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Sunday 10 December 2017

Things I love about the festive season .... The Christmas Tag!

Hi there.

Rather a different post for my today, you see I've been tagged in a Christmas themed Tag.
This is the first time I've ever been personally earmarked for a challenge like this, so I'm looking forward to tackling it.

My blogger friend Claire from I wasn't expecting that! tagged me a few days ago & jumping at the task I set to work ....

For someone who loves every aspect of Christmas this is easy peasy!!
So let's get started.

Things I love about the festive season.

My Favourite Christmas Movie.

Has to be The Holiday featuring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black & Jude Law. The perfect chick flick love story for the Christmas season - my favourite being the English cottage in the snow, with a log fire in the local pub!  Just makes me feel warm and special.
Can I have a second choice too?  Go on then - this HAS to be ELF - the same as Claire.  I watched it the other day on my flight back from Abu Dhabi 😊 Hilarious!

Ever had a White Christmas?

Yes is the answer to that question.  When I was a younger we were visiting my Aunt and Uncle for Boxing day, It had snowed over Christmas and the roads were treacherous.  Unfortunately my mum had an accident in her Morris Minor car - she skidded and hit a wall resulting in both me and my sister banging our chins and faces on the back of the front seats, no seat belts in those days!  Oh dear no visit to our dear Aunt and Uncle, back home to cold turkey, mash potatoes and pickles.

Where do I usually spend my holiday?

Most definitely at home - I've never been away at Christmas, and don't think I'd like to.
I love my home comforts, my sofa & watching what I want on TV - lol.!

My favourite Christmas Song

White Christmas is up there at the top, with too many close seconds to name.
Whenever I hear it I recall the film featuring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye, I remember watching the film as a child, with two arm-chairs pushed together covered in a blanket.  Happy memories.

Do I open any presents on Christmas Eve?

A big fat NO .... I love having all the presents on Christmas Day.  I love surprises - I take pride in the fact I could have a present unwrapped in a bag next to me for weeks and would NOT look, peek or squeeze at all.  Knowing some of my family that's quite a feat!

Can I name all of Santa's Reindeer?

Erm .... yes I think so Dasher, Dancer, Donna, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid and Rudolph ... okay I'm going to cheat as I can't spell them either - ha ha ha - joking!  Missed two out ... Vixen & Prancer.

Holiday Traditions I'm looking forward to.

My tradition is food based! Turkey Sandwiches on Christmas night - regardless of how full up we are - we HAVE to have them!!!

Inside a choice of Turkey with pickled cucumber, piccalilli, or mayo.  We all have different tastes so we choose accordingly. What's your preferred choice?  Mine has to be piccalilli - yummy!

Is my Christmas tree real or fake?

Fake - I can't stand a tree that might be sparse.  Also I hate the needles falling.

Here's my latest decoration, I couldn't resist, but don't tell my daughters - they think I've got too many already, but really can one have too many Christmas decorations?  I don't think so!

My favourite holiday treat/food/sweet.

Without a shadow of doubt - The Gravy!!  My hubby makes his own and it is out-of-this-world.
Made out of giblets/veg/herbs mixed with the pan juices - I'm dribbling as I think of it - hurry up Christmas.

Be honest, do I like giving or receiving gifts better?

Obviously giving, with receiving coming in a close second - lol.
I do worry about the present being not liked so I have an annoying (to the family) habit of saying
"I've got the receipt, you can change it"!!!!!

The best Christmas present I've received.

Not hard to think of this answer, one year my hubby gave me a box and inside was a book about visiting Venice.  He'd booked us to go for a long weekend in the following September.  Little did I know my sister and her husband were joining us.  When I told her what I'd been given for Christmas, I was surprised to hear she'd got the same - took me a couple of seconds to realise we were going together!!! Durr ... a senior moment so I'm told.

What would your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

At home, however it would be in my dream house.

Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably?

Well I start off with every good intention of beautifully wrapping my presents, by about a quarter of the way through I fail!  Present wrapping goes to pot, along with gift tag writing - they end up with initials not names - 'big family problems'.

Most memorable Christmas memory?

Every Christmas is a memorable one.  I can't say I have one in particular.   I love being with all the family and close friends over the festive season.  Family to me is Christmas.

What made you realise the truth about Santa?

Absolutely, totally without doubt Santa is real - yes???  Well as I used to say to the children you get the presents - so he must be real!!!

What makes the holidays special for you?

Yes sorry it's the old cliché, but just being with my family makes my holiday special.

Things I love about the Festive Season.
Thanks for reading, passing on these questions to the next tagged bloggers:
Ladies I hope you'll join in The Christmas Tag .....

Here's your questions ......

