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Monday 29 April 2019

Style not Age - Pastel Picking.

Morning my friends.
How's life treating you?
Just getting over the first batch of birthdays which has been fun.  Saturday was hubby's so we had a small celebration with family and friends.  Obviously there was a cake, and hubby was so impressed with the decadent cake my bestie and daughter made.  I've included a photo to let you see how good it looked - and yes he's a big fan of Smarties!

Welcome to April's addition of Style Not Age collective - we have an interesting post for you all today.  Imagine diluted Smarties, that's just what the collective are styling this month - PASTELS

This month's challenge was lodged in the safe hands of Emma - Style Splash, and whilst at first I found the title appealing - when selecting my outfit I found it way to hard.  I'd got plenty of pieces in the wardrobe befitting the title, but when trying bits on found most of them way too big!!  Now I know that's a good reason to buy something new, but on my recent visit into town I couldn't find much to tempt me into spending, except for these delicious pastel pinks jeans that I knew would work well with my long line pale green cardigan.

Shall we take a closer look at my Pastel outfit!  I'd planned to wear a cream lace pencil skirt.  It's been hanging in my wardrobe for a couple of years now, and having only worn it a handful of times I figured it was time to say hello to this fabulous skirt again.  You guessed right - it was too big, such a shame because it is a real cutie.  I'm on the lookout for a smaller size now - let me know if you see one!

So paired with the soft touch cropped trousers that I picked up in Next, was my long line cardigan.  I've also had this a while now, and it's a winner for the length, colour and pretty pattern too.  Catch when I wore it over my black and white flecky skirt, it also looks decent with white jeans and tee too!

How about the sparkly bag and pastel popping necklace?  Both borrowed from my daughter and made me feel I'd been let loose in a sweet shop!

The eye catching cropped jeans are available in an array of colours ranging from pale pink to yellow and terracotta.  Fitting above the ankle which is perfect for the warmer weather, when you can enjoy a causal vibe whilst ticking the boxes of femininity and smartness.  I have plenty of tops and shirts that are begging to be worn over the jeans, so do watch out for more bright and fun outfits.


Let's take a look at how my colleagues attacked pastel picking.

First up is challenge initiator Emma -Style Splash.  Sharing a charming creation of soft pastels and elegant trousers, Emma looks every bit the style icon - don't you agree?

Now here's Anna's interpretation, you can find more about her style on her blog Anna's Island Style.  When I saw her multi-coloured jacket I was very envious - well who wouldn't be seeing her kaleidoscopic beauty - step aside Joseph!!

Lastly shall we take a gander at Hilda's delicate toned outfit.  I'm intrigued to see more of this outfit, being my favourite colour - pink, I'll be nipping over right now to check it out - will you?
Find more about Hilda's outfit on her blog Over the Hilda.

Chocolate cake and Smarties - 2 of my favourite words!  Now isn't it a stunning cake!  I wouldn't like to say how difficult it was to make, but really looks effective eh?

Many thanks for stopping by today - so pleased you could join us all.  Now don't forget to stop over my friends blogs to see more of their own personal style.
Be sure to check back with me on Thursday & I'll be announcing the winner of the Playtex Lingerie - fingers crossed if you entered it might be YOU!
Many hugs to Esther Ruby for taking my photos - fabulous as always. X
Bye for now. X



  1. What a fab colour combination. I still have the Tan version of the kimono, which reminds me to get that out xx

    1. Awe thanks so much Laurie. Yes I remember seeing your tan cardi - they look super on don't they! Thanks for joining me today. x

  2. And I have the black version! Haha! But this outfit is very good. Not only the colors look good on you but those trousers are fantastic. And the cake amazing!

    1. I bet that looks super on Nancy - thanks for leaving your lovely comments Hun. xx

  3. Oh what a strange mix of emotions you must feel about your current clothes dilemma Jacqui - pleased that you've lost so much weight, but sad too I bet that a lot of your lovely clothes no longer fit. I remember that well! All I can say is - get ye to the charity shops and restock your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost! This is what started my passion for charity shopping and I still love finding the odd gem when I get the chance.
    Anyway, you look fab in this pastel outfit especially in those super pink jeans. Hurrah for another successful challenge x

    1. Absolutely Anna, part of me thinks I should maybe put the weight back on so I don't have to get rid of the gorgeous pieces I've got!!!! that's most definitely NOT going to happen. I'll maybe take heed of your advice and check the CS out. Fabulous challenge and don't we all look super in our neutral pastel shades. xx

  4. Those colours look fabulous together Jacqui! I love your necklace and glittery bag too!

    Emma xxx

    1. Don't they just Emma, after seeing Gail wearing her striking outfit of pink and green I knew I wanted to try it out - today was the perfect opportunity! Thanks for the prompt Hun. xx

  5. Lovely pink jeans! I had a pair that colour in the early 90s and was so sad when I grew out of them.

  6. You look amazing and my wonderful accessories also. Can you get your skirt altered? Ihave clothes in my wardrobe that I love but are too tight. Your dilemma is way more attractive...

  7. I just adore these colors together Jacqui. And having items too big can be just as frustrating as too small...I totally get it!! But a good reason to go shopping, LOL!!

  8. Oh I just love the colors in your outfit! Those pink pants are so fun and bright and that kimono is perfect with it!

  9. Such a gorgeous colour combination, Jacqui! And that kimono is divine. Naturally (being a lover of pink), I'm in love with the jeans AND the clutch and necklace! You look stunning <3
    Suzy xxx

  10. Hold the phone....what kind of smarties are these?? I've never seen any like that! theme and I love your pop of glitter.

  11. Such a fun colour combo! I am really liking your pink jeans.

    That cake looks awesome too!

    Thank you so much for joining the #weekdayWearLinkUp :)

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue


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