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Thursday 20 April 2023

Skiing Insurance & Fun Times - #Chicandstylish #LINKUP

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It's been a funny week for me and the main silly reason is my computer.  I mentioned last week that it's stopped working so has been sent off to be, hopefully, repaired!  Fingers, legs and toes crossed ... lol.
I've been lucky enough to use David's and also my daughters, but with them being so different to mine it's been quite hard work.  It's almost been like learning everything from scratch.  Having to add the linkup, adding to Mailchimp, loading photos to the computer and then trying to find where they are stored have all been a bit of a nightmare to be honest.  I've managed to finish off last Thursday's post and Mondays post was brand new.  It's taken a lot longer than usual but fortunately it's published okay, so I'm feeling a bit more positive about it now.  David and Sophie will be finding my photos on their computers when I'm back to mine, I'm sure they'll be popping up in all sorts of places ... lol!

I checked up on all our insurances.

So do you recall I managed to get away for a cheeky weekend skiing?
Daivd and I travelled down to Valmorel in the French Alps one Friday a couple of weekends ago and returned on the following Monday.  It was Easter weekend so missed out on the celebrations with the family, but I've made it up to them by doing an Easter Egg Hunt last weekend with a wonderful roast beef dinner.  We're also having the whole family over on the Coronation weekend when we'll be having the roast turkey we've frozen since Christmas (we buy two for that very reason!)

This post is sponsored, but all the content is my own honest comments.

We had an early morning crossing on the Eurotunnel and even managed to get an earlier train as we'd arrived with plenty of time (we got the 5.05am).  We drove down through France without needing to stop until just after lunch, I prided myself that I didn't need the loo in all that time! Lol!

We'd borrowed our friends toll tag which made things a lot easier - just sailed through the tolls, although some were a bit scary as the barrier didn't open until the last minute! 😱  David had also done all the preliminary work before we left, things like booking the hotel, confirming the crossing, which had been a voucher we'd booked to use just before Covid struck (I'd altered and changed the dates quite a few times before this date was settled), he also booked the AA 5 Star car insurance for the just-in-case senario.  
checked up on all our insurances like our personal holiday insurance that's included with my bank, I just wanted to make sure it was all up-to-date and would cover ALL our medical bills should the worse happen, which fortunately everything was fine. David had arranged the Lift Passes, which were sent directly to us at home and he'd also arranged ski hire which we opted for the insurance to be added too.  You never know when something could be damaged or worse still taken or stolen. 

Funny story a few years ago, one of our party left a restaurant with the wrong skis and couldn't understand why they wouldn't fit!  She returned them to the shop and got another pair, the shop was very obliging as the pair she'd got by mistake we very expensive and they'd have made good money on them!  Imagine the poor skier coming out from lunch to find his expensive skis have been taken and a cheaper pair, that wouldn't have fitted his boots, left in their place!

Another insurance to look into is Life insurance, ours is all okay but it's always worth making sure everything is in order. Life Insurance with no medical exam is one to keep an eye out for, it makes the whole process so much easier and with something like this we need helpful guidance and easy to follow forms.  Are you fully covered with Life Insurance?  It's always best to check and get the right help from the experts.

We arrived at the lovely little Hotel Du Borg situated in the middle of Valmorel about 4pm and settled in quickly. It's about 3 - 4 minutes walk to the slopes and nearest chairlift - with the ski hire shop just by it.  We could leave our skies and boots there each night, making walking about the town and back to the hotel so much easier than having to carry the cumbersome skies & poles and wear the restraining and awkward feeling ski boots.  We stopped at the foot of the slopes each night for a drink in the warm sunshine, before heading back to the hotel for another drink in the bar and then getting ready for our evening meal.  There's several restaurants around the hotel, all of which were cosy and inviting, we had three lovely meals in different restaurants and I felt completely spoiled with it all.  Skiing's a hobby I love to do and if it involves eating nice food and having a drink too I'm in heaven!

So two wonderful days of skiing followed where we covered most of the ski runs in the most perfect of conditions.  The were no queues on the chairlifts, the ski runs were nigh on empty, there was plenty of snow and the sun shone most of the time.  We did have some sticky snow on the way back late afternoon when the sun had started to melt the top covering, but as it was on the way home we soon forgot about it - there were drinks waiting ... say no more ha ha!  April is the end of the season and we were lucky that the snow was still around when we were there, I'm not sure every year is as accommodating!  But it's always worth checking the ski conditions as a late trip might work for you like it did for me and David. X

We left early on Monday morning in order to catch our booked train, which was a bit too early so we had to wait at the terminal.  We'd bought some drinks and baguettes in the little Boulangerie opposite, and made our way down the mountain.  It's stunning scenery in the Alps and really had looked different each time I've been.  There's been all sorts of weather to contend with, snowing (so snow chains were needed), night time (didn't see anything), we've also had rain on once and gorgeous sunshine like our return journey.  You really can see for miles! We had rain on our drive home too, but that was when we were much nearer the UK ... of course! 😆
I had an amazing few days away and best of all I was lucky enough to spend quality time with David, I really appreciate all our time together and realise these are precious times when we can create unforgettable memories.  How lucky am I. 💓

Here's a list of some of the helpful items I've mentioned above:

Eurotunnel - Train Crossing.
Toll Tag - Pay on account tolls
Lloyds Person Insurance - Personal Holiday Insurance.
Fabric by Gerber Life Insurance - Life Insurance.

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  1. Hi Jacqui, i love my computer too because I know where everything is. It keeps cutting out and my husband keeps trying to make me use the other one but it takes ages to find where everything is like you :) Skiing looks amazing, i have never been. I am not sure I would be able to learn now at my age as it is something I've never tried. Thanks so much for the link up.

  2. A lot of planning and preparation but you certainly maximised your weekend of skiing! xx

  3. I haven't skied in years and would love to again! It looks like you had a fun getaway!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  4. It looks like you had so much fun on your trip!

  5. It's funny, my son and I were just discussing getting the toll tag for the express lane in Atlanta as we almost didn't make it to his college visit on time because of traffic and accidents. Thankfully, it cleared up before we got there. We do not often purchase travel insurance, I think we did once during covid. So glad you had a wonderful time!

  6. What a great time you had! I actually never been on the train, it scares the hell out of me, lol. Give me the ferry anytime.

  7. Looks like an amazing trip!

  8. What gorgeous photos!! I am so glad everything went so smoothly for you. It looks like you had an absolutely marvelous trip...and so many new memories. Thanks for the link party!

  9. Good to know you had a lovely few days away, looks like a great time was had!

  10. Thank you for sharing! Looks like you had the best time. Love all of your photos!



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