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Thursday 1 June 2017

Meet my Girls. X

Hello and how are you?

I'm still off on my little mid-week break to Spain, hope you've got some sunny weather wherever you are today!

Today I thought I'd share my inspiration and my idols, I know I'm slightly biased but these three ladies, give me ideas, insight, confidence, praise and support!  Whenever I'm feeling down, they lift me, when I'm doubting myself they give me encouragement  & when I'm doing well they applaud me.  How fortunate am I to have three daughters who are not only my off-spring but my best friends too. 💖
Introducing my three daughters Victoria, Emily and Sophie, 3 of my five kids that are my world (well, okay I've got to add on my princess and prince who are equally important).

I hope you will give me a little leeway today, as I'm having to suffer the sunshine, the cold drinks, the excellent food and the fantastic company in Spain - such a hard life, but someone's got to do it, ha ha!

As I'm away I thought my girls could tell you a little bit about themselves, and how they like to describe their own styles!

So here's Victoria, my eldest...

My style... well, it's not so much of a 'style' per say. It's much more of a 'whatever is washed and comfortable' time in my life! If anything, at the moment I would say, it's new mum style! I have always been much more casual then both of my sister's and our beautiful Mum, and now with a 3 year old and an 8 week old to take care of, I very much concentrate on the both of them rather than me.

Don't get me wrong though I love dressing up, especially for a wedding or a christening when you can really go to town! I so enjoy looking and finding that special dress for such an occasion; usually a planned day out for us 4 girls together. This is particularly great as we are all very honest. (Some more than others!) If your bums looking big, you will get told... and heaven forbid Mum says the dreaded "well, if you like it" you know it isn't good!

For now, day to day, maxi dresses are usually front runners for the sunny days and jeans for the not so sunny days. If I'm able to steal 20 minutes to do my hair and a bit of make up in the morning, I usually feel presentable and then I'm happy wearing something comfortable over fashionable. Bearing in mind I'm often crawling through tunnels in the soft play centres with my daughter, any clothing which allows movement and maintains my modesty is always a win in my book!

This is Emily... My middle girl.

So, I've been asked to describe my style! I think I would usually put myself into the 'dressy' category and hopefully, dare I say it, classy too! I have to say I've always thought my style is very similar to MummaB's, I have lots of scarfs, mountains of necklaces and too many shoes - my siblings words, not mine! (I like to think I have lots of choice, rather than too many shoes).

I think most would agree I've got a loud personality and I try to put that across in whatever I wear. I love colours, coordinating an outfit and I'm not scared of wearing neon pink heels, to match flower print slacks, just to pop to the shop. I tend to like to finish an outfit with a fitted blazer, and extra splashes of colour from a necklace. I always think adding a bit of jewellery really completes an outfit and dresses it up without having to spend to much!

When it comes to trends, I like to think I enjoy them, but I wouldn't necessarily follow them. I like to do my own thing and definitely wouldn't wear the newest fashion pieces just because it's popular. I love to go the shops and find a bit of a bargain, and if you ever need a opinion I'm always happy to give it!

 Meet Sophie... my youngest girl!

So, my style... well, it really changes day by day to be honest, I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to style. I adapt what I'm wearing to wherever I'm off to for the day or to who I'm meeting up with. I would usually describe myself as casual, with a big love for dressing up for a night on the town.

My main go to would usually be a pair of ripped skinny jeans, much to the despair of our dad who tends to try to tear them even more - He thinks that might stop me from wearing them! (It definitely won't!) I never go to far without my full face of make up, full set of nails and a big pair of silver hoops. That's what really makes me, me!

One day, you'll see me in my jeans, baggy top, borrowed checked shirt and a pair of doc martins... and then the next, I'll be wearing a fitted skirt, sheer cami top with open-toe sandals. Why do one style, when you can do it all?

MummaB may not have given us all the same sense in fashion but what she has done is given us a lifetime supply of best friends, who wouldn't want that?

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog - I'd be happy if you can pop back within the next few weeks as I've got some exciting items coming up.

Stop by on Monday as I'll be back from my holidays and there will be the next instalment from
5 Over 50...
very excited for this challenge, I'm wondering how the other four ladies over 50 are going to portray
Marvellous Metallics.

So until the next time Adios. X


  1. Lovely to meet the girls Jacqui! I can see you in all of them xx

  2. Lovely daughters Jacqui, you must be very proud. I'm also excited to see what everyone's done on Mon! x

    1. Thanks Gail, I'm very proud of them all. x

  3. Lovely girls and so much like you!
    I too am looking forward to Monday I hope you are enjoying your hols!!
    Ashley xx

    1. Thanks Ashley, great holidays and back to this great feature. x

  4. Oh dear lady, they get all that beauty and sweetness from you! They are as darling as can be! Hope holiday has been good to you!

    1. Thank you Andrea, such lovely words. I'm a very lucky lady. x

  5. Oh Jaqui, so stunning this post. You have a wonderful family, so lovely daughters.

    1. Many thanks Tina, I'm blessed to have them, daughters and best friends. x

  6. Oh, mumma, you have done a wonderful job raising your babies. To be able to say you guys are close and FRIENDS says it all. I am blessed with two beautiful daughters, too, and they are my best friends. Can't get either one to blog much with me, though. But I might try getting them to agree to a post like this.
    Each of your daughters has a unique sense of style. Love how you can tell a little about them just from these photos.
    Thank you for sharing your dolls with us for Fabulous Friday!

    1. Thank you Leslie, how lucky are we to have daughters who are best friends to each other and me. It's taken a while for them to be featured, but I'm happy that they agreed. x Good luck with your post, hope it comes to fruition. x

  7. What gorgeous girls you have! We are visiting Spain in October for the first time and I can't wait.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  8. So lovely to see your girls here on the blog. You must be a very proud mama!

    Emma xxx


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