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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Guess Who Forgot Their Make-up? - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

Good morning my friends.
How are you all?
With Storm Ciara really taking hold these past few days, the weather has been quite awful really.  Although I haven't been put out at all and have still managed to go about my daily business without any trouble, but it's so blooming cold I just want some nice calm weather to arrive, not sure that will happen because we have Storm Denis on the horizon - oh well my Spring buys will have to wait & I'll just have to put all my jeans, jumpers and boots to good use - which is fortunate as I managed to get the Monsoon boots I'd been after! 😜
If you follow my IG stories you might have seen my huge mistake on my recent holiday skiing in Sestriere.  It wasn't until I was going through security at the airport that I realised I hadn't packed my makeup bag ... not a single thing!  No foundation, no eye-shadow, no concealer or any brushes!  I was so mad, the only thing I had hidden in my bag was an old lipstick that had just about nothing left!  Guess where I spent the next half hour!  Yes looking for replacements!  I managed to get away with the minimum amount along with a lovely set of brushes (hubby said I'd done it on purpose - lol)  Read on to find what I did buy - along with my favourite bottle of perfume Donna by Valentino. 😃

This is a sponsored post.

On Saturday night I'm out to a house party (ohh that sounds young eh?) It's a family birthday so will be spending the night at their house having fun.  As you all know I love to dress up and nearly always wear a dress.  I'm a big fan of 'going to town' when I go out, always have done.  It's all about the hair, make-up, dress and accessories.  These intriguing Magnetic False Eyelashes from False Eyelashes will be making an appearance, as long as I can get them on. There's a strip for the top and one underneath - they sit around the top lash and stay in place because of the magnetic strip.  Included is a complimentary applicator to make the job easier however they have been tricky to say the least but once on - they stay on! I like the fact there's no messy glue with them and they just simply slip them off when you've finished wearing them & you can re-use them which is a big plus!  Complimenting my eye makeup perfectly. (Will load a photo in due course).

It wasn't until I was going through security at the airport that I realised I hadn't packed my makeup bag ... not a single thing

False Eyelashes have a big selection of eyelash enhancements from whispy strip lashes to full on voluminous minx lashes.  They sell everything you can imagine for the eyes and eyebrows, makeup brushes, eyelash curlers you name it they have it!

I try to always use some kind of foundation, be it a full coverage, tinted day cream or a slick of tinted glow.  My Nivea 24h tinted moisture cream has an SPF 15 in it and is my go-to lots of times.  They have two tones, a light and dark - I buy both, mixing them occasionally to get just the right shade.
I found the best option for the rest of my makeup was this wonderful No 7 Nude to Night Palette - it's got a blusher, bronzer, highlighter and 6 eyeshadows.  It's been nice to work my way around the palette since getting back from skiing.

Another new addition, thanks to me 'forgetting' my beauty bag are these amazing brushes from Eco Tools.  There's an assortment of five brushes, having put all of them to good use, I'm very impressed with them. I have plenty of different brushes on my dressing table, some are really good others are cheaper and not so good.  When I bought these I've had the opportunity to sort through and get rid of the worst ones.  These brushes are 100% cruelty and vegan free. They are soft to touch and really do a great job of making my routine much easier.  Although I'm a little annoyed at the fact I paid just under £20 for mine (at the airport) when these via the link are a mere snip at half the price!!! But I'm really pleased with them and they did help my out in my time of need!

You may remember on my last post I mentioned I'd been looking at some YouTube channels.  Well this product was recommended so I just had to see for myself.  Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Eraser is magnificent.  I've used it on my lips, under eyes, eyelids and cheekbones - it works a treat.  I just dab it on and smooth with my finger tip, it seems to just melt into place.  I'm so happy that my lipstick has stayed on much longer than normal, along with the fact I can trace outside my natural line to add extra depth to my lips.  I also noted both applying extra lip cream and balm AND massaging them throughout the day really improves the look of them - they do look healthier and fuller.

#Chicandstylish #LINKUP time.

Most favourite from last week is ..... Tatiana - My Fabulous Forties.  She's styling a dreamy monochromatic white look.  I really want to copy this style, but just need the pieces to start with!  Watch this space comes to mind.

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  1. I'm so tempted to try these lashes jacqui because I'm allergic to the glue on normal ones. You're not the only one to leave the makeup bag behind either. Isn't it awful when this happens! Mortifying xx

  2. Jacqui I have magnetic eyelashes. Can't get them on. Show me!!!

  3. I would have panicked without my make up bag! You did well finding replacements and I agree with you on that Maybelline concealer, it is great!

  4. My luggage was lost once and I had to go out and buy all new makeup and clothes because I had a work meeting. I've never tried false eyelashes and love the idea of magnetic ones. The age eraser is such a great product!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. At least it was something easily replaced you left behind and nothing important like your passport, haha! I think you did a great job with what you got, all of it looks really useful! :)

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope you're having a nice week :)

    Away From Blue

  6. That is seriously one of my biggest fears...traveling and forgetting all of my makeup! But I use drug store makeup anyway so I guess it is easy enough to replace. Those brushes look great! Mine are about 20 years old and can probably stand to be replaced. I use a lot of Maybelline products and have used the concealers and foundations often. I really like them. They are not too heavy or oily. As far as fake eyelashes, I have worn them once and I love the way they look except they kept hitting my eyeglass lenses which was very annoying! So I probably won’t try them again.


  7. I've been fascinated for ages by 5he idea of magnetic lashes. I forgot my makeup bag on a long weekend in France. Unfortunately I didn't realise until we were at our accommodation, many miles from shops! So I had to go without!

  8. I have forgotten my make up a few times too, it the absolute worst! Love that brush set you got!

    xx, Elise

  9. I’ve never used fake eyelashes, but I sure need them. Thanks for the party.

  10. Thank you so much, Jacqui! I am honored to be featured in your post!


  11. Oh, my goodness. I wouldn't want to forget all my makeup! I generally forget one thing, though, and end up repurchasing it.

  12. Sorry, but I had to laugh when you said you forgot your makeup bag! I seem to always forgot something--despite having set it out or put it on a list. Mascara, medication, foundation--there is something every damn time! It looks like you found some fun new products, though--yay! I tried to buy the Maybelline item, but couldn't get to my Prime from the UK page. Grrr.
    Thanks for sharing your finds~
    xx Darlene

  13. I think you handled that well! I would have had a mini meltdown! Glad you found the items you needed!

  14. I think your plan was just brilliant! I've actually been there and done that and bought a whole new set of makeup. Then I stashed that in my overnight bag so it went with me always. I'd love to try those magnetic eyelashes. I'm always worried about the possibility of a "wardrobe malfunction" and picture them ending up in my soup or something.... I'm with you on Tatiana's all-white look. I love it and may have to copy it! And thank you so much for the linkup!


  15. I've always wanted to try metallic lashes!
    Cheryl Shops |

  16. I went away on a conference once forgetting blusher. I refused to buy a new one and used my lipstick instead. It worked.

  17. Hi Jacqui! Oh! thats the pits -i've done that before with my makeup forgot it! My mom got me the exo tools as a gift at Christmas and I have heard good things about the anti-age eraser.
    We are doing family pics at the beach this summer, and I want to try the false lashes. I have long lashes, but the magnetic appeal to me. Are they easy to apply!?
    jess xx


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