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Wednesday 25 May 2016

Wednesday - planning for the weekend.

So as my title suggests I'm away for the weekend to Cornwall.
Off on a visit with family to see family.
I wonder what the weather will be like?  Last visit it rained and rained, so completely a very watery weekend was had.  Let's hope It's not going to be the same. (However, note to self take an umbrella or  raincoat!)
Going to try and pack 'light' this time, I always seem to pack way too much and my stylish idea of one overnight bag and one handbag turns into both of these and a plastic carrier bag with an extra pair of shoes, a wrap and extra make-up!  WON'T happen this time.

So here goes, first idea...
Two pairs of Jeans
One Jumper
One Dress
Extra Blouse
Two T Shirts
Baseball Trainers
Two Scarfs
Going out Shoes

Second idea...
One pair of Jeans
One pair of Trousers
Two T Shirrts
Two Dresses
One Jumper
One Scarf
One Pair Dressy shoes
One Blouse

Let's see how this pans out!!

Anyhow, back to today. Styling my new little purchase - much inspired Stripy Palazzo F & F trousers.
I choosen a plain white T shirt from good old Matalan, with H & M black blazer to keep it simple, Splashing a bit of colour with this gorgeous blue, white and green necklace, this was so difficult for me because I just wanted to match with any one of my pearl necklaces to keep with my normal monochrome look.  So I have tried - and what do you think?
The trouble is I don't really have many statement coloured pieces, eg bags, jackets, cardigans,  Will keep this in mind on my next shopping spree!

Hope you like how I've styled these fabulous striped palazzo trousers,

Why not nip over to see The pleated Poppy Linkup Here, and Today I am linking up with Tania on Wednesday’s Wardrobe. where you can visit  loads of brilliant blogs to get some amazing ideas.

Bye for today.X



  1. I love the palazzo pants! I have a pair very similar that I wore earlier on the blog. You did a great job styling them, the necklace really pops. Thanks for joining my first link-up.
    Tania @

    1. Thank you Tania, and I just saw that blog, they are super. Your welcome it's good to linkup with everyboby who loves fashion and blogs..x

  2. The palazzo pants are gorgeous! love the way you put the whole look together! and that statement necklace - brilliant - adds just the right amount of colour. Thank you for visiting High Heeled Life.

  3. Thank you celia, we all have our own way of wearing outfits, but it's so nice to see how others do it, and they certainly give me ideas..xx

  4. Love the stripe pants, they are so flattering and look great with your black jacket and fab necklace.

  5. Thank you so much Nora, appreciate your comments when you always look so lovely, thanks for stopping by..xx

  6. You bought them ! They look fabulous. Love the necklace too x

    1. Yep finally, I love them, but they are a bit long so I need to wear heels. Taking them away with me to cornwall..Hope yoy're well laurie, have a lovely weekend..x


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