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Monday 27 May 2024

Style Not Age Show French Girl Style.

Good morning, or should I say Bon Jour!
Hope your week is going well, it’s half term here so I’m bound to see more of the grandkids this week. 

As it’s the last Monday of the month, it’s time to checkout what the Style Not Age collective is doing. 

Our prompt this month fell into the hands of Gail, she’s chosen …

French Girl Style. 

I’ve been pondering this prompt for ages, looking at Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and inspiration and have come to the conclusion it’s more about how you wear something rather than the outfit. French girls seem to wear clothes that are looser, but not baggy and defo not tight or too fitted! So getting started on my look was a bit difficult. 

I’ve been thinking uncomplicated styles with a flashy statement bag and minimal jewellery, maybe earrings, bracelet but no necklace etc. I’ve also tried to keep my outfit simple - less is definitely more!

It’s a Chanel style with a pepper pot of colours finished in a striking black edging.

This wasn’t the first choice as I’d bought new trousers for the challenge, with a busy week and weekend I’d been unable to take any photographs so resorted to this photo taken previously. Once I’d studied it I soon found it fitted the bill nicely, so et voila here it is!

Trousers, well you’ve seen them before on numerous occasions, the wide leg styles are so ‘in fashion’ now, but for me they’ve always been a firm favourite. A timeless fashion that always looks graceful and elegant,  you’ll do well to add a pair to your wardrobe this season. They’ll carry you through all the year, weather permitting!

Now this little top is a wonderful addition and came to me as a present for my birthday. It was among other pieces for Summer and I’m really pleased with it. It’s sleeveless and is semi fitted in a ribbed effect fine knit. It’s great for days when a jacket can be worn but you don’t want to be too hot! It’s also a mischievous little top that looks gold/brown but teamed with my tan trousers looks green - what do you think it is?

My chic cropped jacket is a very French inspired look. It’s a Chanel style with a pepper pot of colours finished in a striking black edging. Really makes it stand out doesn’t it. 

Because I felt the outfit was busy enough I didn’t want to add a big bag into the equation, trying to keep the less is more vibe and opting for my little crossbody bag which, even though it’s black, blended in beautifully. 

I matched boots to my trousers, therefore keeping a smooth line, elongating my legs even more - long wide leg trousers work a treat for this complementary feel - do try it out!

First up is Anna. I’ve literally fallen in love with this outfit and dreamy setting. You really did pull this one of of that marvellous bag my friend. Do go see more of this delicious look on Anna’s Island Style. 

Next it’s Hilda’s turn. What better colours than cream and red, almost patriotic too Hilda. Love it. See all the details on the blog Over the Hilda. 

Gail - Is This Mutton opted for chic slim trousers and long line jacket, simple yet very stylish, the colour is soothing and relaxing too, I can see Gail sitting outside a Parisian Bistro in this. 

Last but by no means least it’s Emma’s outfit. You can find all the backstory of Emma’s look on her blog Style Splash. The scarf you’ve added Emma, is the epitome of French Girl style and sealed the deal for me - it’s a stunning look. 

Thanks for stopping by, do take a good look at my four fellow bloggers choices - all very different but I think we nailed the challenge … oui?
Bye for now. X



  1. Such a stylish combination Jacqui! I love your jacket!

    Emma xxx

  2. Great look and fab jacket. Perfect Chanel vibe.

  3. Jacqui, you're so chic and utterly elegant in this ensemble - and very trim too if I may say so!

  4. Tres chic indeed Jacqui and so very trim too!


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