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Tuesday 1 November 2016

Happy 1st November.

Morning all.

It sure does seem like the 1st November when I took a look outside this morning.  Crisp cold air met my face in a cooling, soothing way.  The dew on the grass left a fine sheen and the mushrooms popping up to greet the pale sky looked inviting, but I know from previous experience they are not to be eaten, but are poisonous! 
Hubby and I found them last year too, looking the perfect fungi, but upon a little research we found that when scraped or marked an ugly yellow appeared - not good, not to be eaten!  How do you rid your garden of such unwelcome blight? Anyone got any ideas?

On to today, I got up very excited to have my hair coloured, coiffed and teased today, but have gotten the dates wrong - it's tomorrow!  Pony tail it is then.
Have a million and one jobs to do now (slight exaggeration) so not much time for blogging today.

So is it safe to mention the 'c' word yet??  She's says hiding behind the sofa in fear of flying cushions!
It will be everywhere (if not already) now Halloween has been and gone.  Yes, about Halloween - I've got treats in the cupboard patiently waiting for eager hands to fill their baskets and bags but no-one visited!!  I'm positive they won't stay in there for long, someone's going find them!  How was your Halloween?  Some of the photos I've spotted on social media are amazing, real true talent out there.

Today's look is rather laid-back, I just pulled on my old faithful default skinnies from H and M, along with my navy turtle neck jersey tunic from the Matalan sale, with a long line cardi over the top, great for the running around today.  This was all linked in with a 'go to' scarf to liven up my look.  This beauty was for Christmas last year from a selection that Mango were offering in their pre-season sale.
You know the scenario "I'd like that from someone for Christmas, If I go and look over there, perhaps someone can by it for me" hint, hint. lol.  Does that happen to anyone else??

How do you like my Autumnal Wreath?  I've been seeing these all over the blogs and IG accounts lately, but can't seem to find anything locally,  they are truly beautiful, bringing a touch of the woods to your door-step.  So I decided to have a go myself!
This afternoon I managed to 'throw together' - (clearly it actually took me ages!) this one.  I collected some pieces from a local shop, twinned them together with tape and ribbon, making a couple of bows along the way, and voila my hard work looks half acceptable. What-do-ya-reckon?

OK off to prepare dinner, but don't forget to visit tomorrow, as I can finally let you in on my secret!
Until then, a rather excited fashion blogger for the over 50's signing off...

       Jacqui B.



  1. Oh Jacqui, you really do know how to tease your readers. I am going to be standing on your ether doorstep tomorrow to hear your news!
    I'm impressed with your wreath. Are the leaves real? They look so lovely. You did well!

  2. I know, I know! lol. Thank you Mary, they are three separate stems of artificial leaves, twigs and berries, interspersed with real leaves and ribbon. Really would of liked corn or grass but couldn't find any. Pleased with how it's turned out. Jacqui

  3. Your wreath turned out fantastic Jacqui!!
    Can't wait to hear the news!

    1. Thank you Jodie, please with how it turned out! News on blog as we 'speak' let me know what you think.x

  4. Beautiful wreath! Great job!

    And I LOVE your scarf! Such pretty colors & fabulous pattern!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. Thanks Andrea, quite pleased with myself! Hurrah for scarves eh? x

  5. That wreath is very impressive Jacqui. I love a bit of creative diy.

    1. Thanks Laurie, so pleased with how it turned out. Whilst reading all the blogs from America I keep seeing these adorning the front doors, so wanted to have my own. Hope you're well. x

  6. I love how your beautiful wreath turned out! I'm also loving your scarf - pretty color combo!

    Doused In Pink

    1. Thanks so much Jill, really happy how it turned out. Loving my scarfs now the season is in full swing, they really pull items together making them a complete outfit!


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