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Thursday 13 May 2021

At home with .....Nancy - Nancy's Fashion Style - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Morning all.
Hope you are all okay.

I'm sharing another fabulous blogger with you today.  You can find out more about Nancy - Nancy's Fashion Style further down.  She's an exciting blogger from Netherlands and blogs about her passion for fashion & style.  It's always nice to hear more about our blogging friends so hope you'll enjoy her post.

First I'll tell you a little about my week.  I'm getting really excited at the opening of my gym classes next week along with my dance lessons later on in May.  I've still be doing the couch to 5K app and have been working my way through the runs, re-visiting some if I've had a few days off.  I feel much better for going, but it's hard work and I'm not particularly fast! However I keep telling myself I'm over-taking the people still on the sofa (sorry if that's you)!
I've been looking for a new suite this week, mine is looking very sad and in need of being replaced.  I've seen a few that I like, but will need to take hubby and hope we can come to some sort of agreement.  We usually have very similar opinions, but will have to see if he likes any of my choices! 
It's my birthday on Saturday and like last year I've chosen to have my local favourite Wheelers Oyster Bar supply the dinner - the menu sounds amazing if you'd like to take a look at this renowned fish restaurant, it will make your mouth water for sure.  It'll be a busy weekend with two birthday's to follow mine so there'll be plenty of fizz & cake consumed I fear hope. 😜 

Well enough about my birthday let's get involved with finding out about Nancy. X

When did you start your blog and why?
  • I started Nancy's Fashion Style in 2015.  I had about 8 months prior to this blog another blog, which was more of a try out.  I started to blog because I had to stop working because of my lung disease.  That was in 2012.  After I had coped with that I knew I needed to do something to fill my days with.  I always worked in fashion, fashion is my passion, and I love to write.  So a blog was born!

Where do you live and have you always lived there?
  • I live in the Netherlands.  Always have and always lived in the area I live in.  I was born in Arnhem, but live now for about 30 years in a village near Arnhem.  But you know where my heart is!  In the UK!  Sussex to be precise.  But I also love Somerset a lot.  I have been to the UK about 33 times and I really want to live there, in fact, I wished I was British!

I know you like to come to the UK and love to visit Rye, please give us an insight why you like it and what other places do you visit?
  • I was 14, 15 and 16 I went with my parents to the UK and that was it!  I have the feeling I belong there.  If I would believe in a previous life, I just know I lived in the UK!  I love Rye, that town makes me feel I belong there.  But we always visit Brighton too, I just love the vibe of that city and I do love Hastings.  But gosh there are so many beautiful towns in the UK.  Lewes, Burnham-on-sea, Bath and Lyndhurst!  I love the New Forest too, it's amazing there!  I can talk for hours of all the gorgeous places!

Do you have a favourite piece of clothing?  Why do you like it so much
  • Well that varies, I love to wear skirts and dresses.  I would say a black wide midi/maxi skirt is my favourite.  I have always loved black clothing and a skirt is so easy to wear.  I hate it when I "feel" my clothes.. I have more to worry about than over the clothes I wear.  At the moment I am totally into sneakers!  I wear them with everything.  I think a favourite item varies from season to season.  My green pleated skirt will be one of my favourites this season!  But them again ... I do have a black skirt and dress coming up my way!!!

You like to wear dresses and skirts, can you tell us your style.
  • I always find that such a difficult question.  Because other people can see you totally different as you see yourself.  I hope my style is coll, elegant - it's classic with a twist I think.  I like contrasts in an outfit.  Think pencil skirt with biker boots.  Elegant dress with leather jacket, that kind of style.  I wear darker colours, I'm an Autumn type, always golden accessories, never silver.  I like statement earrings a lot.  Do you get the picture?

What is your idea 3 course meal.
  • Ha Ha, oh my word.  I love food and I like almost everything!  Let me think ... for starters, something with scallops.  For main, I really don't know, I love seafood.  I am not such a meat eater and if I do it has to be organic.  For dessert, I am not a dessert fan but .... I had the best sticky toffee pudding in Rye and I do love a cheese board.  For drinks I want to start with an Expresso Martini, the best cocktail ever!  I want a coffee with chocolates after, or is that the 4th course?      Of course you can have a 4th course Nancy. 🤎🤎

You have a natural flair for fashion, are you self taught or did you learn at college?
  • Oh thank you very much, I don't think so myself but I take that as a huge compliment!  I was crazy about shoes since I was a child and I mean a very young child.  At the age of four I knew exactly that I wanted black patent shoes!  When I was about 12 I was very interested in designers like Dior and Chanel.  In my early 20's I had my clothes custom made and I wished I still had those outfits, I designed it myself.  Well, didn't draw it but told the tailor what I wanted and he made it.  I bought the fabric and buttons and all, it was a very different outfit and I loved them. Later I worked in fashion, being a shop manager, providing sales training to other shops and trained people to become shop managers.

Do you have any hobbies - can you share with us what they are!
  • Blogging!  That is really my passion.  I love to be busy with that.  I also work out a lot which is necessary for me, but I also love to do it!  I love to hang out with friends and eat together & throw dinner parties!  I also love to do things with Gerben, my partner for almost 30 years.  We have a lot of fun together!

