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Friday 23 December 2016

It's finally Christmas Eve, eve! - Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

Yay - finally made it to Christmas in one piece.  Just one day to go, getting the real last minute bits, and sinking into the warmth and joy of a relaxing Christmas Eve, with just a little help from the odd glass of prosecco and maybe a cocktail or two!

The last week has been a bit of a blur, with errands, shopping, wrapping, and generally just running around like a head-less chicken!
Yesterday I had a really fun day out with my princess, and all the children.  We all had a super time on the Romney, Hythe, Dymchurch miniature railway.
We travelled from Hythe upon the tiny, two people wide carriage, through fields of sheep and peoples' back gardens.  Princess thoroughly enjoyed meeting Father Christmas, receiving a special present from him - a puzzle and book (although I think she wanted a dolly)  oh well fingers crossed for two days time!

We snacked on sausage rolls, mince pies along with mulled wine or coffee.  After a short while of eating and chatting we made our way upstairs to visit the toy railway, princess loved this and I must admit I did too, pressing the buttons to light up the various building, and start certain trains to forge their way through the vast toy scenery.  I've been a few times in the past, and still it fills me with excitement at seeing the toy train set.

You can see just how small the train and carriages are - snug to say the least!

Casual with warmth by way of my Next jeans, beige suede lace up boots from Clarks, with my super Roman Originals black coat, I love the circular pattern on it.  Also a perfect length to cover a long blouse or tunic - sometimes I don't like to see layers hanging down below a coat.  A cream scarf that started off wrapped round my neck, but because I got super hot, I just left it to hang.  Cold, hot  my body can never quite make up it's mind!! Do you have that trouble?

The second outing for this pretty blouse from Matalan, check out the first time here.  I love this cute blouse, these pinks and mauves are my favourite colours, all blended onto this blouse with the fresh white background - perfect for a winters afternoon out.

It wouldn't be Christmas without a touch of snow!  Well artificial snow had to do, but felt very real - all the children loved it, especially my little princess!

In time we started our journey home although it was a little chilly as the sun had gone down, once back to the cars we were happy to meet at a pub en route to have a lovely meal, the likes of burgers, fish and chips, steak and good old sausage 'n' mash.  We all had a fabulous time, and it was lovely to have nothing to rush about for and we could all relax in the surprisingly quiet pub.

Until next time, I'm sending you all best wishes for a fabulous Christmas, and look forward to celebrating the new year.  Thanks to all who have supported me on my first 10 months of Mummabstylish.
I'm looking forward to the next year, and hope you will continue to join me on this exciting journey of  blogging about my fashion and my lifestyle.  I'm also enthusiastic and eager to see what all you other bloggers will be featuring throughout the coming months, and maybe some of us can get together on a project or two?  I'd love to hear from you with any ideas.

Just to add, watch out in the next couple of weeks for an exciting blog post, that I'm thrilled about and hope you'll be interested in seeing. X

Happy Christmas!

         Jacqui B.


  1. Dear Jacqui, thanks for linking up with Tinaspinkfriday. You have snow on christmas? :)!!!
    I wish you a happy new year!
    xoxo Tina

    1. You're welcome, thanks also to you. Ahh no the snow was pretend for the children when meeting Father Christmas on the mini train. It was fabulous and very atmospheric! x

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