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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Transitional pieces & Up to 25%*off in Debenhams - woo hoo!

Morning, how you doing?

I'm really excited to share this feature with you today.
With Autumn fast approaching us in the UK as it seems Summer is preparing to hibernate for the colder seasons.  So should we begin talking about transitional pieces?  I have to say yes and I'm not alone, you can also see what Nicole from High Latitude Style and friends have to say about what we should all be wearing and doing in the build up to Autumn.

Sharing today a little wish list of items that I'm wanting for my transitional pieces.

Peep toe booties have been top of my list thanks to seeing them on all your fabulous blogs.  Going from 0 - 60, with my liking them - I can't wait to get my hands feet on some. Lol

You may remember I have a great affinity with scarves, having over 50 in my collection, but one can never have enough and there's always room for one five more!!😏 With Debenhams having a huge selection both on line and in store, there'll be a scarf for everyone for sure.  I've been looking at a tan and blue floral creation that will be a lovely accessory to my new Paper bag trousers, both complementing the aforementioned peep toe booties!

Now don't forget when you checking out the bargains, ruffles and embroidery are still bang on trend, so if your still to jump of the style train, Debenhams have all your whims catered for bringing your wardrobe bang up-to-date with the new seasons colours and styles.

I've got my head styling lightweight jackets that Debenhams have an abundance of - nothing too heavy or hot!  for the obvious,' meno' time of life.... blahhhh!!!!  Catching my eye today is a cream shower resistant jacket, that might come in handy every once in a while in England!!

All the above items are available from Debenhams, they are offering  Up to 25% Off* Womenswear, so why not grab some bargains so you're ready for the cooler weather and right on trend with your fashion.

I've got about three items in my basket already,  some booties in particular - I'm going to be ready for the in-between season .... will you?

Bye for today - see you on Thursday. X

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Monday, 21 August 2017

Style Steal - August.

Hi there, how am I finding you all?  Happy? I do hope so!

I'm rather excited this week as I've got a lovely wedding to attend on Saturday.  My niece is getting wed and all the family will be dressed up to the nines and enjoying a fabulous gathering - who doesn't love a good old shin dig?
We've done the Hen Party - catch a little of what we got up to here., the guys have been on the Stag weekend (the least said about that the better lol), outfits prepared, marquee is up, food is ordered and the party is very nearly about to get started!  I can't wait, having a bank holiday next Monday we'll be partying for a long time -  so lets hope the shoes are comfortable!!!

Another busy weekend has just finished for me, with a festive family function at my mum's house - the reason being ...  the reason ... well just because!!
We've got a close family on both sides, taking the time to get together as often as we can, and with so many of us there's nearly always a birthday to enjoy at least once a month, sometimes twice!
It just so happened that there was an Air Show on the same day, so we got views of the various air machines that were in the skis - some rather noisy, but a great display none-the-less!
Turns out that fellow blogger Claire Justine was watching too, shame we didn't know, maybe we could have met up to say hello in person - I've not met another blogger yet - have you?

Yesterday hubby and I finally used our Christmas present from our daughters.
I've always wanted to visit the London Eye, so on Sunday I finally fulfilled my wish and took a flight on the worlds largest cantilevered observation wheel.
Launched in 2000 it has won over 85 awards for national & International tourism along with outstanding architectural and engineering achievement, and is in fact now become one of the UK's most popular paid for visitors attraction.
The views were simply stunning, we could see for miles, and with the help of the little map we bought, also able to establish where everything was.  We only actually queued for about 45 minutes for the ride having already got pre-paid tickets.  To purchase tickets on the day you're probably looking to wait another half hour (depending on the day and weather).  Included in this is a visit to the 4D Cinema Experience, a 4 minute video showing a birds eye view of London, the London Eye and various other monumental landmarks, with the free 3d glasses you really feel you're flying over London - in all weathers!!!!

Anyway lets get to the nitty-gritty - August's Style Steal!
You may remember last month I started a monthly addition to my blog where I'd steal a style from another blogger & try to re-create it.

You've arrived just in time for the August Style Steal!  How did that come around so quickly?
Did you manage to see my first challenge?   Check out July's Style Steal from Catherine - Not dressed as lamb -  here. X   I'm running this on the third Monday of the month, and I'd love you to pop back each month to see who's look has been 'copied'.

