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Monday 25 November 2019

Style not Age - Go Back in Fashion.

I'm starting to get excited .... it's nearly time to put the decorations up!!!!
The indoor decorations will be going up within the next week or so & the lights outside possibly one night this week. We've trimmed the hawthorn bush and purchased new lights to cover it.  It's quite a funny sight when hubby and I put them on, no sorry try and put them on, it's like a Laurel and Hardy sketch!  This year he's got an "idea"... watch this space to see if it works!
The last Monday of the month means the latest edition from the ladies of the Style not Age collective.
This month we're re-visiting a theme that I covered a few weeks ago - re-visiting our old clothes!
Hilda was inspired by my post - so set the challenge for us to take up .....
Style not Age go Back in Fashion.
We're showing off our outfits that we've had for over ten years, or even older!  Nearly all of us have something that's been loved, kept & worn, or just been reluctant to ditch!
Is there anything you have that's really old? (excluding bodies and hubby's) - lol.

When I actually worked out how old this trench coat was I was shocked!  The years go by so quickly & it seems like only yesterday I bought it - with Christmas money!!  It was way, way, pre-children way back in 1987, yep '87, so that makes it scarily 32 years old!!!! Blimey I'M STUNNED!

You can probably tell that it's from the 80's - the bat-wing or raglan sleeve.  Other than that there's no giveaway as to the age of my coat.  It's double breasted, has a matching belt, wide lapels and deep reverse split.  It's given good coverage to my dressier dresses for lots of special occasions - I definitely wore it to Esther's brother's christening (he's now in his late 20's).  This is a fabulous option.
It's so old I can't remember how much I paid for it, which is a shame as cost per wear could be pennies!  It's from Principles, a store that's still around, albeit within larger stores - I've bought a couple of dresses from there recently - you may remember this yellow one and this elegant beauty.

It's more of an evening wear than daytime cover-up, probably due to the length - it's too long for me to run about doing shopping and chores, I prefer a short coat or jacket for daily use.

My coat isn't the only old item I'm wearing ... both the boots and bag have been around for a while.  the boots, well I can't remember where or when I bought them, or for that matter how much I paid for them.  I only know I bought them when high heels and pointed toes were fashionable, maybe around fifteen years ago, and back in fashion now, but being rather high I don't tend to wear them very often.
Check these beauties out - I'd wear them in a heartbeat!
Now the bag is a different story - another Christmas present some years back & I use it quite a lot.  After dropping big hints - brown, patent, tote bag, hubby found this one which ticked all my boxes!  This is one I love too.

Now let's take a look at what my friends have styled.

First shall we see what Hilda - Over the Hilda has to offer?  Her classic velvet jacket is over 25 years old, but looks brand new - the stylish studs are bang on trend too!

Anna - Anna's Island Style is sharing her fur coat that like mine and Hilda's pieces have tested the fashion trends & proved to be winners.  Buying good quality for the best price you can afford really will earn it's keep in the long run!  Hop over to see all the details.

Finally take a look at Emma - Style Splash.  Her choice of waistcoat and bag take her back over 15 years!  That's a long time for something to still look amazingly new and still be very much in fashion.  I reckon you'll still be able to wear this for the next fifteen years too Emma!

Thanks for joining me today - let me know what's the oldest thing you have kept hold of.
Esther Ruby took these photos for me ... many thanks to you my sweet. X
Much appreciate your support my friends, catch you again on Thursday for #chicandstylish!
Bye for now. X



  1. Maybe from the eigties but perfect for now. Love this coat on you Jacqui xx

  2. Jacqui a classic trench will always be in fashion. You remind me of a glamorous spy off on a mission to kill. That bag is gorgeous and roomy enough to hold a gun!

    1. Lol, you've guess my previous life Hilda. Thanks for stopping by and giving us the prompt. x

  3. What a great investment piece! A classic trench never goes out of style. Very chic!

    Emma xxx

    1. Really was eh Emma. Thanks for your lovely comments. x

  4. What a great coat...goes to show that a classic trench coat really never goes out of style! It is as absolutely perfect and relevant today just as it was 32 years ago! Such an awesome piece to keep for all these years!


  5. This trench is AMAZING- I can't believe it's over 30 years old! It's perfect for right now and you've kept it in beautiful condition!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. I love that you've had this coat that long. It's definitely a perfect example of how classic it is.

  7. It's amazing that the trench is over 30 years old Jacqui - it looks good as new! The length is fab for the winter, especially for wearing over longer party dresses. Wasn't this a great challenge?

  8. Great trench and I adore that you've had it so long--- I love my longer length jackets.

  9. What a beautiful coat! it's impressive you've had it so long - I definitely don't have anything that old in my wardrobe, unless you count the vintage bag I have that's older than me, everything else is definitely younger than me, haha!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! A new link up is live on my blog now, I'd love you to join again!

    Hope that you had a wonderful weekend :) We decorated our house for Christmas, which always makes me happy! I posted my Annual Handbag Gift Guide if you want to check it out :)

    Away From Blue


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