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Monday 30 December 2019

Style not Age - Winter Opulence.

Hi there,
Sorry to have been AWOL for the last week, I had planned posts to go live, but it seems 'life' got in the way!  I figured why stress out over blogging when the family are around and need me more.  But I'm looking forward to getting back to what I love doing.  I do hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a fun and prosperous New year.

So no time like the present to get back to work.  Today being the last Monday of the month and year for that matter, the ladies from the Style not Age collective are really pushing the boat out with Emma's challenge of ....
Winter Opulence.

Items marked with * have been gifted to me, however these are 100% my own honest comments.

Opulence - conjures up all sorts of ideas in my head.  Fur, lace, silk, sequins and sparkly diamonds - all of which I love to wear.  It's nice to spoil ourselves with luxurious things every once in a while, and isn't Christmas the best time to do it?  I adore dressing up, but there's something about Winter time that makes it even more special.  Lace dresses are a valuable addition, and I have quite a few, this one has been around for years, so long I can't remember where me from!  It's a stretchy lace crimson red knee length dress, just perfect for feeling special in.  Today it's enhanced with opulent diamonds, namely these from Lace & Favour.  They're just that little bit different from my normal as the classic stud crystal is set in rose gold.  The striking peardrop CZ stone* is eye-catching & subtle at the same time - just right when you need a little sparkle to brighten up an outfit.  These for £17 are presented in a stylish box and would be a stunning gift for a bridesmaid or even a special birthday - I was delighted to receive them, how about you?

To complete my jewellery selection how about this darling bracelet*  which is just so pretty - a full circle of stones to swoon over.  It complements the earrings as the CZ diamonds are set in rose gold too.  You'll find a huge and stunning collection on the website, with lots of beautiful pieces for you to ponder over .... ohhh ... just which one to pick?

I like rose gold and red together, they seem to go hand - in - hand.  I'm tempted to add more of this handsome trend to my collection and fancy a watch to match - what would you choose?

I finished off today's look with red slingbacks and faux leather jacket, both you've seen on the blog already - but if you missed them catch the shoes here and another look at my leather topper here.

Let's take a look at how my lovely friends have tackled the task.

It was Emma's choice and what an impressive idea she came up with.  With plenty of options Emma - Style Splash gave us carte blanche to wear and style just what we wanted.   Wearing two of my favourite lavish items, velvet and pearls - nice one Emma 👍

Next we have Hilda's offering.  She has really gone to town with her luxurious full length fur coat and fur hat.  Not only looking majestic, but I that coat will keep you warm as toast.  Do stop over Hilda's blog for all the details - find her Over the Hilda.

Anna's approach has to be the epitome of opulence - satin and fur.  Nothing better than the feel of both, plus they look divine too!  Catch more detail over on the blog - Anna's Island Style.

There's also 10% off everything on the Lace & Favour site, just use XMAS10 only until midnight 31st December.

"What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year" - Vern McLellan

Thanks for joining me today, be sure to stop by on Thursday.
Esther Ruby kindly too these photos for me - much love to you Hun. x
Bye for now my friends, oh and Happy New Year. X


  1. The accessories are really pretty Jacqui and the ruby dress is such a great colour on you xx

    1. So pleased with them too, and they work really well with the red dress. x

  2. My face :-( "when Vanity and Me" said it all - lol. You look gorgeous Jacqui.

  3. I really enjoyed this challenge as I love getting dressed up. What a fabulous red dress and love all your accessories too. XXXX

    1. Me too, and I can't wait to see the next task! It's fun to have a theme or challenge isn't it. xx

  4. Such a gorgeous dress Jacqui, you look stunning in red! I love the shoes - the high cut style is a favourite of mine. Your jewellery is lovely, very elegant, and it compliments the red dress perfectly!

    Emma xxx

    1. Many thanks Emma, loved this challenge and am looking forward to the next one too. Kind words I appreciate them. x

  5. I love lace, too, Jacqui. It makes me feel so elegant. I really love the red on you and those shoes are wonderful! I've never thought of wearing rose gold jewelry with red but you're right - it looks beautiful together. And I love the pieces you got from Lace & Favour - they're so pretty! I'll definitely head over to check out the other ladies' looks too. What a great idea Emma had for this set!


    1. I'm going to a party on Saturday and am looking for another dress, maybe lace and silver/grey, let's hope I find one! I have another pair of earrings to share on Monday, they are very pretty and would be great for a wedding! Thanks for stopping by Ruth. x

  6. Red is truly one of your best colours Jacqui and this lace dress is divine! Your choice of jewellery is fab too my dear - all beautifully finished with those gorgeous shoes - well done you!

    Happy New Year sweetheart xxx

  7. So gorgeous in red lace, my friend! And I love the leather jacket paired with it. Thanks for linking up!


  8. This is absolutely YOUR COLOR Jacqui! You look wonderful.

    All the best to you in this new year.


  9. I have yet to see a color that does not look beautiful on you! That is a gorgeous dress!

  10. You look stunning in this little red lace dress.

  11. Wow, stunning! I love well made lace and this dark blue-red is my fav shade of red, it looks wonderful with those red heels.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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