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Friday 11 November 2016

Still wearing my Levis.

Hello ladies.

Today I'm wearing my Levis jeans.
Ladies Levis having been around for over 80 years, you can definitely say they are well and truly on the fashion map, having inspired women the world over to have freedom in fashion. There's nothing that hasn't been achieved wearing Levis, women have travelled the world, become icons, succeeded in business and strutted their stuff on the danced floor. 
All I can say about mine is that they give me a darn good shape!

Pulling on my Levis jeans for the first time in ages was such a joy.   I'd almost forgotten how satisfying they are to wear.  Fitting just below the waist, hugging my hips, behind and legs they feel like a second skin.  Worth the extra pennies I paid for them.  A straight leg is very complimentary and makes a great change to the skinnies I would normally wear.
Levis jeans are not just suited to the young set, they are universal with no criteria as to who can or can't wear them - I shall wear mine for as long as they fit me, and then I'll buy some more! Ha! 

I'd teamed these with a basic v neck long line jumper that is so soft to touch, long enough so's not to ride up above my waist - this will sound so old, but I like to have a warm back!
Picking from my selection of much loved scarfs I opted for this delicate cream, blue and beige number, joining together the colours of my outfit in a subtly, understated way.  An outfit suited for the daily chores of a blogger over 50!

As you know I do love a scarf, but upon reflection I feel I've 'slipped' back in to my old ways of wearing only 3 colours!  This will have to rectified, and soon! Lol.

Linking with Shelbee on the edge.

Happy after an afternoon of 'proper' photography with my personal 'paparazzo' Esther Ruby, so stay tuned  in the next few weeks for some greats shots of some even greater outfits!

Enough of me today it's wine o'clock, so I'll see you in the weekend.

Cheerio. X
           Jacqui B.



  1. You look lovely in them, Jacqui, they are THE classic jeans, the cut never dates. I remember how excited I was when I got my first pair of Lady Levis. I was about 17-18 and I had to save up for weeks. I was so excited. I also had a pair of beige Levi cords so that was another big save-up. Of course I used to dress to show the red tag, that HAD to be seen as I was so proud of them!
    Back then things were so much more expensive, relatively, and any purchase started with putting money aside each week.
    See how your jeans post has taken me back to my youth!

    1. Sad to say these were my first and only Levis! I can remember saving up for a pair of 'spray on' turquoise stretch 'sasparilla' jeans - I loved them and wore them with a silk blouse that was my sister's! Yes Mary things did seem to be so much more expensive in the old days! Whenever my girls go out they HAVE to buy a new outfit each and every time! Glad I've made you reminisce. Thanks for stopping by. x

  2. Love this look, Jacqui! Comfortable, stylish and I'm with you! I like my back to be warm too. That is part of the reason I wear tanks under most outfits in the winter. Love the scarf. I would wear this look out for a day of running around or just taking my Grandson to McDonalds. Stylish, but comfy. Thanks fro sharing. -Amy

    1. So glad you like this Amy, very casual indeed! Thanks for stopping by Hun. x

  3. Iv'e been wearing one pair of my Levis for over twenty years! And there's still a lot of wear left in them! I totally agree with you Jacqui Levis are the best and actually made with real denim! The old ones with no stretch are b far the best. x

    1. I bet they still look just as good one you Laurie. May have to put some on my Christmas list. ;-) x


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