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Monday 15 November 2021

Ice Pro Hairdryer, NYK1 Lash Serum, FM World Perfume

Hello and welcome to the blog.  
I hope you're having a good day.
As I write this I'm an anxious Mummab because my middle daughter is due to give birth any day now, and by today she may have had it (hate using the word 'it', but we don't know if she's having a boy or a girl).
I'm actually really pleased they didn't find out, I never did with any of mine as it wasn't really 'done' then ... I rather liken it to opening a present when you know what's inside.  I know my views are different from many, and I appreciate everyone doesn't feels the same. Did you find out the sex of your child before they were born?

Anyway back to fashion talk.  Do you like the dress?
It came from Amazon!  I've never bought any clothes from them before and as I have a voucher to spend I thought I'd try them out.  I must admit it wasn't all the money in the world and isn't particularly good quality, however the style, pattern and fit is okay.

Item marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

I had the Amazon voucher and honestly it was burning a hole in my pocket, so I found this striking dress along with a skirt and pair of court shoes.  Alas the skirt is way too small as are the shoes, so both will have to go back for a different size.  The dress is a different story ... it fits well and looks super cute on!

The midi leopard print dress is a soft cotton which quite often has a tendency to crease, but this one seems okay.  It has long sleeves that fall into a bell style at the elbow.  
It also has a drawstring waist which is at the bottom of the row of buttons running down the front, meaning you can cinch it in tight, creating a lovely silhouette.  I know this length suits me and I always feel very ladylike in a style like this.

I teamed the boho dress with tan boots, red cross-body bag and my trusty faux leather jacket.

A few weeks ago I was asked to review the Ice Hair Pro* which is a super fast hairdryer that has Blue Light Technology for healthier hair.
Lightweight was a fantastic description which didn't detract from the powerful drying capacity.  My hair didn't take long to dry at all!  It has variable drying temperatures with the addition of sharp shot of cool air to hold the desired style in place.
Included are two concentrator nozzel's for more definition as well as a diffuser to enhance natural curls.
It wasn't long before I'd dried and styled my locks & was impressed with how efficient it proved to be.
Ice Hair Pro also feature hair care products, styling tools, extensions and you can check them all out along with the Superfast Hair Dryer here.
Another fab little find is the fragrance company FM World*.  I was lucky to be gifted a bottle of the No 16 Intense which isn't too dis-similar to a favourite scent of mine Jimmy Choo.  I've been wearing this for a while now and am very impressed with the yummy smell it surrounds me in.

How are your lashes doing?  Well mine are usually luxuriously long and silky dark, but they've taken a back seat until my daughter has her baby - you see she's my very own technician!  But to keep them in tip top condition I've been using a wonderful serum that I've been really excited to use. 
NYK1 Lash Serum* has been an impressive and effective little addition to my beauty routine.
I apply it twice a day after my beauty regime. It's quick and easy to use as it has a tiny brush to apply the clear serum just before applying makeup or going to bed in the evening.  My lashes have been noticeably thicker and very slightly longer.  I'll continue to use it when my lashes are re-instated, just as soon as my daughter is back up and running with lash application. X
I'll keep you informed as to how I get on with the serum.

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Thank you so much for joining me on the blog today, good to have you stop by.
I hope on the blog the next time I will have some news (or a late amendment here).
Bye for now. X


  1. I like the pop of red with the leopard Jacqui. I've heard about this hairdryer, I like how compact it is xx

    1. It's great isn't it Laurie, love the dryer too. x

  2. I love that dress! Leopard print is always so good! Goodluck on the waiting!!

    1. It's cute isn't it Nancy, so pleased with it and no more waiting ... Max has arrived X

  3. The leopard dress is adorable, and it looks cute on you! Love the sound of this hairdryer.

    1. Thank you so much Hunny. The dryer is very impressive. x

  4. That's a beautiful dress. It looks great on you. I hope you get the shoes in the right size. Just out of curiosity what sites do you prefer to Amazon that have gift vouchers?

    1. Oh cheers for that, hope to get the right size shoes. River Island is among quite a few that do gift vouchers online - good luck!

  5. The leopard dress looks great on you. We know that our next grandchild is a girl - I think I would want the surprise! Thanks for linking x

  6. Its a combination i love! The dress looks great and I love leopard with red. I feel the same as you about finding out about the sex. So few big surprises in life!
    jess xx

  7. That dress does look super cute on you! I think the red purse is a great little pop of color too.


  8. great blog thanks for always this king perfume.


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