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Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Jumpsuit that just keep giving!

Hello and thanks for stopping by today.

How nice is it to spend the day with special people, and who doesn't love a bit of retail therapy? well I got to do both yesterday.
Wandering around the shops with my three daughters, my princess and prince (who were both so good for us). We were dress shopping for a wedding, but only one of us succeeded to buy a 'possible' option.  That means there'll be another shopping expedition again very soon - yay!  Although I was quite tired from all walking, I wasn't too tired to meet up with my old work friends for dinner.
I call them work friends, but haven't worked with them for nearly thirty years - lol.  We try and meet up a couple of times a year, catching up on what our families are doing, what we're up to and more importantly where we are visiting on our holidays - we worked in a Travel Agents!
So with such a busy day, I'm sharing a short post.  Showing a recent outfit I wore for just running around doing daily chores - you know the 'boring stuff'!!

You may well know I'm into jumpsuits at the moment - they're so comfortable to wear and suit me well.  Catch some previous examples here, here & also here.

I bought this snakeskin jumpsuit from TK Maxx years ago, and it's that item that just keeps working and working for me!  I've worn it our for dinner, casual for lunch & for simply working around the house.  Pairing with heeled sandals or on holiday in flats, with boots fairing well too.

A borrowed coral red cardigan along with my red flat sling backs complimented my outfit very well.
The pop of colour brings the outfit together, making it that bit more stylish for popping out.  The black belt and bead necklace finishing off my look and I was good to go!

This is the spot I got a fleeting glimpse of a Kingfisher,  you can read about that and my first near sighting of one here - it'll give you a laugh for sure. X

Jumpsuit is from Brave Sole from my favourite shop TK Maxx,  I've owned if for so long I can't remember how much it cost, but probably around the £20 mark.
It's got pockets each side, and an elasticated waist, I needed the belt to stop it slipping down slightly, but this meant it was roomy enough to be comfortable.  I do have to put a safety pin at the neck/bust line as it tends to fall open - not enough in the upper body department I'm afraid! ha ha!
I've also worn this over tee shirts, both long, short and no sleeved tops.  Therefore, as I said before this jumpsuit works well throughout the year!

Are you a member of the jumpsuit brigade?  I've heard mention toilet issues are sometimes a problem for ladies over fifty who are choosing to wear a jumpsuit (often called rompers) but fortunately I've never encountered any problems - lucky me!

Ok, I'm off to catch up on everything I didn't do yesterday whilst I was out gallivanting, such joy!

Until Monday, thanks for stopping by.  If you like to read and see my blog, hope you'll join me on my social media choices Instagram & Twitter - I'd love to see you there. X

Photos care of Esther Ruby - brilliant shots as always. X

Cheerio, have a super week and more importantly a fantastic weekend.

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  1. That jumpsuit looks fabulous on you! Perfect styling with the pops of red!

    Doused in Pink

    1. Thank you Jill, one of my default items. x

  2. I don't have a jumpsuit yet, but I've been wanting to get a black one. I love how you added some bright accessories to this one, so pretty!


    1. I'm loving mine, keep wanting to add to my collection. x Can't wait to see if you get one Carrie. x

  3. The red outfit is perfect!
    xx Ele |

  4. Lovely outfit Jacqui. Love the pops of red :)

    1. Too kind, thanks very much Claire. x

  5. The print on this jumpsuit is just stunning, I adore how this looks on you!

    My Vogue Style |

    1. Camila, thanks for stopping by and leaving lovely comments. x

  6. I really love the prints on your jumpsuit! It suits you so well too!

    Angelie // Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes

  7. Wow, Jacqui, great outfit! That coral accompaniment brings this versatile piece totally alive and together. That was a great buy. Haven't worn one since the 80s and the memory of hanging layers and accessories on the cubicle door hook when spending a penny have remained 30 years on. However, my finger is currently hovering over one from RO! And talking of the 80s, what's going on? I've done the maths, surely you were working in that travel agent's when you were five!!!

  8. Jacqui!! This is the best jumpsuit ever!! You could wear this for so many occasions and it looks fabulous on you!!

  9. Such a great jumpsuit! I love how you paired it with reds.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. Such a beautiful jumpsuit! Perfect for transitioning to fall!

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Thanks for linking up to the Top of the World Style linkup party. Great outfit.

  12. Love the jumpsuit!

  13. That's a beautiful jumpsuit on you and you'd never know it was a few years old - ticks all the boxes for the current trends! I really like the red accessories with the black and white print - nice way to accessorise :)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day with friends and family.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  14. Great jumpsuit! And the Coral of the cardigan looks pretty good on you!

  15. This jumpsuit looks fabulous and I love the accessories too! Thanks for linking up, xox


  16. Isn't it amazing how some pieces are really timeless and you always look great in them. You look lovely in it Jacqui and the punch of coral red is a very nice touch.

  17. I love having pieces that work multiple ways. The snakeskin print is so cool and love the color mix of coral and red! I am on the hunt for a Fall jumpsuit too!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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