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Monday 30 May 2022

Style Not Age - Birthstone Beauties.

Morning my friends. 
Hope your month went well.

June this week sounds crazy doesn't it!
As it's the last Monday of the month it's time to look at what the ladies from Style not Age have been working on.  It was my turn this time and as it fell in my birth month I thought the title of 
Birthstone Beauties would be a topical challenge.  I'm thrilled to see each of my friends have a different stone, all the looks are so different and our individual personalities really do shine through.

I've always loved my birthstone, it's an Emerald and although I don't wear much green I always feel it suits me so well - do let me know what you think. X

Let's talk you through my outfit, I started off at the bottom and basically worked my way up!
So the shoes were the start, I have been longing for a pair of bright and vibrant shoes so when I saw these striking green pair on the website I jumped on them.  The tie fashion really caught my eye and I hoped the wouldn't look out of place on me and I'm happy to say I think they look fine.  I've been trying a few ways to actually tie them round my ankles and found this way to be the most flattering and comfortable.  If you're fond of this style I say go for it and see how they look, catch mine here on the Missguided site.

I thought about mixing pink with the green shoes, I have a super pair of pink jeans that would be perfect - that's a popular combination being worn at the moment and I've yet to try it out!
I spotted this cover-up in F&F and figured it would double up as a jacket on cooler days as well as over a swim suit on holiday, but what could I team it with?  Yellow, yellow and green is a brilliant combination isn't it and I think you'll agree it looks stunning together doesn't it!

These trousers are from Zara and are a few years old, but that doesn't stop them from being bang on trend at the moment, even the double bows on either side of the ankle are a statement look.  I'm pleased that I can still get into them, I'm putting that down to the calorie counting I've been doing recently - dropping a few pounds has made the world of difference.

My slinky top has also been around for a while, I picked it up in Matalan along with three other colours.
It's an easy to wear, style and wash and looks super cute with jeans and you can see it goes well with this floral skirt too. 

Here' that bow detail, cute isn't it?  These are quite fitted and hold in the right places without being too uncomfortable.  I tucked the top into them and bagged it over in a blouson fashion. The long duster jacket is long and finishes just below the knee, it has a nice big tie which I made into a bow at the front.
I think it's a perfect look for a special occasion.

Anna - Anna's Island Style found this challenge hard, but managed to borrow pieces from her friend! I’m so glad she did as you looks stunning in garnet - her birthstone. Even though you weren't that impressed with the prompt, you've chosen well and this outfit and colour really suit you Hun. x

The next offering is from Gail - Is this Mutton,  her birthstone is topaz.  Gail has worked her outfit around a stunning topaz pendant bought in Greece.  It's a perfect combination and looks great on you my friend. X

Shall we take a look a what Emma's gem is?  Ruby red is Emma's stone and I adore the whole ensemble from the tweed jacket to the wide leg trousers, this is one I'd be picking too!  Catch more about her look over on Style Splash.

Hilda's choice is another pretty gemstone .. turquoise. Hilda worked her magic and found the perfect bag and dress to complete her shining outfit.  You can see more over on Hilda's blog Over the Hilda. 

Shop My Look!

Thanks a million for stopping by today, just love having you here.
Hope to see you on Monday, another month and I wonder what that will bring!
Cheerio my friends. X


  1. Such vibrant colours. I love the whole look Jacqui. Super idea for a theme.

    1. Thanks so much Hilda, I enjoyed this challenge. Looking forward to the next one too. x

  2. oooo! Love all the color here! I love emerald, but just have one necklace! My birthstone is Ruby. Love this outfit, those ties on the pants are sweet! I love that the green duster ties as well. Great look and I always enjoy seeing the other ladies as well
    jess xx

  3. What a stunning colour combination! I love emerald green and those trousers are fabulous!

    Emma xxx

  4. I think you look absolutely fabulous, Jacqui. Love your shoes, they are gorgeous and the rest of the outfit is very well curated

  5. What a fun prompt! I don't know what I would have done as my birthstone is the opal! Those pants are really fabulous and work so well with this outfit! Perfection!

  6. Love this color combo on you and this outfit is just fabulous!

  7. This is a really stunning outfit Jacqui, I love these colours together. Very good challenge, enjoyed it x

  8. Love this outfit, Jacqui! Great color combination. And those Zara trousers are fabulous!


  9. What a fun theme! And I love that Gail chose to work her outfit around her topaz pendant!

  10. The green and yellow are so cheerful and colourful together! I really like that cover up, and the shoes are the perfect shade of green with the yellow pants!

    Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup :) Hope you are having a good weekend. It's a busy one here!

    Away From The Blue

  11. I love those green shoes AND the unique detail on those pants! Fun challenge in your group! Xo-melanie

  12. Wow! Vibrant is the perfect word for your outfit! I love this color combination and the colors really suit you!


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