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Thursday 16 March 2017

Packing for Scotland.

Heya, hope you're well.

This weekend I'm excited to be flying to Edinburgh to watch the Rugby match between Scotland and Italy, it's going to be lively match I'm sure, although I know England have already won the Six Nations! (having won all their games so far).
There'll be plenty of eating, drinking, laughing and shopping too!  But shush - don't tell hubby about the last one. Ha ha! Hopefully a bit of Haggis on the menu, along with a wee dram of the local brew - when in Rome etc etc!! Lol.

Remember my previous Cheeky Night Away, and my lack of colour?  Well this is what I'm planning on taking this time, enough colour do you think?

Jeans - Two pairs
New dress  - Mustard
M & S Dress 
Jumper pink
Jumper white
Blouse pink
Boots Grey
Shoes Black
Scarf x 2
Cream shimmery baseball trainers.
Pink jacket or blue coat.
Two T shirts coloured.

You can see I'm aiming for pink, grey and black for casual day wear, with a splash of colour for one evening, but I will admit I'm taking my black and gold dress, neutral I know so lets just see how this pans out. 

Here's hoping this has me looking and feeling better in the fashion stakes!

Fingers crossed I can get all this in my cabin bag as I'm not sure we've booked a case in then hold - bad move!

Swiftly moving onto what I wore today. 
Winter 'off' whites for a beautiful Spring day,  starting with this pretty scarf I bought last week in Primark.
Drawn towards the cute coral pink flowers over the white background made me think of blossom on the trees.  I've worn this over a white jumper I picked up in Matalan.  I know this will be a favourite of mine through out the coming months - It'll go with so many different styled tops and will also be a super cover up on a chilly Spring/Summer evening.
Wearing my chinos today, although I'm still not happy with the fit!  I bought a larger size, but the material has stretched whilst being worn.  I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place because the smaller size fitted too tightly.  Being very structured I don't think they could be altered at all - so I'll make do with wearing once and then washing - not very eco friendly I'm afraid!

 How sweet is this scarf?  From Primark for only £4 - isn't it gorgeous!

Check back next week to see how my weekend faired, who won the rugby??? lol, and what I got up to in bonnie Scotland.

So I'll be seeing you Monday. X
Och aye the noo!



  1. Good luck with the cabin baggage! Always try to sneakily book hold luggage because my husband tries to make me stick to a cabin bag! Enjoy the rugby and yummy haggis!

    1. Many thanks Gail, all packed now! Lets hope I've not forgotten anything! x

  2. Love the pretty neutrals! Your scarf is gorgeous! Enjoy your trip!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Yeah for color when travelling, Jacqui!!
    I do love this scarf---it's so perfect with this outfit!!

    1. Thank you Jodie, hope all goes well, I'll be posting next week so we shall see!! x

  4. Such a pretty breathable sweater and I love that floral scarf paired with it. Enjoy your trip!


  5. It is a pretty scarf and perfect for spring. Enjoy a wee dram or two whilst you're up there won't you.

    1. I'll defo have a little dram for sure, nice comments - many thanks. x

  6. You speak the language! Love the colour combo you've cased up, I've packed similar, longing to see your holiday outfit shots. Love your light spring colours outfit. Your chinos shout out that winter's in your rear view mirror!

    1. I do try Mary - my husband says I'm very trying too !!!! Lol. Will be posting this week. It's been a fab weekend, but somewhat tired now! x

  7. Thanks for linking up to the Top of the World Style party.

  8. Enjoy your time in Scotland! I like the pretty floral scarf with the neutral outfit combo :)

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Thanks Mica, fab time, fab friends, fab Rugby and fab fizz!x

  9. I love white with tan and your scarf is so cute. Have fun in Scotland!

    1. Many thanks Nora, great you could visit my blog. x

  10. I have become a real rugby widow this past few weeks! I hope you enjoyed the game. x

    1. I prefer Rugby to Football any day! That's hard on you Laurie, I hope you find yourself something more exciting to participate in. X

  11. Such a cute outfit!

  12. Lovely casual look, perfect for travelling!

    Emma xxx


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