Stealing my style from the gorgeous Rachel from Rachel the Hat.  I love just about everything in her laid-back outfit. The cool way the whole outfit blends together, showing off the cute leopard print clutch bag to perfection.  & that belt, oh that belt - it's a super addition matching those crossover tan sandals.

I've worn these khaki peg trousers with a camouflage top and also dressed up here. 
Having already got this yellow silky top hanging in my wardrobe the copy had evolved from clothes I already own.  My belt slightly different - no tassels - boo!  I'm on the lookout for one similar to Rachel's, but happy with how mine looks to be fair. Swapping in my TK Maxx big tan bag, but again I'm searching for a leopard print clutch - seeming to be a difficult bag to find, can't even find one in my favourite shop - TK Maxx aren't coming up trumps with any yet!
My pop of leopard print came from these M & S court shoes - very old, but very useful!

Peg trousers from Dorothy Perkins Similar here.
Yellow silky top from Matalan love this.
Bag from TK Maxx in love with this.
Shoes from M & S these are cute.

It's fun to try a style steal, I wonder if you've tried this before?  I'd really be interested to hear if you have, hope you can share with me.

Esther Ruby has taken these great photos for me, a fabulous job she's done again. X

Until Thursday, thank you so much for visiting - it's been a pleasure.

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Grey - working well with Citrine and Teal.

Morning all, how are we all doing today?
Lets hope you're all having fun, especially if you're here in the UK - managing to dodge the rain!

Whilst shopping with my girls last week, this over fifty fashion blogger couldn't help but check out the colour matching on display in some stores, one combination in particular caught my eye and I had to do 'that blogging thing' and take a photo.  With my girls calling out "oh she's blogging again" so with getting a few stares I proceeded to take a couple of snaps.
Always on the lookout for new colour mixes I knew I had to try and emulate this interior design in a  fashion outfit.
Here's what I saw  ......
Grey, Citrine and Teal.

How great are these colours next to each other?  There's an outfit in there somewhere....
Let's set to work!
With grey as a base & the additions of teal and citrine, I think this will work.  Having already got a Citrine sleeveless blouse at home, all I now need is something grey.... now where did I put those grey trousers??

Finding the trousers in the bottom of my wardrobe I'm so glad I didn't put them in the charity bag!
Petrol blue was the other colour to find and this I did with my necklace.  Haven't got the foggiest idea where it came from, & not caring because my outfit was complete, like the final piece of a jigsaw.

How's this for a great match - Emily's sunglasses were the perfect colouring and fitted right in with my colour scheme.

So you see you can gain inspiration and ideas from your everyday surroundings, sometimes it's nice to just wander the shops awakening our inner creativity & stimulating our minds - and don't forget it's cheaper than actually buying!

Trousers old from BHS
Top from Next (similar here)
Necklace old (similar I love)
Shoes old from Deichmann (Love these)
Bag from  Jaeger (something smaller here)
Sunglasses from Emily - H & M

Photos today taken by Emily - thanks my darling. X

Have you gotten ideas from your surroundings or from store displays?  I'd love to hear from you if you have, maybe will give me some more ideas to muse over.

Until Monday, thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog.
Hope you'll be back to view my Style Steal. Who's it going to be? 
You can catch last months lucky lady here.

Bye, bye ... X


Monday, 14 August 2017

Busy weekend and Paperbag trousers!

Hey there lovelies.

Good weekend?
This over fifty fashion blogger was super busy as usual, house-warming party for my son and his finacee on Friday evening.  Still not got my head around the fact that he's moved on!  But it's a fact of life that has to be faced at some time or other, but have still got three off-spring at home, & they keep me on my toes.  It has to be said that it will now be quality time spent together with the two new homers, so that will be my bonus!
Saturday was a lively evening spent with our besties.  Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra were entertaining us at a local pub!! 😉😏 - and very good they were too, makes a change to go out and have a sing-a-long to tunes I know, ha ha!

Sunday was spent lunching with friends - with a surprise proposal, a wonderful surprise for most of us there.
Now Monday has arrived and there's still another celebration to enjoy - my sister's birthday drinks, so I'll be looking forward to the relaxed ending of a hectic weekend & busy Monday!

Last week on my shopping trip with the girls, you might remember I didn't return with a dress!  I did however, purchase my first AW garment!  Yay or shush will you be shouting at me?
Well with the bloomin' awful rainy weather we've been having in the UK over the past couple of weeks I'll be needing more than a pair of trousers for Autumn, more like a rain mac and wellies! psst ... I've entered a competition for a pair of Hunters, so fingers crossed I might just win! 🤞

Let's talk my purchase then.  Paperbag chino trousers seem to be everywhere at the moment, and when I saw these tan brown beauties I jumped at them, fitting superbly I bought them instantly.  Having been reduced from £32, these only set me back £15!  I'm checking to see if they're available in any other colours too. (they aren't!)

