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Thursday 23 February 2023

My New Jogger Set - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Hello how are you?
Hope you're doing okay.

I'm a very happy Mummabstylish because my new build is underway and starting to look like a house.
The builders have gotten us to first floor level and the next step of steels and floor joists is in the lap of my hubby David.  He's a very talented man and can turn his hand to lots of things.  We've built our own house before and he's also helped build many homes under the help & guidance of a good friend. It's exciting for him to project build our own property and what he doesn't know he finds out and usually ends up doing it very well.  
If you'd like to see the progress so far do follow along on my other IG account purely for the new build in our garden.   I hope you'll agree my enthusiasm is founded!

I've hardly bought any new clothes recently, have you? I've been waiting for the Spring styles to arrive.  I'm excited to see what's going to be included and have yet to see what's creeping into the shops and haven't actually seen anything online either.  Do tell if you've got anything new yet! 
I have, however, bought myself a lovely trouser suit.  It's actually beige!  I know, I know I should be steering away from shades like this, as I don't want to become invisible.  I do have big plans for it though.  I fancy styling it with bright bold accessories like orange or green and have some stunning additions to style it with already.  Do watch out for this one, I'm sure it's going to be a winner.  Until I share it, do let me show off a wonderful jog suit I bought recently, it's from H & M as well!

I've long admired this style from afar.  I've shunned wearing anything young and fashionable like this for fear of looking ... well just wrong!  Anyway I finally decided to get this one from H & M a couple of weeks ago and picked the perfect day to wear it earlier this week when it was a tad warmer with a bit of sunshine to boot. My daughters gave me lots of encouragement too, saying how good it looked on and that I looked like a 'trendy mum/nan' lol!

Stated as a wide leg jogger, It's not a traditional cuffed leg style but has a wide leg that's sits at just the right length on the boot or trainer.  It has a drawstring fastening on the waist which can be cinched in for a more flattering finish, or left looser to fit on the hips for a more relaxed feel.  The length is perfect on me and I figured I could also thread some elastic around the hem which would give it the typical pulled-in-at-the-ankle finish - both are brilliant looks for the season too.  Both top and bottom are still available and priced at £17.99 for joggers and £19.99 for the hoodie a bargain tracksuit if ever I saw one and it's sure to get plenty of wear, I know mine will. 

Now the matching jogger top is also a traditional style, but as it's a more boxy shape that's on trend at the moment. It also lends itself to having layers over or under it -  I wore it recently over a little camisole, but I plan to wear it with my gilet for extra warmth or my cream trench coat on cooler days.

I have to add I'm really pleased with the style of this jogger, it has a drawstring on the bottom of the hooded top and I pulled it in tightly creating a more feminine look.  It balanced out the outfit neatly as did the chunky boots.  I pulled on my cream Deichmann pair that I bought for skiing.  They have a good sturdy sole with a nice heel that's some 3.8 cm high.  Having higher heels on boots, for me, keep them a little less masculine - which I much prefer to wear.  

The cross body bag works brilliantly with this outfit, keeps it nice and casual.  A great look for shopping, running errands or a trip out with the grandkids when you need both hands to get stuck in at the park! Ha ha ha. 🛝

Time for a party?  It's Chicandstylish #LINKUP time. 

Last weeks best blogger is Claire - Claire Justine, who's teasing us with some Summer shots of a floaty dress in the sunshine, let's hope it's not too long until we're all wearing this kind of style.

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Thanks for being here with me today, much appreciate your continued support.
Have a fun week, do let me know what you're getting up to.
Cheerio for now. X


  1. You do indeed look like a 'trendy mum/nan' in this ensemble, Jacqui. Not only does the ensemble suit you so very well, your choice of footwear was fantastic too. I can imagine your excitement about the building of your new home. Any chance you might share a sketch of the floor plans on your IG?


  2. I can imagine how exciting the new built is. Its fabulous when you get the chance to do that. Love your look, and it looks very good on you.

  3. Exciting times ahead for you Jacqui. The track suit looks so comfortable too xx

  4. I have started using my crossbody bags as a part of my outfit - they really break things up nicely. This set looks so comfortable and chic!

  5. So exciting your new house is underway! Love this set! You look so cozy chic!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. I really like the neutral color you chose and the hoodie type top. I haven't been wearing my joggers much lately!

  7. Lovely co-ords, looks cosy and stylish x

  8. I love your new jogger set, Jacqui. I live in mine at the minute. I like to be warm and cosy. Thank you so much for sharing my post too. xx

  9. What a cute set! Looks so cozy too.


  10. I love the shape of both the top and bottoms. I live in casuals.

  11. Your new build sounds very exciting! Love the wide leg joggers with the slouchy top - they look fab on you. I think we have been thinking along similar lines as i have recently bought some leisurewear with my christmas vouchers and went for the same thing. they are so comfortable and warm, love them. Wish i hadn't waited so long to buy some. Enjoy your weekend.
    Alison xx

  12. I am also very eager to start shopping for spring. Lighter colors like your matching set are a great way to transition!
    Cheryl Shops |

  13. I think you look quite cozy, comfortable, and absolutely chic in your jogger set, Jacqui! You are so lucky to be so close with your daughters...I envy you that. I will check out your other Instagram as I love to be nosy and see what people are doing! Thanks so much for the link party. Please join me for one on my Friday (probably already Saturday for you) and Monday!

  14. Fab tracksuit! It looks very comfy and cosy. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Emma xxx

  15. I don't think you'll be invisible in that suit! It definitely stands out! Looks so comfy. Funny how the 90s styles are coming back now. Just followed you on Instagram!

  16. Love the crossbody bag with your sweatsuit. Looks stylish and comfy! win win!
    jess xx


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