Can you give any new bloggers some tips - what helped you when you started blogging?

  • Most important thing is to be yourself!  The most interesting blogs are the ones from women who look the same in real life as the do on their blog!  You have to be happy with it, don't do it for the wrong reasons.  Don't think you will be the next influencer when you published your first post, don't think you will earn money.  Do it because you love to write and engage with other bloggers!  Do it because it is your passion.  The most uninteresting blogs are the ones where you can't read what the blogger wrote because of all the adds, or bloggers who are not really interested.  You can pick them out so easily!

What bloggers do you admire - please tell us about them.

  • The ones that are real women!  And are supportive.

Many, many thanks for sharing and being so open Nancy.  I'm sure all the old and new readers will love to hear more about you my friend and I'll look forward to when you can visit the UK again and we can hopefully meet up!

You can see more from Nancy on Instagram


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Many thanks for stopping by today,  hope you'll have a peak at Nancy's blog too.
Will catch you on Monday  Did I mention it's my birthday weekend so I'll have lots to tell you my friends. 😍
Have a super weekend my friends.
Bye for now. X



  1. Wonderful interview, girls! Nancy I like your ideal meal - I would start with scallops too, although I've never tried an expresso martini!
    Suzy xx

    1. Thanks so much Suzy, so nice to hear more from her. x

  2. Thank you for giving us insights about Nancy. I like her style a lot and seldom miss her posts

    1. So kind it was nice to share more from her. x

  3. That was so fun to read more about, Nancy! She is such an amazing woman and I honestly would consider her my best blogging friend! Now if only I could get to the UK (I have always wanted to visit but never had the opportunity) and meet up with Nancy there as well as all of my wonderful UK blogging friends! Wouldn't that be fun?!


    1. Fab isn't she. Many thanks for your lovely comments. Oh that would be fun wouldn't it! Maybe one day that will happen. x

  4. Oh, I forgot to wish you a very happy birthday, Jacqui! I hope you have the best weekend ever!


  5. Nancy is one of my favorites! So fun to learn more about her!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

    1. Many thanks for stopping by Jill, I loved featuring Nancy. x

  6. Nancy is a lovely blogger and I agree with her words so much - I like the kind of blogs where people aren't pretending and are just being themselves! :)

    Thanks for the link up :)

    Hope you are having a good day :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Isn't she brilliant Mica, love seeing and learning all about her.. x

  7. I adore Nancy, so happy you shared her here!

  8. I love Nancy! She's the best!

  9. Great to learn more about Nancy. I love her style and she's so inspiring.

    1. So interesting isn't she Gail. Really happy to feature her. x

  10. Happy early Birthday!!


  11. I so enjoyed this post! I always think it is interesting when we want to live where others live. I wouldn't mind living in Europe again but am grateful for my 14 years in France. Love Nancy, she is one of my favorite and I always enjoy her Tuesdays post which give us a little insight into her life.

  12. Another lovely introduction! I too am trying to re-start my exercise, I was doing really well with my PT and then overwhelm took over and I lapsed! So trying to embrace the lighter early mornings! Michelle x

  13. Have a wonderful birthday and I was just on Nancy's blog and excited to see more of her here!


  14. I loved learning more about Nancy! She is such an authentic person and just seems like so much fun! I already knew she LOVES England!! Lol! Have a lovely birthday celebration, Jacqui!

    xx Darlene

  15. I love Nancy's style! We collaborate once a month for the Thrifty Six and it's always so fun.

    Miles of smiles,

  16. Oh I love Nancy!! And what a great interview- loved learning more about her. I completely agree with just being who you are as a blogger- so important to be genuine. If I don't get to speak to you here or on Insta, wouldn't want to miss wishing you the Best Birthday on Saturday! Enjoy my friend xx

  17. Nancy is absolutely fabulous! I love her style! Happy Birthday Jacqui!

  18. Really lovely interview with Nancy! And kudos to you doing the couch to 5K! I’ve never done well with running and admire those who can do it. Sounds like you have fabulous birthday plans!


  19. What a wonderful way to share about other bloggers. Nancy is a real gem and a woman with a keen sense of style. I hope you have a fabulous birthday, Jacqui.


  20. I love Nancy and have been following her for years! Hope you had a lovely birthday, Jacqui!
    Cheryl Shops |

  21. Great feature! Love her style! And thank you for hosting this link up!

    Life is a Shoe

  22. Thank you so much for the feature Jacqui, that was a wonderful surprise when I scrolled down! It's great to find out more about bloggers, Nancy is one of my favourites, I love her style!

    Emma xxx

  23. Thank you Jacqui for featuring Nancy, it was so interesting to read more about her. I relate in many ways! I also started a blog due to having to quit work due to a disease. I also love dresses and her 4 course meal was someting I would totally go for! I dont eat red meat and love love seafood. I find working out also a necessity, as weak muscles can build trigger points more easily, so I use a treadmill and lift weights.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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