  I like the fact it's not actually matching denim, the colours are different so It's not a complete suit is it.

Wearing yellow always brightens my mood.  I have a few tops in this summery shade and it never fails to please me.  I picked this little cami top up in George, bought for a summer holiday I've had fun wearing it through-out the summer over the past couple of years.  It looks fabulous with light blue so these culottes were an easy choice to partner them with.  See when I wore yellow in the past with sunflowers, in all-over yellow &  teamed with stripes.

Nothing new to share here today, just golden oldies from my wardrobe.  The top has been around a good couple of years and the jacket is positively ancient!  I've always wanted to update the jacket, but as there's nothing wrong with this one I wonder what's the point!  I do fancy getting a white one, but as I've not found one yet I'll keep searching.  The necklace is also an old friend, so old I can't remember where it came from!!!  Did I buy it, was it a gift from a friend or did I just acquire it - with my memory we'll just never know! He he he!!

Read all about my mellow yellow sandals here.  These are a standard pair of buckle sandals, which are anything but basic!  The heel is the perfect height, the straps and fastening are in just the right place and who doesn't love yellow!  I'm so pleased these are in my collection!  They slip into so many outfits and are well worthy of the £45 price tag! 

Pale blue and bright canary yellow a combination to love - yay or nay??

Time for the #LINKUP it's #Chicandstylish time.

Favourite blogger from last week is Michelle - Fifty & Fab who's looking divine and fit for the races in her coral dress and complimentary hat - befitting Ascot week.
Not to self:  Buy more dresses.

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Thanks for stopping by today, It means so much to have you here.
My princess took photos for me again, a real budding snapper I think. xx
Do stop back on Monday - when who know's what I'll be sharing with you!!
Bye for now. X



  1. I love blue and yellow together! What a great way to do double denim, and the necklace is the perfect finishing touch! :)

    Our stores here have been open for a while now - a lot of them stayed open the whole way through, but some shut. I've only just started last week venturing out to them - I still think I'll do most of my shopping online, but it's nice being able to go browse! :)

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope that you are having a good week :)

    Away From Blue

  2. I'm impressed with how those jeans turned out Jacqui. I'm tempted to try this. Enjoy shopping, I've already had a visit to TK Maxx the store I've missed the most xx

  3. Love your outfit Jacqui. Your shoes look lovely and great jeans :) I would love some jeans like these. Thanks for hosting.

  4. it is exciting when things start to re-open - does wonders for our well being and inspires hope! Love these cropped flare leg jeans on you!

  5. I love double denim,a rule made to be broken if we're not supposed to do it! Canary yellow looks lovely with denim blue.

  6. Hi Jacqui, that's lovely to be featured, thank you. Loving your yellow top, yellow is growing on me ... it is not a colour I wear much. I am feeling quite fed up today, so much rain, I shouldn't complain really as we have been so fortunate with the sun! Love Michelle x

  7. I love the new length of your culottes! And pairing it with yellow is perfect for summer! You had me laughing describing how you have to pull your leggings up when you are running: that has happened to me before. Hoping to get back to running soon, hoping these shin splints heal sooner rather than later.

  8. Those jeans look fabulous on you! Love the yellow and blue combo! So pretty!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  9. I love a denim on denim look, and nice job on the restyle of your jeans! Hope you have a nice weekend, and thanks for hosting the link up!

  10. I like your double denim look and pairing chartreuse with turquoise is a favorite!

  11. Hi Jacqui!
    I love the pretty blue necklace with the bright yellow, very cheery! I love the pair of wide cropped jeans I have and love the style here too! Your pup is so cute! I look forward to change at some point, this isn't easy! Love the double denim too!
    jess xx

  12. I love double denim, Jacqui! You styled it perfectly. So cute! I am glad you will get to go shopping soon. I actually am experiencing a lot of anxiety about going to public places (I am sharing a bit about that in tomorrow's blog post). I am wondering if others are feeling the same.


  13. I love the denim on denim! This is such a cute outfit!

  14. I am always a fan of double denim and that pop of yellow is so much fun!
    Cheryl Shops |

  15. A Canadian Tuxedo, that is what we call double denim. Great look

  16. I love denim on denim, Jacqui, and that neon top is the perfect pop of color!! It will be nice to shop in person again, but we are going slowly here, too.

    xx Darlene

  17. Oh come on, double denim looks fabulous! You did a brilliant job with those jeans!

  18. Fabulous double denim look Jacqui! I love the turquoise necklace against the yellow top. Hope you have a great weekend!

    Emma xxx


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