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Monday 20 January 2020

Style Steal - Now for Something Different!

Good morning my friends.
Today I should be enjoying my first day on the slopes of Sestriere in Italy.  I've planned this weeks posts so hopefully everything runs smoothly and posts go live when they should!
A rather unusual Style Steal today.  You see you wont know the candidate .... she's not a blogger, not a vlogger or on Instagram ... she's my sister and I love her style.  I think she loves my style too!  We often either copy items or an outfit (she's found my pale blue out-of-stock jumper & sweet short sleeved fancy & bought them) or I've bought something she already owns, like my leather look skirt.
We also tend to turn up in similar styles, scroll down to see what we wore to her daughter's wedding in 2018 - catch the full post here. 💟

Welcome to my sister who found this skirt first.  You might remember me telling you I tried her's on when we went away with our mum to Rye.  I was so pleased I got into it, I knew I'd be heading to Matalan at the first opportunity to bag one for myself.  It may be sold out online now, but you might find one in store!  I did ask my sister to push her tummy out whilst having this photo taken, just so we looked more alike 🤣 🤣  Her top is from a selection in H & M, as is mine, but they are slightly different.

I adore wearing this skirt and feel very classy when I wear do.  It looked really cute teamed with my sequined top for NYE & looks just as attractive with a stretchy turtle neck.  This is from a huge choice in H & M,  neutral colours and slinky fit, this comfy top not only looks good, but feels great too.  It's got long sleeves and a fancy white design all over the black background.  Fits true to size as I'm wearing a 12 for a flattering fit.  Very tempting as they had a few other patterns and shades, so I might be popping back for more!

I looked at various coats to top this outfit, but ended up with this Joules jacket (another Christmas gift).  I'll be sharing this with you again, as we didn't get many closer shots of it.

Here's that photo I was telling you about - neither of us knew what the other was wearing! Mine was from Michaela Louisa on Ebay and her's was from Roland Joyce from the Veni Infantina range (previous season) - #sisters #twins #snap.  Look we even had similar shoes!!!!!

Do you have an affinity with your sibling over style?  Me and my sister really will be twins because when I saw her last week for a girly meeting at our mum's, she gave me an identical blouse that she had bought herself in the Debenhams sale - I loved that too!

Thank you for joining me today - It will be good to see what you've been wearing lately on the #chicandstylish #linkup.
Photos c/o Esther Ruby - thanks my love.
Bye for today. X



  1. Fantastic style! I adore these kind of skirts! My sister and I have totally different styles, but we do shop together! Enjoy your holiday!

  2. You really look alike! I must be great going shopping together. I love both the tops in this post. They pair with the skirt perfectly. Enjoy the slopes Jacqui xx

    1. Arrh thanks Laurie, yes I think we do. Kind comments. x

  3. Love the pic of you two at the wedding! Sisters can be the best!!! (not mine, but hey)

  4. How nice that you can style steal from your sister! My sister and I have very different styles, but my late MIL and I had similar tastes!

  5. Jacqui, I love everything about this post! So lovely to see your beautiful sister, too! I love that you get inspired by each other. My sister and I are the same way with lots of things. Not so much style because we are very different in that. But we know each other’s style so well that we can easily purchase gifts for each other that we know the other will love. In fact, my sister was the person who came up the idea for me to even start blogging and here I am nearly 5 years later still at it and she is always my biggest supporter. Be sure to send us some style steal looks for this month’s Good Buy/Good-Bye Book 3rd Anniversary Celebration featuring copy cat looks!


    1. Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving lovely comments. x

  6. Love the wedding attire pictures with your sis! YOu both had the same mindset and look great! The magenta and royal blue go so well together too! Also the inspiration outfit is lovely. I love the more fitted patterned shirt with the leather skirt. I should style mine!
    My sis and I don't dress alike, she is more of a jeans and casual girl, i like to dress up more. :-)
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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