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Monday 29 July 2019

Style not Age - Steal her Style.

Hi there.
How you all doing?
Another whirlwind weekend for Mummab with a beach day after the gym on Friday, followed by my weekly Ballroom dancing class in which we finished off our Waltz - a magical dance that makes me imagine I'm Ginger Rogers in a wonderfully elegant ostrich-feather covered ballgown.  Oh I can dream can't I?  Saturday, after making two dozen chocolate eclairs for my mum (church hall fund afternoon tea) I returned home to prepare for my youngest daughters' birthday gathering.  I only had to make a couple of dishes so It didn't take long.  I then enjoyed the evening celebrating with family, friends and all of her friends too!  Yes that was a late night, so the morning arrived way too early!  We eventually got sorted for a big family birthday breakfast, all the children were there except my youngest son who was at work.  Lazy Sunday afternoon - with a cheeky curry to complete a busy, but exciting weekend. X
Welcome my friends - today you've arrived at the latest challenge for the Style not Age collective.
This has landed in the hands of Hilda, she's taken on a challenge that I usually set myself each month -  to see if she can nail it herself.  I'm feeling quite happy about this task as I'm very familiar with it, so let's see how it goes and how my friends tackle it!
Steal her Style

Can you guess who's Style I have stolen for the challenge?
Fingers crossed you're all shouting "Julia Roberts" at the screen!  Yay - way to go, I've done my job - lol!

Let's have a look at my version.  I'd wanted to try and emulate Audrey Hepburn's outfit seen in Breakfast at Tiffany's - this proved more difficult than I had anticipated, so that got pushed aside.  Second thoughts turned to an outfit that I'd seen on Instagram - a gorgeous blue stripy dress from H & M.  I found and bought the dress, but then couldn't locate the copy!  That's one for next month's Style Steal - that's providing I can find it again!  At the same time as finding that dress I came across this spotty delight - light bulb moment - why not try copying Vivian's outfit from Pretty Woman!?  I had the gloves (don't look too closely, they're my cotton hand moisturising pair) & I had a hat, not a total copy, but it looks okay I think.  So I bought the wrap around dress and the Steal was prepped.

A wrap around dress needs enough material to cover up properly, and this does beautifully.  Flattering flared short sleeves are one of my favourite styles, as is the length and gypsy style hemline.  Not at all like the Pretty Woman style, but I like this one on my and as It's so comfortable I know I'll wear it loads.

I chose to wear my cream suede Calla shoes court shoe, these classic shoes compliment my tan and cream dress brilliantly - I'm sure Vivian would have been suitably impressed too!

Hilda set the challenge & somehow we've manged to be twins again!!  Great minds think alike eh Hilda!  Her fun take on the Pretty Woman's iconic outfit looks like she's waiting for her Prince Charming to win the polo match she must be watching! Lol. x
Find more of this style and many more on her blog Over the Hilda.

Now let's take a look at Emma - Style Splash. She's opted for the sultry outfit that assassin Villanelle wore in the latest series Killing Eve.  I've only watched the first one, and have been waiting for the right time to watch the next.  Have you watched it yet?  Emma you've completed the steal brilliantly, I love the pink copy and love even more the off-the-should way to wear that shirt - you wont be 'murdered' for that steal that's for sure!

Last but by no means least Anna - Anna's Island Style.  Always one for the more quirky outfit, Anna has found the perfect candidate to copy, fellow over 50/60's blogger Suzy Grant - Alternative Ageing. Her outfit has Anna's name written all over it, so was a no-brainer for Anna to steal.  Go check out her fabulous and wacky pink and orange outfit complete with Suzy's trademark headband!

Thanks for joining us today - do let us know your thoughts as we love hearing from you.
Bye for now and don't forget to join me on Thursday for a brand new #chicandstylish #linkup to add to.
Thanks David for taking photos for my post - I know you didn't really want to move from your armchair! 😉
Cheerio X



  1. You did a brilliant job. Wish I had thought of the gloves as I have a pair too. And you would never know that they were your moisturising gloves. Clever girl.

    1. As you did too Hilda what a fun challenge this turned out to be. Thanks for stopping by. x

  2. Nailed it! Love the dress Jacqui xx

    1. Many thanks Laurie, pleased with the outcome of this task. x

  3. Great look Jacqui! Nailed it. I can't believe you and Hilda had the same idea!

    1. Many thanks Gail.Yes funny we both had the same idea - we often 'twin' on pieces.xx

  4. Oh you did a great job - this dress, while a different style, is so pretty woman with those accessories! :)

    Hope that your week is off to a good start :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Oh thank you so much Mica lovely comments and thanks for stopping by. x

  5. This is amazing! Love your style recreation!

  6. Fabulous dress Jacqui! I love how you've added the gloves too - nobody would know they're your moisturising gloves ;-)

    Emma xxx

    1. Wasn't it a fun challenge in the end Emma, thanks for stopping by. x


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