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Tuesday 19 April 2016

Hello Lovely Ladies..x

Hope everyone's all well and good on this lovely Tuesday morning.

Gym class for me today, although not sure I'm feeling it at the moment, do you have those days when you really don't want to go?  I'm a little like that now so maybe it's time for a change!  What are you all doing today? Any gym classes?

Have got a couple of holidays coming up next month, along with birthdays either side I'm thinking it's going to be a busy few weeks.  Have a weekend boating with four friends that will be fun filled and Prosecco fuelled for sure.  Won't be needing many clothes as It's only a couple of days but here's what I'm planning on taking;

  • New Baseball trainers,
  • Two pairs of jeans.
  • Two jumpers cream and red
  • Plain scarf
  • Old faithful Uggs, yes Uggs apologies for this.
  • Two T shirts
  • PJ's Fluffy Jumper
  • Smart Blouse 
  • Waterproof Jacket
Only changes I may need to make is if the weather decides to get really hot, and you never know in good old England it could happen!

OOTD  today is casual Leggings, Black long line T shirt Chiffon flower patterned long length blouse, all from TK Max and are old season.  Hope you've enjoyed some sunshine today - It's been glorious here today and started me a-thinking about summer and another holiday to sort clothes for. Yippee!

Until tomorrow Ladies..Bye Bye..X


  1. The floral print is lovely! If you get a chance I would love to you stop by my blog and add this post to my fashion blogger link up. I think my readers would really like your style!

  2. Thank you so much, I'd be so happy to do this - be great to check out some more blogs..xx


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