Here's my offerings for today, running late and taking my owns shots today, so forgive me on both counts - I've posted the best of the best and deleted many!  Tan obviously matches perfectly with cream, so when I saw this silky little blouse in the F & F sale I popped it into my shopping basket.  For £4 it was cheaper than my bottle of prosecco!
A flattering cap sleeve to cover the top of my arm - better for transition into cooler weather.  This blouse will still look just as cute with a jacket or cardigan covering it.
I picked out these silk beads that my Dad bought back from Australia - I've had them many years and they get to see the light of day once in a while when they fit beautifully into an outfit.  Today was their special day this year!

I'm wearing another birthday present today - the first time they've been on my feet, and I have to admit I'd forgotten I'd got them!
These mules have a back strap with elastic for a comfy fit, a cute round heel that not only looks good but feels safe.  I adore the cream soft suede, however I am worried about getting them marked, I'll be buying some spray protector for them.
But now they've been debuted, they'll be on my feet plenty of times now.

I've included this super turquoise scarf and meant to tie it round my bag - too busy worrying about the photos - (note to self)  need more practice at taking my own shots!

How do you like this colour mix?  Tan and a delicate cream with a blast of turquoise.  Brings the outfit to life don't you think?

Thanks for stopping over today, hope you like this colour combination.  I'm looking forward to wearing and styling these chinos again - lots of ideas for the Autumn, so I'd love you to pop back again.

Bye for now X


Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Jumpsuit that just keep giving!

Hello and thanks for stopping by today.

How nice is it to spend the day with special people, and who doesn't love a bit of retail therapy? well I got to do both yesterday.
Wandering around the shops with my three daughters, my princess and prince (who were both so good for us). We were dress shopping for a wedding, but only one of us succeeded to buy a 'possible' option.  That means there'll be another shopping expedition again very soon - yay!  Although I was quite tired from all walking, I wasn't too tired to meet up with my old work friends for dinner.
I call them work friends, but haven't worked with them for nearly thirty years - lol.  We try and meet up a couple of times a year, catching up on what our families are doing, what we're up to and more importantly where we are visiting on our holidays - we worked in a Travel Agents!
So with such a busy day, I'm sharing a short post.  Showing a recent outfit I wore for just running around doing daily chores - you know the 'boring stuff'!!

You may well know I'm into jumpsuits at the moment - they're so comfortable to wear and suit me well.  Catch some previous examples here, here & also here.

I bought this snakeskin jumpsuit from TK Maxx years ago, and it's that item that just keeps working and working for me!  I've worn it our for dinner, casual for lunch & for simply working around the house.  Pairing with heeled sandals or on holiday in flats, with boots fairing well too.

A borrowed coral red cardigan along with my red flat sling backs complimented my outfit very well.
The pop of colour brings the outfit together, making it that bit more stylish for popping out.  The black belt and bead necklace finishing off my look and I was good to go!

This is the spot I got a fleeting glimpse of a Kingfisher,  you can read about that and my first near sighting of one here - it'll give you a laugh for sure. X

Jumpsuit is from Brave Sole from my favourite shop TK Maxx,  I've owned if for so long I can't remember how much it cost, but probably around the £20 mark.
It's got pockets each side, and an elasticated waist, I needed the belt to stop it slipping down slightly, but this meant it was roomy enough to be comfortable.  I do have to put a safety pin at the neck/bust line as it tends to fall open - not enough in the upper body department I'm afraid! ha ha!
I've also worn this over tee shirts, both long, short and no sleeved tops.  Therefore, as I said before this jumpsuit works well throughout the year!

Are you a member of the jumpsuit brigade?  I've heard mention toilet issues are sometimes a problem for ladies over fifty who are choosing to wear a jumpsuit (often called rompers) but fortunately I've never encountered any problems - lucky me!

Ok, I'm off to catch up on everything I didn't do yesterday whilst I was out gallivanting, such joy!

Until Monday, thanks for stopping by.  If you like to read and see my blog, hope you'll join me on my social media choices Instagram & Twitter - I'd love to see you there. X

Photos care of Esther Ruby - brilliant shots as always. X

Cheerio, have a super week and more importantly a fantastic weekend.

