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Monday 26 August 2019

Style not Age - Purple Reign!

Good morning my friends.
Hope you're all happy.
Not long now till the schools return, the mornings are cooler, nights draw in and our wardrobe selection changes.  The shops are already filling their rails with new season clothes and it will be good to see the warmer pieces and different shades we'll be musing over.  Have you purchased anything for Autumn yet?  Do spill the beans in the comments section my friends. x
I'm blogging with my three companions from Style Not Age collective today, it's the August installment & our challenge was set by Emma.

Purple Reign.
Her choice whilst initially had me feeling excited though once checking through my wardrobe I realised I had one blouse in my wardrobe that had a hint of purple in it!  I've had to start from scratch and find a whole outfit that would work.
I headed over to T K Maxx early Saturday morning and had a rummage around the whole store finding a few pieces that could work, but settled on a smashing purple graphic tee (you might remember I've been wanting more of them after buying this out of office tee and my Zara face).
I also bought a super stretchy dress and some very sassy snakeskin boots as well - well I'm forward thinking for Autumn - and this post, so that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

So let's tell you a little about my outfit.  Apart from the odd day here and there it's been way too hot to wear jeans, so it was nice to look through mine and pick out the best for the job ... namely these New Look crops that I frayed myself. Mine now sold out but these are very similar.  Not totally happy with the length so I may even cut and fray them shorter!

I always liked purple and yellowy shades together since my mum bought some material years ago and was going to make me a dress, both my mum and sister disagreed with me, I felt they looked a pretty picture together - so maybe that's why the dress never turned up - I wonder,  knowing what my mum's like, she's probably still got the material - sorry mum. X
I couldn't find anything to fit that criteria, so seeing that purple and snakeskin is an interesting combination I found myself heading in that direction.

When I realised why I didn't have any purple in my wardrobe I decided to 'Keep it Real' and buy a cheapy top that would fit the bill - it's not a colour I feel confident in and don't think it suits me - what are your thoughts and is it a colour that you wear?

I told you purple and snakeskin go hand in hand, so I also added my over-sized clutch bag into the equation.

T K Maxx have a great collection of interesting and different designer pieces.  I found these delicious Claudia Ghizzani ankle boots that have two attractive buckles on the side.  Faux of course as they have a zip on the other side.  A good sturdy heel will make these even more attractive for both everyday wear and special occasion duty - so a definite bargain for the £20 paid!  Here's a great copy for you.

Emma - Style Splash who picked the title is looking glorious in her purple trousers and complementing patterned shirt.  She's picked out the different tones in her bag, sandals and earrings beautifully - head over to her blog for all the details.

Next shall we take a look at Hilda - Over the Hilda choice.  I must say twitt-twoo to you Hilda, sporting those amazing legs in your purple suit you look stunning - tell me where exactly can I buy a pair of those??

Last but by no means least what has Anna - Anna's Island Style chosen?  Having the same problem as me with only one piece of purple to her name, she's really pulled it out the bag pairing it with a stylish pair of floral trousers.  With it looking so good maybe you should add more of this shade to your collection my friend.

Catch my Style Here....

Thanks for stopping by today - we love your support.  Our next installment will be on 30th September and will fall into my hands - hope to see you popping back then too.
Hugs to Emily for taking these photos today - much appreciated. 💋
Bye for now. X


  1. Love those boots Jacqui. I wonder if I can find them in my local. Everyone has done this challenge so well. Purple would have been hard for me xx

    1. Aren't they fabulous Laurie, It started off quite a challenge, but turned out okay in the end. x

  2. 'Purple' - such a difficult colour, you either love or loathe it! I am pretty much on the fence with this as I have had dresses in the past this colour but when I look in my wardrobe now there is not a single item in purple. However, I do love the boots, what a great find. Have a lovely day. Regards Jill stylishatsixty

    1. Yes Jill a really hard colour to wear - think we've all pulled it off though. I'm in love with the boots and look forward to the weather changing so I can wear them for longer. x

  3. I love this colour on you Jacqui! The T-shirt looks fab with the jeans and snakeprint boots!

    Emma xxx

    1. Thanks so much Emma, not convinced it's one for me, but the t-shirt is a keeper so I will be wearing it again for sure. x

  4. I am not convinced about purple either, but I did love the suit. I really like those boots Jacqui...a great find. xxx

    1. We feel the same, so glad I've only got a tee shirt - I will wear that again I'm sure. x

  5. I think purple looks wonderful on you! I was able to wear jeans yesterday as it was cooler: but it is warming up in the next few days =(

  6. I totally love your casual styling of purple here Jacqui. The slogan tee was the perfect answer to this tricky challenge. Does anyone really wear purple these days? Not often, that's for sure!

    1. Anna, thanks so much - we agree on this - it was a hard challenge! Thanks for stopping by. x

  7. I think you look great in purple! I have a few purple pieces in my wardrobe but not too much. I like to wear a lot of blue and find it goes well with that which is why I have the pieces I do!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :) I just posted this week's linkup, I'd love you to join again! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    Away From Blue

    1. Thank you Mica, glad you could stop by. Hope you're having a good new season - is the weather getting better and hotter? xx


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