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Tuesday 3 May 2016

I won't wear jeans for the next few days!!

Far too many days I've been wearing jeans recently, so for the next few days I'm just not going to! Oh blimey there I've said it, can I stick to it?  I don't know about you but jeans are my primary and sometimes only item that I'll choose to wear.  They're just so easy to pull on, mix and match other garments with, suitable for running around it, I just love them and I have to admit I've probably got about ten pairs that I regularly wear.  Oh dear, this may prove to be more difficult than I imagined!

OK, what can I wear then?
I have got quite a few, but to be honest I hate wearing tights with them , they always end up falling down and becoming very uncomfortable.  I've tried many different makes and styles, but always seem to have the same outcome,  I do like wearing a thicker maybe 40 denier opaque tight, but feel this always make the outfit more suitable for winter.  I will try this option though.

Patterned trousers.
Plenty of styles are hanging in my wardrobe now, from wide leg printed to Capri flowery patterned, with a couple of plain straight legs thrown in.  Lets see how many I can style.

Well, I have got some great casual dresses, which can come out to play, so long as the weather is being kind to me, maybe paired with leggings if it's not playing fair!

White Jeans - should I consider them jeans? No I'm going to sneak those in as a definite alternative to boring denim jeans.

OK lets see how I get on with this little test.  Back with photos later in the week!
Please feel free to comment what you all like to wear instead of denim jeans or do you wear them at all?  I'd love to hear from you.

Checked out some amazing blogs today via the blog linkup with elegantlydressedandstylish.
Well worth a visit to check out new styles, inspiration to choose different outfits, along with some fun insights as to how other ladies manage their days.

Until tomorrow bye bye for now.X

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