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Monday 18 January 2021

Fashion with a Fedora & Fur Gilet.

Hi my friends, how are you?
I'm feeling fine now after my dealings with Coronavirus, but it's lingered a little longer for hubby who now has a chest infection off the back of it, it's called long Covid apparently.  He's got antibiotics for it and I am keeping an eye on him - it's such a worry though.  
I was due a hair appointment this week, but that's not allowed, so I've resorted to buying some thinning scissors to sort out my fringe.  It's not perfect, but doesn't look too bad - anyone else seem to get a headache with a long fringe?
I've been busy sorting my new wardrobes out, now there's room for my jackets, it's nice to be able to see them not bunched up and in good light.  Hoping the weather improves so I can really get them working to full potential.  
For Christmas I got a lovely casual cream padded jacket from the kids along with a stunning colour-block jumper that is trending atm - will share them with you soon. 

It's so hard to stay motivated with a long stretch of lock-down ahead of me, but I've got more outfits to sort out for future photo shoots so that'll keep me busy for a few days.  I'm going to be making full use of my new vintage clothes stand as I can hang the outfits on it complete with shoes or boots.
What have you got planned for the week - do tell!
Here's what I had hanging on the stand the other day - you may have seen this fashionable look on IG.
Block with a blast of fur topped off with a hat.👌

There's something about an all black outfit that just works. I was excited to style this one with my fur gilet AND hat & ended up with a super outfit.  I'll be wearing this in the future when we can get out and about.
I started with the black jeans (found them in the wardrobe and had forgotten I had them - result).  The black denim are a tight fit and the stretch in them was a welcomed addition. They were topped with a black turtle neck jumper - it's covered with silver balls and you might remember this versatile little sweater when I wore it with white culottes.
The fur gilet in shades of grey, black and off white brings everything together in a really trendy way, but with a 70's vibe.  I'll have to pick my day for when it's wearable and that will rather depend on what the weather is like. So when the weather improves your sure to see more of it!

Keep the accessories to a minimum when wearing something as flamboyant as a fur gilet is the best advice I could give, the only finishing touch needed is my black fedora that I've been a big fan of in recent months - remember when I wore it with my first pattern mix-up?  If you missed it, you can the post here.  I'm on the look out for more hats - I promise you'll be the first to know when I find some. X

These boots are a few years old but have served me well.  I found them in the Clarks sale just before Christmas a while ago and bought two pairs, one black one mink for the price of 1! They're a sturdy boot with a block heel and fur lining which makes them perfect for cold weather.  They also have the advantage of a turn over cuff showing the fur lining, another good look for skinny's or thick tights.  These are similar as mine are quite old and not available now!

Many thanks for joining me today, it's great to have you here.
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Bye bye for now. X



  1. I hadn't noticed how fabulous your boots are on your Insta post the other day! They're absolutely gorgeous. I'm loving the entire outfit on you, Jacqui. And I'm excited about your lovely new wardrobe. I hope your hubby is ok. Get him to do some yoga breathing, it's supposed to help.
    Big hugs
    Suzy xx
    The Grey Brunette

    1. Thanks Suzy, pleased I can now see what I have - I still have lots on boxes too! Will get him to try this out - many thanks. Jacqui x

  2. I'm green with envy at your fab new dressing room Jacqui and it's given me an idea to create a photo corner within our bedroom. The ghastly old carpet will have to go though...

    I do love a fur gilet and this one paired with your fedora is great! I'm sure you're gonna have lots of new finds now that you've got some more space to move things around.

    Hope your husband picks up soon. It must be a worry for you.

    Take care,
    Anna x

    1. It's fabulous isn't it! I'm so lucky and am relishing all I can do in it. Thanks for stopping by. x Hubby is on the mend now, thanks Anna. x

  3. The fur vest is so sharp! And I love it with the fedora- winter fab!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Ashley, thanks for stopping by. Such lovely comments. x

  4. That's a beautiful vest! I absolutely love this look!

  5. Super cute outfit, Jacqui!


  6. Fabulous outfit Jacqui! I love the faux fur gilet and fedora! I look on eBay for hats, Asos and Anthropologie have some great ones too. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    1. Thanks Emma, love this look and have been looking for more hats recently - non bought yet though! xx

  7. Fabulous outfit, Jacqui! I love the multi colored fur in your vest. It really does have a cool 70's vibe! And your boots and hat are so cool and perfectly edgy. Sending lots of prayers and healing energy for your husband. I hope he recovers quickly so you can both have a break from the stress of it all!


    1. So kind Shelbee, many thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments. x

  8. Sorry to hear your hubby is unwell! I've heard the stories of how bad covid can be even after you recover and how even months later it can cause serious problems - it really is a scary virus, I hope it continues to stay contained here!

    I do like your outfit though, that's a great layering piece and you wear it well, such a retro vibe with the vest and hat together!

    Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you had a great weekend :) We managed to spend a lot of time outdoors which was fun :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Thanks Mica, he's on the mend now and back to work! This covid really is a pain, just can't wait for the vaccine. Fortunately my mum has had it and waiting for her top up. x

  9. That gilet is really lots of fun! I have been working on getting some new hangers for my closet since my 10 year's shirts fall off his too little hangers. I will get rid of some of my husband's wire hangers too. I hope your husband will be back to full health very soon!

    1. It's a great addition and comes out every once in a while. Good luck with your sorting.
      I've been doing some 'housekeeping' on here, can you tell me if you still do the #linkup? Can you send me a link if you do please. xx

  10. HI Jacqui!
    I hope your husband feels better soon, and glad you are recovering from the symptoms. We have hair salons open here, but my 76 year old mom is with us, and I havent been able to have my stylist over. So...Love the all black with the fur, so chic!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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