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Monday, 7 August 2017

5 Over 50 - Orange is the new Black!

Hi there - are you well?

I'm so pleased you could stop by today.
It's the fourth instalment of 5 Over 50!

Did you manage to view the first three challenges?
Catch up with them here ...  MayJuneJuly.

Lets get started on this months challenge, set by Ashley from Lazy Daisy Jones.
Orange is the new Black.
This is a colour I seldom wear.  I can't think of a single orange outfit I've worn in the past thirty years! (Okay I'm lying I can think of one - but it's more of a red to be fair!) Scrawling through some old photos (yes real hand held photos!) looking for baby photos for the recent Baby Shower, I found a piccy of me in an tangerine orange blouse!

I look about 12, but this was taken around-about 1986/87 - just about married!

One reason I didn't wear orange stems from watching a TV program years ago called Ten Years Younger,  where each week a lady was given a make-over.  I recall one women was wearing an orange swimsuit that really looked horrible on her, so the presenter recommended  her to wear a blue swimsuit along with having a spray tan,  she looked stunning, & it totally changed her overall appearance!
With that in my mind and seeing my reflection of patchwork skin blending with orange garments I'd  try on, satisfying myself that orange was not a colour that worked well for me!

Shall we take a look at this months outfit ....
Who doesn't love a jumpsuit?

Finding out that orange was the challenge I immediately thought about the bright orange jumpsuit I'd seen on many visits to Matalan.
I'd spotted it so many times when shopping there & avoided it because of the colour, but hang on ... maybe this would fit the challenge?
It's the Summer & I've got a tan, maybe it would suit me now!
There was only one way to find out & I bought it a few weeks ago - in the sale no less!  Twelve pounds bought this romper & for another fiver the necklace was bagged too!
Jumpsuits are fairing well in my wardrobe, with this addition rounding up my collection to five.  Making a nice alternative to a dress, befitting my one piece rule for any holidays and weekend breaks. 

It's a real Fiery orange, like a bright flame - this is working better for me than tangerine orange.  I may well be wearing this colour again in the future, but what do you think?

Before I attempted getting over the gate - I won't give you the thrill of seeing me climbing over, suffice to say it was funny, but Yay I made it without falling - bonus!

The overlay top is a very flattering style,  the inner lining is holding everything in & covering any unattractive lumps and bumps.  This continues round the back to reveal the zip, again showing a lovely two layer effect.

Snakeskin clutch makes a complimenting addition along with my Kurt Geiger sandals, these are from one of my favourite stores - TK Maxx.  A neutral trend running through with the chain, stone and wood necklace.  I'd planned on buying this ages ago, but didn't have the opportunity to get it, lucky me it was in the sale for half price.  I think it's a great accessory that I'll be wearing again for sure.

Jumpsuit from Matalan. (out of stock now)
Bag old.
Shoes old from Kurt Geiger in TK Maxx.
Necklace from Matalan.

Let's take a look at what my delightful companions have styled for us today.....

Starting with this months challenger

See Ashley's IG here.

Ashely's horizontal stripes demonstrate harmony against the vertical corn.  Both Ashely and the corn soaking up the sunshine on this splendid day - let's hope the summer returns to the UK very soon!

Anna's Island Style Sharing her fabulous style on IG here.

Anna's dress is the perfect ensemble for a warm summer evening, complete with stunning shades, and a heart necklace.  Anna is wearing her orange well & doing what she does best - mixing.

Is This Mutton with Gail, you can also view her Instagram Here

A refreshing Pale green matched with radiant orange - I'm thinking of G & T with slices of lime and orange grapefruit!

Visit Laurie over at Vanity and Me Style -  also follow Laurie on IG here

Laurie is looking stunning, pairing white trousers with a flame orange sleeveless top, along with super bright orange wedges.  I love the cut out detailing on her bag,  & check out that gorgeous necklace - great taste Laurie, you've chosen well! 😉


Pop across to see the other four ladies, they'll be pleased you have & you'll have a super read too.
Wishing Ashley "all the best in her new venture" as it's her last 5 Over 50 challenge - it's been a pleasure, I look forward to meeting in the future - maybe on another challenge.

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope you can leave a comment as I love hearing from you. X

Photographs c/o Esther Ruby.  Thanks very much darling. X

Catch up with you again on Thursday - I'm looking forward to it.

Bye. X

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