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Monday 8 July 2024

Summer Essentials with Bonmarche.

Good morning everyone. 
Hope you’re doing okay. 

Is it me or are the weekends getting shorter? Blink and I almost missed it, which is so annoying because I didn’t do very much either! What did you get up to?

Friday was my second week back to ballroom dancing. I realise I really did miss having all that time off and am excited to get back to normal. We’ve been learning the quickstep and it’s another I’ve grasped quite well and enjoy the speed of travelling across the floor with chasse’s, quarter turns and  fishtails. Are you a fan of ballroom dancing? I love any sort of dance and can usually pick up routines quite well. I started classes again to help with my memory, there’s nothing like a ballroom or ballet routine to keep the cogs turning, and whilst that’s happening fitness is improving at the same time!

Saturday I was in the garden addressing the hedge.
I vow every year to keep up the trimming so it’s not such a major job, and to be fair I think the reason I leave it is because the wet weather makes my garden so wet and squishy the tower I use just sinks in and it awfully hard to move. I’ll try to do the last cut before the wet weather arrives and after the growing stops! An easy dinner for me with another takeaway, I opted for a burger and chips and devoured it as I was so hungry after all the strenuous work (I cut the front lawn too!)

Sunday was a bit more chilled, David was working on the new build and putting some hung tiles on the outside wall, we’re having the majority rendered and the chap is hopefully coming today - weather permitting - have a look at my skills at tiling here!
One of the best things about having adult children who still live at home is sharing the cooking with them. So much so my youngest daughter cooked yesterday. She produced a delicious bolognaise tray bake comp with garlic bread, stick baguette and dips. The only bit I had to do was load the dishwasher - perfect Sunday for me. 💕

I did have two lovely afternoons out last week the first was meeting a friend who I’ve not seen since March. We went to a seaside hotel and had a wonderful lunch complete with a cheeky white wine spritzer - see my post last week for what I ate.  The very next day I went for afternoon tea for a friend’s 60th, we went to a local hotel which was a perfect setting and had the typical sandwiches and cakes laid out on a special stand. Copious amounts of tea was consumed and plenty of talking - can’t wait to do it again now! X

Do you wear shorts? I often save them for holiday wear or staying indoors or for gardening in the summer. But I’ve been impressed with these I was kindly gifted from Bonmarche last week!

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

I love a surprise don’t you? Well last week a package arrived for me from Bonmarché and I eagerly opened it. I must say I was chuffed to pieces to find a beach bag inside with some perfect items for Summer fun inside. 

So let me tell you what was in the bag!
The chambray shorts were a big hit for me. They’re a good length and finish just above the knee - if, like me,  you’ve not got particularly good legs a longer length can give you the confidence to wear them to other places than the garden and on holiday - where no one knows you! They have a 3/4 elastic waistband which is ever-so-comfortable, along with a nice tie belt which is attached - no chance of losing this, but also you can’t switch in a different style - which is something I also like to do! It’s got the ever popular pockets - we all love clothes with pockets don’t we! Priced at £16 which is an absolute steal for these all round winners! 

This Tee shirt was also included. A girl can never have enough of these easy-to-wear tops and this shell top certainly is eye-catching don’t you think. A stylish price for a style worthy top and costing just £10 is a bargain. 

I’m always on the hunt for white shirts. They’re good to team with shorts and a swimsuit or bikini for beach and pool wear. I will be including this on my next holiday as it also looks great over jeans as well as these shorts. I popped my little cami top underneath which is also perfect for Summer days when a bra is too hot and sweaty for sweltering weather. 

A holiday bag isn’t complete without a swimsuit is it. I’ve switched to one pieces this year, most probably due to carrying a little more weight and not getting to the gym as often as I’d like. This navy one is very flattering as it has a nice crossover tie details which cinches the waist in nicely. I felt so confident in this beauty as it holds you in in all the right places!

What else do we need?

Lip balm.
Stylish necklace and earrings.
Body wash. 

I hope you like my Summer essentials. Just need some more sunshine to arrive and stay here in the UK, but at least I’ve got my trip to Porto in September to take all these bits with me, incase the weather doesn’t play fair!

Thanks so much for being so supportive, I love you being here and appreciate all your help. 
Until Thursday, have fun and stay chic and stylish. 
Cheerio. X


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  1. You look lovely in these shorts! They are the perfect length for you. I have found that length on my short body is just not quite right. Surprisingly, I bought some that have only a five inch inseam and they fit well. My legs are not good, but, hey, they've gotten me through life so that's something! Have a fabulous rest of the week, Jacqui!


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