  1. What’s Your Favourite Christmas Movie?
  2. Have You Ever Had A White Christmas?
  3. Where Do You Usually Spend Your Holiday?
  4. What Is Your Favourite Christmas Song?
  5. Do You Open Any Presents On Christmas Eve?
  6. Can You Name All Of Santa’s Reindeer?
  7. What Holiday Traditions Are You Looking Forward To This Year?
  8. Is Your Christmas Tree Real or Fake?
  9. What Is Your Favourite Holiday Treat/Food/Sweet?
  10. Be Honest, Do You Like Giving Or Receiving Gifts Better?
  11. What Is The Best Christmas Present You Ever Received?
  12. What Would Your Dream Place To Visit For The Holiday Season?
  13. Are You A Pro Present Wrapper Or Do You Fail Miserably?
  14. Most Memorable Christmas Memory?
  15. What Made You Realise The Truth About Santa?
  16. What Makes The Holidays Special For You?

Looking forward to reading your answers - I wonder if they will be similar to mine?

Thanks for stopping by it's been fun - until next time bye bye. x

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  1. I don't open any presents before Christmas Day either, that would be cheating! Thanks for the tag, I'll have fun answering these questions!

    Emma xxx

    1. Yes it would Emma. Thanks for joining in, I'll look forward to your post Hun. x

  2. How fun!!!
    I always love reading these Jacqui!!
    It'll take me some time to figure out all of the answers !!! Stay tuned!!
    Enjoy your Monday!

    1. Can't wait Jodie, thanks for joining in Hun. xx Have a super week. x

  3. Lovely to read! I will do my best to answer the questions! Thank you.

  4. Such a cute pic with the socks. Lovely read. Wrapping is a nightmare :)) Have a lovely holiday season. xo Sabina

    1. Many thanks Sabina, you're too kind. Hope you have a lovey time too. x

  5. Enkoyed reading Jacqui. My tree is very similar to yours, huge and traditional. I'm going to try and get my post out but it all depends on time! Maybe over Christmas xx

    1. Thanks Laurie, see we've even got the same taste in trees! I was going to tag you, but saw that Claire had already done so. Glad you might try this - it's fun and good to get an insight even more. x Have a super week my friend. x

  6. What a fun post, and it's lovely to get to know you better! No place like home for Christmas, unless it's New York city : >


    1. Thanks for stopping over Patti - hope you've had a super Christmas. x

  7. What a fun post! Christmas is my favorite ever so I enjoyed reading this.


  8. I loved reading this Jacqui. Thank you so much for taking part. I had never heard of the film Holiday but after watching that trailer, I need to try and find it. It looks great, my kind of film. I can not believe I have not watched this before, I love Cameron Diaz films too, (something about Mary being one of my favourites. She is so funny. where have I been, ha!! I love Christmas at home too.All the family around me, perfect :)

    1. Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop Jacqui. Hope you can join me for the last blog hop of the year tomorrow :)

    2. Many thanks Claire - glad you liked this tag - wasn't it fun! x

  9. I can't wrap either, it's a huge nightmare! I love reading posts like this!

    1. Lol, I start off quite well, but by the end they normally look awful! x

  10. I love posts like these. Always fun to read and you get to know a bit about a person. Wonderful! No tree for me this year. Tired of em. Ha!

    1. Many thanks for your comments - and for stopping by, hope to see you again. x


    1. Many thanks Cheryl - hope you've had a wonderful Christmas. x

  12. FUN questions, I love Bing crosby's White Christmas, being with family, and it is always interesting reading about what people eat Christmas eve.
    fun to read, Jacqui!
    jess xx

  13. omg what gorgeous pics of venice...i didn't know about this pink sunset, now i will have to be on the lookout when we go next may! we just got back from st. lucia and had a perfect pink sunset only on our first night. coming home knowing the excitement from the holidays is still to come was a real saving grace, so i'm feeling this holiday post!

  14. I answered those same fun questions too. Like you I love a (good) fake tree. Love your gold tree this year, such pretty ornaments, especially the ballerinas. I added some newly-bought ballerina ornaments to my tree this year also. I shared my home tour on my blog last Thursday, did you see it?!

    Welcome by Thursdays to link your fabulous style with me. I also think you'd like y two last style posts Jacqui as both myself and Vivian shared two dressy velvet pieces for the holidays. I run a style linkup every Thursday. Thanks and Happy Hump Day!!

    Ada =))

    1. That was a fun challenge wasn't it Ada thanks for stopping by too! x

  15. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Your tree looks so great! I had to LOL when I saw your Santa!

    1. You're welcome, thanks for hosting the link-up Hun. x

  16. Its great to get to know you a little more. The Holiday is my daughters favourite Xmas film too. Venice is spectacular - wow what a gift!! x I#PASSIONFORFASHION

    1. Much appreciate you visiting my blog today - thank you. x

  17. I just watched The Holiday last night! Not only is it my favorite Christmas movie, it's probably one of my favorite movies! It's soooo cute!
    Jeans and a Teacup

    1. Mine too, only saw it the other day - it is a must watch at least once!

  18. This is my first time visit here. From the tons of comments on your articles.I guess I am not only one having all the enjoyment right here!


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